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  • posted a message on Official best joke thread.

    Oh, ****, for a second there I thought this was the gutter Rolleyes

    Quote from Darksteel Underpants »
    >Joke about $100 wife<

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  • posted a message on [Normal Game] Warcraft 3 Mafia
    *Too lazy to read whole thread*

    Erm, so why was this aborted?
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  • posted a message on hi!!:)
    Wait wait... You have friends?!


    Quote from +t! »
    Change my Ct to banned.

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  • posted a message on nOObie AlerT
    Quote from +t! »
    My name is +t. Lt. Ripper



    Thanks for the +1 to post count.

    You've outlived your usefulness :biggrin3:
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  • posted a message on Here

    You have just added to the cause of getting me a CT Grin
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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Mafia Mafia
    Damn, GG guys, very tense game.

    Damn, I coulda' sworn titus was scum :p
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  • posted a message on Warcraft 3 Mafia Signups
    Damnit, I missed this?!

    Gah, I'll be replacement.
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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Mafia Mafia
    "Hmm. Wait a second.

    You know, Hvir is sorta right about the mafia probably not acting the way it did, if he was in it. And I don't think titus is it, based on the whole KCW rivalry, and his ability. And if Hvir is clear, axel is clear. As for me, I was a mason.
    And how can we trust you on that?

    1. He backed the anti-Titus bandwagon, along with KCW.
    Because I think that titus is scum, how the hell am I suppose to know if KCW was scum or not? If a am the doc (which I am) then I wouldn't be able to know if someone was scum or not, durr...

    2. When confronted with excellent logic, he refused to accept it and stuck to his wagon without refuting our arguments.
    I refuted your arguments plenty, you were the one who wouldn't come off the "don't vote for titus" bandwagon, in fact, you were the one who spearheaded it when titus was obviously acting very scummish.

    3. He had a dislike for Pibbly, and wanted him replaced by aurora sparrow, and what do you know: pibbly shows up dead on our doorstep the next day, even though he had no relevant abilities.
    I disliked Pibbly because he was basically your sheep, he had zero will of his own and would just follow whatever you said. How do you know that the Mafia wouldn't have just killed Pibbly to make me look bad? Rolleyes

    4. As the doctor supposedly protecting Hvir, he wouldn't have to worry much about being investigated, and would have been comfortable leaving hvir alive
    That is very convenient, but if you were Mafia, you would think exactly like this wouldn't you? And leave Hvir alive.

    5. Just how did the mafia get past security, and kill the Don?
    I don't carry around with me a gun to shoot people Rolleyes I have the doctor ability, I save people for a night, how the hell do I know how someone gets past me?

    6. Lt Ripper has never voted to lynch a scum, but he did vote against Billking

    7. In a game this small, perhaps a doc would be too powerful, or, perhaps it would be out of flavor since we're all mafia.

    8. Lt Ripper just now asked how many votes it takes to lynch, probably as a prelude to taking out Hvir, or to figure out if he could.
    Dude, you were the one who is wanting to take out Hvir (or did want to) and you're saying that I want to? Where in the hell in my previous post did you see that? It was obviously directed at titus, giving the fact that I THINK HE'S SCUM!

    And wait a second, even on the second day, KCW was still trying to kill titus. You don't do that to your mafia buddy, not unless you're "special".
    Plus, Hvir jumped on the anti-KCW wagon pretty fast, also an above-board move.
    Again, I wouldn't have known if KCW was traitor or not Rolleyes

    What do you guys think?"

    I think you're slipping up, look at you. You're hopping from person to person accusing them of Mafia. At the beginning of this thread, you seemed to be pretty hard on about convincing everyone that titus wasn't Mafia, but when today broke, you were saying "well, maybe he is" and then you skipped up to actually accusing Hvir to be Mafia, and now that you've seen that you couldn't possibly get enough votes for him, you target me, who is in your words "the worst player", so that would make me an easy target eh?

    Unvote Titus
    Vote Azrael
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  • posted a message on which picture should I use for my avatar?
    You should use the cock.

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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Mafia Mafia
    I'm sorry but I still think that titus is mafia. He has an "untouchable" ability, and how do we know that he doesn't have some sort or restrictions for his "list"? Or that he doesn't even have a list at all? He didn't actually confirm roles, he just made people say what their role was and he would say "Yep, that's what you are" Or something like that.

    Is it stil 4 to lynch?
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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Mafia Mafia
    Alright then, that means SD was a traitor right?

    But props to aurora, I like that role Smile
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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Mafia Mafia
    Quote from aurorasparrow »

    Out of nowhere, SafetyDance pulls out a revolver and shoots it at Hvirfilvindr. After the smoke clears, a dazed but very alive Hvirfilvindr stands, unscathed.


    Poison dart? :\
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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Mafia Mafia
    I agree with Axel, Hvir does not seem to be scum at the moment. Atleast to me, not as scummy as Titus.

    It has been said twice already that titus cannot be pinged by a cop ability, how the hell does that not make him appear scummy? Why would a loyalist have this ability?
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  • posted a message on [Mini Game] Mafia Mafia
    Quote from SafetyDance »
    Im not neutral anymore- I'm loyalist now. Just so you people know.

    You speak it, so it must be truth Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on The [Banana] Clan! We got your potassium right here...
    You can save even more if you do this:

    [thread=863]insert text here[/thread]

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