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  • posted a message on Abyssal Persecutor
    It's a mythic Stenchskipper, which saw no T2 play either. I think it will fall to 6-8 bucks or so.

    Not the best comparison
    Persecutor is good for reasons that you control its own destiny. Dies to any removal spell, bounce spell, sacrifice ability.
    Turn 3 6/6 flyer in G/U/B with heirarchs and cobras, and bounce spells/ bone splinters, etc
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  • posted a message on Mox Pearl or Mox Emerald
    Face value of emerald is about 30$ more than the pearl...so probbaly about 340 for the emerald and 310 for the pearl depending on condition it can fluctuate
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  • posted a message on Value of Foil Scalding Tarn
    Just curious what cash value a mint foil scalding tarn would be?
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  • posted a message on Sales auction Ends 12/2/07 at 10pm(est)
    Description of Auction Lot:
    You are bidding on a lot of great uncommons/foils from various sets
    from 10th edition
    Condem X2
    Mogg Fanatic X2
    Ornithopter X4
    Pyroclasm X3
    Sylvan scrying X3
    Icy Manipulator x3
    treetop village
    Deathmark x2
    Relentless rats X2
    Diabolic tutor X4
    FLashfreeze X3
    Faerie conclave X3
    Cruel Edict

    Soul warden FOil(10th)
    Spirit link foil(10th)

    10th lands foil:

    Payment Types Accepted:
    Paypal(non CC only)
    Concealed Cash(at own risk)
    Money Order

    Shipping and Other Fixed Costs:
    SHipping will be 2$ extra(please no international bidders)
    Cards will be wrapped in protection and sent inside a bubble envelope(4X8)

    Auction Duration:
    Auction will last until December 2,2007 at 10 pm (est)
    and 7 pm (pacific) which is the sites default)
    THe last bid before 7:00 pm on the websites time will be counted

    Beginning Bid and Buy-Out Amount if any:
    STarting bid is 9$
    Buyout 22$
    Good luck
    Refs will determine sending
    Pm me for any questions
    Im me at itzrandysavage
    or email me at [EMAIL="Itzrandysavage@aol.com"]Itzrandysavage@aol.com[/EMAIL]

    Time called. Auction closed.
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  • posted a message on The Official NFL Thread
    COWBOYS(duh) 14 2 (seed1)
    PACKERS(duh) 13 3 (seed 2)
    TAMPA BAY 9 7 (seed 3)
    SEATTLE 9 7 (seed 4)

    GIANTS W.C 11 5 (Seed 5(wc1))
    Chicago W.C 9 7 (seed six(wc2))

    PATRIOTS 16 0 (Seed 1)
    PITTSBURGH 12 4 ( seed 3)
    INDIANAPOLIS 13 3( seed 2)
    SAN DIEGO 9 7 (seed 4)

    Cleveland W.C 11 5 (seed six(wc2))
    Jacksonville 11 5 (seed 5(wc1))

    Wild card round
    Jacksonville at Sandiego
    24 21

    Cleveland at Pittsburgh
    17 24

    Giants at Seattle
    27 23

    Chicago at Tampa bay
    24 20


    Jacksonville at Patriots
    21 30

    Pittsburgh at Colts
    17 27

    Giants at Cowboys
    24 28

    Chicago at Packers
    17 24

    Conference Championships
    Colts at Patriots
    24 27

    Packers at Cowboys
    20 24

    Patriots vs Cowboys (no home team )
    28 24

    With all due respect, being a Jets fan, although i hate the Patriots
    they are the best team
    Your 2007/2008 Superbowl champion New England Patriots go 19 0 and win it all
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  • posted a message on Hi
    Welcome, enjoy your stay here, and have a great time posting.
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  • posted a message on Your father
    ok so lets let this thread die since i have no humor at all
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  • posted a message on Hey guys
    well anyways, welcome, enjoy your stay and post a lot. ENJOY
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  • posted a message on Funny Black, Mana Game
    I love the biggest furriest monster. It is totally awwesome and if it was in the next unglued or unhinged set, i would collect them. and i love the zyx and doing the mathematical equations to figure out the counters it has.
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  • posted a message on Stack question I suppose
    Yes you can. The echoing truth will fizzle due it not having a legal target, as he said. Im just reassuring that it is allowed.
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  • posted a message on Snappy Answers to stupid Questions
    Mr. Caeser is the person that made the Teflon stick to the frying pan.

    What is 1+1?
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  • posted a message on April FNM
    I am waiting for Fact or fiction and also, i have a few ftk's that ive won buit im keeping. Does anybody know when the caal therapies will come out>
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  • posted a message on Hi
    welcome, enjoy you stay here at mtgsalvation, and i recieved your post for thps4 and il sell it.

    Enjoy your stay........
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  • posted a message on What Avvy??
    I like number 9 because it looks like its from the Matrix. The shaking skeletal hands is great
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  • posted a message on MTG featured 'prominently' in a new movie!
    If this movie actually came out, I would be extremely surprised. The first Pokemon movie did really good when it came out as being the first movie, and i think it would have potential and i would defiitely go see it.

    Spam Warning. Try...READING THE POST before writing a response. Otherwise you just waste your time, and everyone else's.
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