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  • posted a message on Izzet Cluestone Invitation
    "It holds within it an unsolvable riddle. A creative answer yields an invitation to the guild." -Izzet Cluestone Flavortext

    The goal of this game is to come up with riddles that are unsolvable, and a creative answer. The person comes up with a creative answer for the previous, followed by their riddle.

    Example: "Three birds on a fence, one shot in the wind. The birds reactions thou does follow. How did they react?"

    One possible answer: All three hit the ground, the bullet passed through all of them like a boss!

    Another possible answer: They all flew away because the shooter hit his actual intended target (ended up hitting a squirrel in a tree).

    Next Riddle: "I whistle in the wind, a whistle is sounded back, but not from my lips. What did I just hear?"
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  • posted a message on Hunted Glissa
    I would say it may be worth including a few dredge creatures to toss these things into the grave to then be resurrected. If that's not your cup of tea, alternatively there's also these cards:

    Jinxed Idol: "Yes, do sacrifice your creatures to trigger my effect that allows me to return a Wurmcoil Engine back from the grave, sacrificing it to give it back to you. Oh, and now I've got two more pets."

    Mishra's Bauble and Urza's Bauble: Because card draw with a sacrifice effect when you have a reoccurring engine is never a bad thing.

    Moonglove Extract: While not the best form of removal, it helps against black creatures which the capsule can't hit.

    Welding Jar: Once again, easy to drop, easy to recur, and easily abusable for something destructive like the wurm or metamorph.

    Most of these are cheap alternatives, but when it comes to much more devestatingly powerful cards, I wouldn't say these are the best, but are still noteworthy imo. Additionally, look for a card that can be used as a discard outlet. Drop the wurm into the grave in response to an opponents creature dying would be extremely satisfying.
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  • posted a message on You shall not cast! Artifact Deck
    I wouldn't say I'm extremely serious by any means. Out of the cards you listed, the most likely I would probably use would be Tangle Wire, maybe chalice of the void since I happen to have a spare one about. Ancient Tomb and Metalworker would probably be overkill for my playgroup.
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  • posted a message on You shall not cast! Artifact Deck
    This deck's goal is to slow down all nonartifact players to an absolute crawl, with one stall card after another.

    General gist, Etherium Sculptor helps to speed up the process of putting out mana myr's which then lead into more debilitating effects if I am not able to immediately put them out the following turn due to a starting hand of two. This additionally helps with artifact affinity for Frogmite, Myr Enforcer, and Thoughtcast. Although Thorn of Amethyst does in fact increase the cost to cast Storage Matrix, they are already relatively low costing. Thoughtcast, even though lodestone golem and amethyst increases the casting cost, they also reduce the cost at the same time as they are artifacts. Combine this with the fact that I am using artifact lands as well as other artifacts that do not increase the casting cost, I see it as a viable thing to include. Naturally, Phyrexian Metamorph can be whatever I need most at the time, although it would preferably be an additional Golem or Amethyst.

    Things I have considered: Since Great Furnace is in there for more mana when untapping via Storage Matrix (since nonartifact lands won't be untapping), I have thought about including Mizzium Transreliquat. However, I have decided not to as Amethyst would increase the casting cost, and would require the deck to be more focused on 3 colors rather than 2 (would likely add Iron Myr if I did decide to).
    Another consideration is Sculpting Steel, but once again, decided against it. Phyrexian Metamorph is just about the only cloner that can get away without having an increased casting cost.
    Tinker has also come to mind, to maybe go into a darksteel colossus (yes, there is Mr. Oneshot the robot, but I hate infect with a passion), however I feel that when I draw into a darksteel colossus, it may end up as a dead draw at times.

    Thoughts for potential improvements are greatly appreciated.
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  • posted a message on Petition to WoTC: Bring back shroud, get rid of hexproof!
    I think part of the issue is the matter of budget that many players of MTG have, as well as the negative side effects of having to use what few options there are to get rid of both shrouded creatures and hexproof creatures.

    Most cards that are able to actually impact hexproof and shroud creatures are boardwipes. A large number of boardwipes are primarily printed as rares or mythic rares. This said, the majority of boardwipes hit not just the opponents side, but your side as well, meaning you would have to likely cripple yourself to ensure the opposing enemy that couldn't be touched by other means is no longer an issue.

    From my perspective, many of the board wipes that would be viable answers to combat hexproof or shroud already linger out of the monetary reach of some (Mizzium Mortars, for example, can't kill a sigarda, host of herons where as Bonfire of the Damned could potentially), adding to the complaints, as well as conflicting with the players own interests of his current board.

    However, this thread is about Hexproof vs. Shroud. Shroud makes it to where the player who controls it cannot interact with it either. While this may appear to be a complete lack of creature interaction, it can also be a downside to the controller as well, and as a result will often lead that player to wonder if he truly desires the shrouded creature in his deck considering the circumstance. From a gameplay perspective, can be stale, but from a deck construction perspective, can be a unique decision.

