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  • posted a message on Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion; new Star Wars films on the way

    Following the [new 'Star Wars' film] targeted for release in 2015, the company said "more feature films [are] expected to continue the 'Star Wars' saga and grow the franchise well into the future."

    Wow. =)
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  • posted a message on NBC isn't picking up The Farm...
    NBC isn't going to series with The Farm, its spinoff of The Office:


    The spinoff, created by Wilson and former Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein, has Dwight (Wilson) living at the Schrute family beet farm and bed & breakfast. It co-stars Majandra Delfino, Thomas Middleditch and Tom Bower.
    The timing of NBC’s decision is surprising given that it comes before the spinoff episode has aired.
    The filmed The Farm pilot will air as an episode of The Office (probably in the final batch of episodes that are going to air this spring).

    Ah well. The Office had a mostly good run...

    ...and if Gabe's revealed to be the Scranton Strangler, I'll give this entire final season, which hasn't been very good, a pass just on that. :b
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  • posted a message on Status of MTGNews, For The Curious
    Quote from jonnyjonski »
    I'm pretty sure they won't be posting here to inform anyone, seeing as this site is the reason for it's slow demise.


    Quote from The Witch King of Angmar »
    Any updates on MTGN? It's still down at the moment.

    Quote from Senori »
    I suspect the only person who could tell you anything would be Raa, and he's never been the type to do so.

    On October 6th, longtime MTGN admin THEDARKPRIESTCYRIC managed to get in touch with Raa (over the phone), and according to Cyric, Raa's planning on getting MTGN back up and running. I'd almost wager that somebody'll send a manned mission to Mars, clone dinosaurs that go on a rampage throughout Los Angeles, or crown a breakdancing robot named Stankalicious "King of America" before Raa ever successfully pulls through on that claim, though, so I wouldn't hold my breath. :b
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  • posted a message on Status of MTGNews, For The Curious
    Quote from Rabit
    I'm not writing it off, yet... Wink

    At this point, I've written it off, and you know that I'd be one of the last people to do that if it wasn't a stark reality. :/

    But, I've not given up on hope that DPC'll get his forum up and running. It's terrible that we've lost the primary documentation of MTGN's history, but the real loss will hit if the community doesn't find a stable safehaven. :/
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  • posted a message on Status of MTGNews, For The Curious
    RIP, MTGN. Frown

    Could a mod delete this post? Thanks.
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  • posted a message on DragonoidUcarn can't access the site...
    Hello sirs. DragonoidUcarn can't access MTGS and asked me to relay this message. Smile

    Quote from DragonoidUcarn »
    I'm having more persistent issues with getting to MTGSalvation, and after contacting my ISP they said it's a problem with MTGSalvation's host's DNS settings. I'm on an ISP that runs through Chattanooga, TN's Electric Power Board (EPB) Fiber Optic service.

    If you could relay that information to whomever does MTGSalvation's site maintenance and let me know what they say (PM me on here), I'd appreciate that very much.

    Preston Hamill (DragonoidUcarn)
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  • posted a message on MTGNews Problems?
    Good news, everyone - 'News is back up. Spread the word. Smile

    Raa was apparently on vacation in the Bahamas. No joke.

    I wish he'd just sell the site to DPC and/or massive already. :b
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  • posted a message on Who would play you in MTGsalvation; The Movie
    I really doubt I'd appear in MTGSalvation: the Movie, unless it includes a short, inappropriate montage featuring The Twelve to Fifteen People Who Still Post at MTGnews, in which case I would like to be portrayed by either a young Drew Carey (because I'm young and I'm often told that I look, sound, and act a lot like Drew Carey) or the monster from Cloverfield.
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  • posted a message on Batman - The Dark Knight
    Quote from -Wrathchild-
    great find. gotta love the Joker thus far with everything he's done. I like how the video title though was dealing with a bodybuilder. lol. funny stuff.

