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    posted a message on The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of the Local Game Store (LGS)
    One of the two stores in my area is running in store events right now, so I can see them running some kind of pre-release for Zendikar Rising. I think that we'll probably get more information in regards to what will happen with these events over the next few weeks, as the events will probably be late September.

    I myself will probably be playing paper Magic for the first time since the lockdown started next Friday, assuming everything goes acording to plan for myself and my buddy who will be driving. I'm pretty excited to meet the new owners for that store, as the store changed owners back in January, so this nonsense was probably brutal on them
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    posted a message on Best product to reach new player with
    I believe WotC provides stores with almost 'beginner' decks that are mono colour that you should be able to get for free. I'm not usre if they do those anymore but I remember seeing them within the past year.

    I've also seen some larger stores provide almost an "instant collection" with a lot of cards at each rarity
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    posted a message on So what is going on with the "racist" removal...
    as there has been previous discussion on this topic here and here, I will be locking this thread. I will sticky the earlier thread so that anyone can see it for future reference
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    posted a message on UltraPRO has cut ties with Noah Bradley.
    I wasn't fully aware of every company Noah had ties with but good for Ultra pro. It's pretty bad to have someone like this associated with your business so cutting ties with him is good
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    posted a message on Wizards cuts ties with artist Terese Nielsen
    Please keep this on topic of Terese Nielsen and WotC cutting ties with her
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    posted a message on Dimir Inverter
    I didn't see a thread for Inverter despite it being one of the better decks in the format since the Regional Players Tours a few months ago.

    Basically, it's a 2 card combo deck that relies on Inverter of Truth + either Thassa's Oracle or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries to essentially replace your library with your graveyard then play one of the effects that let you win off of having next to nothing in library (Oracle or Jace).

    Essentially it's kind of a controlish deck with a combo kill to it, similar to how Splinter twin decks would combo kill their opponent in modern (namesake Splinter Twin on either Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite ) before twin got banned in modern.

    Here's an example list

    I haven't played as much pioneer as I'd like in the past few months but part of me wants to learn this deck, so I decided to get a bit of discussion on it
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    posted a message on What is the general opinion on the increased amount of special versions of cards?
    I'm personally not a fan of alternate versions of cards. However, I do like how they're giving people a chance to provide some kind of "uniqueness" to their decks in a sense that if someone does not want to have their deck in regular frames there are plenty of alternate frames for them to choose from
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    posted a message on Just a story from FNM
    salty/rude/poor losers of opponents are unfortunately something that happens in events. One thing I can recommend in the future if anyone in an event makes you uncomfortable or you feel is acting out of line is to speak to store staff so that at least they know that person is being rude towards someone in the store. they can then decide if they need to do anything about said person. Maybe you weren't the first person that the person was rude to
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    posted a message on {C19} Mystic intelect full deck list + command zone preview card - Elsha of the Infinite
    seems super strong, I like it
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    posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    played at the Toronto MCQ on Saturday to a 5-3 finish. The changes I made were -3 kolaghan's command +3 unearth in the main. In the side the changes were -2 wear//tear, -1 molten rain , -1 bontu's last reckoning, +2 blood moon, +2 celestial purge. Here's my report

    Round 1 I lost to BW tokens 1-2. Game 1 I mulled to 5 because I couldn't get lands and I feel too far behind. Game 2 I outraced him. Game3 I beleive I mulled to 6 and I fell behind quickly. There wasn't much to this match.


    Round 2 I quickly lose to 5 colour Niv Mizzet reborn. Game 1 I basically didn't bolt the bird and he resolved an early Niv which I couldn't deal with. Game 2 he resolved a turn 2 Wrenn and Sixx, which he top decked and I couldn't deal with. He hit the mana he needed and I couldn't keep up.

    0-2, basically dead for top 8 but I wanted to see how I could recover, it actually gets really good from here.

    Round 3 I quickly 2-0 storm. Game 1 was a combination of me effectively removing his mana reducers and him not drawing lands to go off without the cost reducers. Game 2 he kept a hand with multiple copies of empty the warrens and he kept having to go off for low numbers just to not die.

    1-2, still not in good shape but I tell myself to take it round by round and see what happens

    Round 4 I beat Cheerios 2-1. He goes off game 1 and I lose. Game 2 I applied enough pressure to kill him before he could do much. Game 3 he kept a hand with double paradoxical outcome and I run him over

    2-2, getting better.

    Round 5 I 2-1 Bant infect. Games 1 and 3 I basically kill any creature he has and I win. Him going to 5 cards game 1 helps. Game 2 he gets me with what I can't kill

    3-2, winning 3 in a row has me in a great mood so that helped me go further

    Round 6 I 2-1 some kind of Dimir prison deck running both 3 mana Lilies, chalice and the Karn, the great creator package. Game 1 I took advantage of him stumbling on lands and I ran him over. Game 2 he has double plague engineer and I can never recover. Game 3 he had several board wipes and ensnaring bridge in hand after I thoughtseized something else important, I believe some kind of walker. Later on I took the bridge. The game plan that game for most of it was just bait the board wipe and not extend into it. I think he got confused and just played stuff that was easy for me to stop

    4-2, I'm at a spot where I can prize if I keep winning

    Round 7 I very easily crush humans. Game 1 we both mull and he keeps a slow 6 on the play that didn't do much other than a freebooter that he uses to take an unearth instead of discard or removal. Game 2 he mulls to 6 and probably takes more damage than he should before using the deputy of detention I already knew about. He died not long after dropping the deputy

    5-2, 27th after 7, with prizing down to top 32. I felt like I could probably draw last round but didn't offer it because my opponent was 35th

    Round 8 I got run over by Izzet Phoenix. Game 1 I was close to stabilizing but then he drops Aria of Flame and casts a lot of spells. Game 2 came down to him needing a way to deal the last 2 damage to me and he draws into a second Phoenix

    5-3 finish, not bad after an 0-2 start. I finished 36th, so just missed top 32 prizing. an interesting note is that I avoided thopter sword and Hogaak all day, I'm assuming because of my 0-2 start causing me to play people with more losses throughout the day
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