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  • posted a message on Constellation Circle
    Contravariant alone often can created two cards worth of card advantage and is really unfortunately worded.

    The other effect seems like it is a prime example of something that should be realized with an inherently time-counting mechanic like fading, vanishing or as a Saga.

    Being especially bad in multiplayer also is a weird aspect about that effect.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] - Voxy Spoiler - Porcuparrot
    Quote from Shadow345 »
    Keep in mind Horseshoe Crab exists.
    Its cousin Glimmerbell is in the set.
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  • posted a message on Alleged Ikoria Box Toppers, leaked from a brazilian LGS
    Quote from fleshrum »
    so, if real, these are official "cosplay" versions of existing cards?

    I like that term. Whatever official term they are going to have for this treatment will probably way worse. But cosplay version says it all so nicely and succinctly.
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  • posted a message on Heroes of the Realm 2018 cards
    All other weirdness aside, teamwork is not necessarily a bad idea.
    Quote from migrena »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    But regular parter should be spotted in commander legends
    Is there an official source of this information?

    "Should" sounds like speculation.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Spell Keyword: Roil
    Quote from Manite »
    Besides, it wouldn't be the first time Zendikar introduced a tweak on Kicker.

    Which is part of the problem. Wink

    Bouncing a single land certainly is a tweak on sweep that is much more reasonable.

    Your templating is incorrect, btw, because the phrase "this spell was cast for its roil cost" implies an alternative cost, while the reminder text speaks of an additional cost.

    Maybe that's the solution though. You could make roil an alternative cost (e. g. Geyser Flame becomes 1R with roil cost 2RR). This has multiple benefits:
    1. You no longer walk straight into kicker territory.
    2. You can make commons that are french vanilla with just roil without a change to the effect just for a pure cost reduction.
    3. You can make cards that have a differently colored roil cost and casting cost.
    4. Even while staying in-color, you could vary color intensity e. g. a devotion friendly casting cost, but a roil cost with only a single colored mana symbol.
    5. You can consider hugely decreased roil costs with fun drawbacks.
    6. As with awaken before an alternative cost is actually preferable in just telling the cost they are actually going to actually pay straight - no moment to calculate that Roil Wave with roil cost needs six mana, if you straight up print the six mana cost.

    The option you really lose is going the Volver/Battlemage route and putting multiple roil costs on a single card, but those are actually quite wordy and have some design issues, so I don't know you'd even want that.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Forbes article introducing Oko, the Fey Shapeshifter (no card spoiler)
    Quote from Lectrys »
    I don't know whether Wizards will even attempt to depict Oko's shapeshifting on a card--maybe, just maybe, can he temporarily copy a creature or planeswalker or temporarily gain at least one loyalty ability of another planeswalker?

    If you are not ready to depict shapeshifting abilities on a card, you better don't make a major character of a setting and give them shapeshifting abilities.

    Maybe only one of two Oko cards (assuming Planeswalker deck #2 here) will not fully deliver, but they set up the expectations for shapeshifting and are certainly aware that they should deliver.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Forbes article introducing Oko, the Fey Shapeshifter (no card spoiler)
    Quote from TearingEons »
    Third, I think he's going to be our first Sultai walker. The colors depicted on his art show this and his personality I can see as more of a Sultai bent due to the selfishness in there than Temur.

    But green-blue-red are Temur colors... Maybe we see different colors in that art.

    I think his irreverence to authority is a strong red streak as well. He doesn't seem intentionally cruel, just self-important like Niv-Mizzet. Having a black color alignment in a Faerie planeswlker certainly would be nice for the Lorwyn-Fae connection, but the character as presented screams red unsteadiness and impulsiveness from the strong emotional bend on the trust issues to the running from consequences.
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  • posted a message on Queen Kalissa - Naga/Snake Tribal Commander
    Ten lines of text is not what I'd call "just fine". I think eight lines of text is the limit of "fine". It's not beyond doable, but it's exceptional and uses a text size we usually only see on planeswalkers (and only because they scale to their wordiest ability even if they use otherwise less lines).