    Now the video's titled "The Anarchic Arachnid From Another Space." And amazingly, it's still up, despite aintitcool posting a link. :p

    The new trailer's officially online now, too:

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  • posted a message on Batman - The Dark Knight
    "I believe...whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you...stranger." Six minutes of Joker goodness from The Dark Knight, from YouTube:


    Watch it ASAP, I doubt it'll be up very long. Smile

    If the producers would have the video taken down (and they most certainly would have this pirated video removed), it's not okay to post. If at some point the segment is released through official channels, we can link to it. But a shaky camcorder recording from a theatre is in no way official. Link removed and post warned for linking to pirated media.
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  • posted a message on Tin Man
    Tin Man apparently got excellent ratings for a Sci-Fi channel show (in spite of going up against the Heroes finale and Monday Night Football), so expect a sequel.
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  • posted a message on Toys!
    Anybody else occasionally buy toys (action figures, models, whatever)?

    I'm not a diehard toy collector, but I do pick up items that I really, really like. Right now, I've got the Revoltech Macross VF-1J, the 25th Anniversary GI Joe Snakes Eyes v2 and Storm Shadow v2, and a large collection of Battlestar Galactica Titaniums on display. Cool
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  • posted a message on Frustration with D&D Rogues
    About tumbling: tumbling's pretty nice. To expand on what Zith said: you can tumble as part of a move action, five or more ranks in Tumbling grants a +2 synergy bonus to Balance and a +2 synergy bonus to Jump, the DC to tumble through a threatened area and avoid attacks of opportunity while doing so is just 15, and with a DC 25, you can actually move through an opponent's space without provoking an attack of opportunity. And yeah, 5 ranks in Tumble gives you a +6 dodge bonus to your AC when fighting defensively, and also, a DC 15 check allows you to treat any fall as if it was 10 feet shorter.

    But - your character's a halfling, Priest, and that means that the character only has a base speed of 20 ft. And when tumbling, movement's halved unless you take a -10 penalty on the Tumble check. Definitely keep that in mind before you make any decisions on whether or not you want your character to be a tumbler!
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  • posted a message on Frustration with D&D Rogues
    If your DM will allow you to replace the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat you had to take to use the ninja-to without penalities, replace it with Weapon Finesse: Rapier (which will let you use your +5 dex modifier to hit instead of your +1 strength modifier) and replace your +2 ninja-to with a +2 small rapier (1d4+2 piercing, 18-20 x 2).

    Take your next four levels in fighter. This'll give you three fighter feats. For your first-level fighter bonus feat, take Weapon Focus: Rapier. For your second-level fighter bonus feat, take Improved Toughness or Iron Will. And for your fourth-level fighter bonus feat, take Weapon Specialization: Rapier.

    If you do that, at 8th level, you should be a fourth-level rogue, fourth-level fighter with +16/+11 to hit (+7/+2 BAB, +5 from dex, +2 from the rapier's +2, +1 from Weapon Focus, and +1 from your size modifier). And your damage should be 1d4+5 (+1 from strength, +2 from the rapier's +2, and +2 from Weapon Specialization), which is a minimum of 6 points of damage/maximum 9 points of damage per hit (not including your 2d6 sneak attack damage). Both your fort and reflex saves will be decent (base 5/5), but be warned, your will save will suck (base 2).

    Wear a masterwork or magical chain shirt (mithril if you can get it) so that your armor won't mess with your movement or rogue skills too much, and so that you can sleep armored up. With just a +1 chain shirt, you'll have a 21 AC: +5 from the armor, +5 from dex, and +1 from size. Try to get a really good magical chain shirt and and/or a Ring of Protection and/or an Amulet of Natural Armor and your AC can really get up there.

    Then invest in some Gauntlets of Ogre Power (if you can find 'em in small size) to increase your damage and a better rapier (maybe a rapier with a special ability that provides an extra d6 damage, like a flaming rapier or something like that, or a keen rapier, which doubles the rapier's already excellent 18-20 crit range) to increase your ability to hit and your damage.

    And fight smart. Always try to flank opponents, so that you'll get an extra +2 to hit and your extra 2d6 sneak attack damage. You should probably make a plan to team up with a fighter in your party in combat.

    You said that you don't have to use your rogue skills much, but you can help make up for the rogue skill points you lose from taking the fighter levels by taking a feat like Alertness or Nimble Fingers or something else along those lines at 6th level.

    Edit: By the way, I assume you used your 4th-level stat bump to increase your strength to its current 12?
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  • posted a message on Frustration with D&D Rogues
    What level rogue is the character?

    You've got a lot of options, but the really goods ones depend on the character's level, so let us know.
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