    Hexproof, however, leaves itself open to where the controller can interact with it more efficiently and the opposing player cannot. This creates an individual interaction, but does not allow room for interaction between across the board. It can be argued that it helps make Aura's for creatures much better, which will true, can lead to degenerate plays. As many have already mentioned, Invisible Stalker is a prime suspect of such circumstance. These circumstances, however, can easily include any number of other hexproof creatures if one simply slaps unblockable on it, followed by any other number of enchantments or equipment to improve its survive-ability or performance.

    Is hexproof beatable? Definitely. Are the methods to defeat them within any players reach? Not so much. Does it improve interactive gameplay? Only for one side, and from this it feels more like I'm watching the opposing player play a game of solitaire until I lose or I outpace him with my own game of solitaire if he's left himself completely open.

    Overall, while hexproof does improve the usefulness of some things such as auras, it degenerates the thought process and creativity within deck building and leads to more stale gameplays on the opposing player who is not using hexproof, more often than not. My vote is for Shroud.
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  • posted a message on It's a Bolas Scheme!
    Any cool thing has the potential of damaging Bolas's Wings, as he thinks himself as extremely hot looking, and no hot thing should ever be touched by a cool thing, unless the hot thing doesn't want to be hot anymore and wants to be closer to luke warm... which I guess isn't that bad considering that can make drinks more drinkable, and oh god Bolas's mind techniques are getting me off track.

    Next: Someone asks for your help with some personal mental issues.
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  • posted a message on If there were no duel lands in standard for a time...
    What would you do?
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  • posted a message on It's a Bolas Scheme!
    Apparently Nicol Bolas Mind Rotted Mizzums forgetting to put a next.

    Next: People participating in forum games forget to do a portion of the game.
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  • posted a message on Not sure on the timing...
    I should know better by now on the timing of certain things, but for the life of me I cannot recall and wish to verify.

    Turn 1: Cloudfin Raptor
    Turn 2: Young Wolf, Cloudfin Raptor then gets a +1/+1 counter. I then cast Rapid Hybridization on the Young Wolf, getting a 3/3 and also triggering the undying. Would the 3/3 enter the battlefield BEFORE or at the same time as the Young Wolf, thus allowing me to choose the order of triggers for evolve on Cloudfin Raptor?
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  • posted a message on Outrageous Lies About the Last Poster!
    DarkNightCavalier is, in fact, a pony with the ability to conjure rainbows across the night sky in a similar fashion to Nyancat. As a result, DNC attempted to sue. To no prevail, Nyancat was nya-untouchable.
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  • posted a message on It's a Bolas Scheme!
    Even though Bolas was amused by the cries of so many people talking about this card, it garnered even more fear then Bolas himself. Those who know of him should know full well to fear him instead.

    Next: You go to a public restroom, out of service.
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  • posted a message on It's a Bolas Scheme!
    Mint-flavored cookies? I don't know what... nomnomnom... your talking about! I just saw these little things sitting out on the table all lonely and had to... GULP! Eat them before they went bad! But if those were in fact yours, who left them ou-OOOoooooh you sly little dragon you...

    Next: Avatars start getting censored on forums.
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  • posted a message on It's a Bolas Scheme!
    New manager is Nicol Bolas, and he's out to make a mean Grixis Stew... He's always had an obsession with brewing trouble among other things, so he finally decided to give culinary arts a shot.

    Next: MTG Salvation spoilers are taking a long time loading.
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  • posted a message on Mad Prophet VS Rummaging Goblin
    Both have their own special places among certain deck types. As far as activating their ability at the earliest, both are at least on turn 4. The Mad Prophet, however, can use it the turn he comes out thanks to haste. Downside is, he costs 1 more mana. He is, however, a 2/2 that is in a pretty relevant tribe, although not exactly the colors where he can have his claim to fame from a tribal standpoint.

    The Rummaging Goblin, no doubt, is in the right color set to actually be effective for his goblin tribe. He does, however, have a frail body and does lack haste. The haste is easily rectified though with the sheer number of lord-like goblin cards that grant haste. There's also the question of how exactly he would contribute to his tribe, which for the most part, isn't too great in most situations currently. There is, without a doubt though, more cards to support him to be better in some manner within his color.

    Lastly, it really matters on what the rest of your deck is shaping up to be and having a good tempo. Having a deck with about 20 different 4 drop cards is not exactly the best option usually. Having the ability to know that you are more likely to be able to play something each turn and at a steady pace, leading up to bigger and grander things or lead into a better form of board control is crucial.

    For tribal aspects, Rummaging Goblin.
    For having something as a stand alone card that is still useful in some way, such as miracle cards, Mad Prophet with consideration of deck tempo.
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  • posted a message on It's a Bolas Scheme!
    Your sibling has already fallen under direct control and influence by our nasty wasty dragon! As you chase your relative in an attempt to beat the sibling to a pulp, he would lead you into a back alley to fall into one of his other cleverly laid traps...

    Next: You find a back alley on a street that you hadn't noticed before.
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