    For reference The wordiest card of M20, I think, is the red mythic Cavalier of Flame with nine lines (there is also Voracious Hydra collecting lines due to modal effect wording).

    I personally would make an effort to cut down on that wording.

    • Maybe use a tap-symbol to shorten the last one (or maybe consider whether the card disadvantage itself is enough of a limitation on this ability, actually).
    • Maybe one of those "Naga or Snake" abilities also can eschew the tribal aspect and just work with any creature. I once again consider the last ability.
    • Would the second ability be shorter if you used "Naga and Snake creatures you control have *foo*" wording? (it both allows use of the tap symbol and "this creature".

    My quick check tells me the text size goes up two-three points and you get down to nine lines, eight if the second ability uses fight rather than one-sided fight.

    You probably don't want to use all of these options, but may want to consider some of them.
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  • posted a message on Aggressive Miner
    That drawback is laughable even if you take away half of the power and abilities on this card. So this is bad once your opponent has the leftover land to sacrifice and virtually "chump block"? Well, this is exactly the kind of card you put into a deck that wants to have won by that point anyway.

    Discarding land from hand, maybe, but sacrificing a land can easily be what they like to call a Time Walk.
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  • posted a message on Ban and restricted list 26th august
    Quote from SpeedGrapher »
    Stoneforge Mystic means they might be reprinting it soon. Throne of Eldraine October 4th soon.

    There is not a single hint suggesting Kor on Eldraine.
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  • posted a message on Eminence commanders for Rogues, Warriors, Elves, and Elementals
    Quote from Gashnaw II »
    WotC may eventually print a BWG elf for you, but not likely and they will never do it in an EDH set.

    All the more reason to make a custom one, you say?
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  • posted a message on Changeling Steward
    Yep this seems like a good card to both support tribal and demand it.
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  • posted a message on Shared uncommons for Rogues, Warriors, Elves, and Elementals
    These are all neat and pleasantly uncommon.

    I suggest using the clarified wordings though i. e. vigilance plus "Each other creatures that is <foo> <has benefit>" for static abilities.

    I don't know why the blue creature's ability is not a triggered ability (but a static ability granting triggered abilities), when the red and green are. The clarified wording for triggered abilities is "When ~ or another creature that is <foo> <does the thing>, <effect>"
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  • posted a message on The Guildpact Council
    Quote from Manite »
    In a random order, sure. The return effect still needs to be separate since the cards are being returned to a hidden zone.

    How would that be a problem with the wording I provide?
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  • posted a message on Marcus, Sturmhammer, and Galanda - RW Warrior Legends for Commander
    Quote from Manite »
    "Otherwise" is used all the time on card templating. Just search "otherwise" in rules text on Gatherer.

    Yeah, "otherwise" is used all the time, when it is appropriate. It isn't here. Read your card. "Otherwise" means "in case the 'if'-case doesn't apply" while "if you don't" means "if you don't perform the action". So for your card that means "otherwise" means "if it isn't an Equipment card" and "if you don't" means "if you don't reveal a card and the rest".

    Do you see the problem now? "If you do not reveal the card" is easily checked in all cases, because either you reveal it publically or you don't reveal it publically. But if you don't reveal the card there are two possible cases: A) You have not looked at an Equipment card and hence weren't allowed to reveal it; B) You have looked at an Equipment card but declined to reveal it (maybe because with revealing it would have come putting it into your hand and a large hand-size in the game state is unadvisable). Since you necessarily did not reveal the card the cases are generally indistinguishable by other players and logistically "if the card wasn't an Equipment" cannot be proven.

    If you want to use "otherwise", you'll need to always reveal the Equipment. If you want to keep the two-step process to keep the card outside of public knowledge, you'll have to not use the public knowledge as a condition in the 'else'-case and check another condition e. g. whether the dependent action was taken. Hence "If you don't".
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