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    posted a message on {C19} Mystic intelect full deck list + command zone preview card - Elsha of the Infinite
    seems super strong, I like it
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    posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    played at the Toronto MCQ on Saturday to a 5-3 finish. The changes I made were -3 kolaghan's command +3 unearth in the main. In the side the changes were -2 wear//tear, -1 molten rain , -1 bontu's last reckoning, +2 blood moon, +2 celestial purge. Here's my report

    Round 1 I lost to BW tokens 1-2. Game 1 I mulled to 5 because I couldn't get lands and I feel too far behind. Game 2 I outraced him. Game3 I beleive I mulled to 6 and I fell behind quickly. There wasn't much to this match.


    Round 2 I quickly lose to 5 colour Niv Mizzet reborn. Game 1 I basically didn't bolt the bird and he resolved an early Niv which I couldn't deal with. Game 2 he resolved a turn 2 Wrenn and Sixx, which he top decked and I couldn't deal with. He hit the mana he needed and I couldn't keep up.

    0-2, basically dead for top 8 but I wanted to see how I could recover, it actually gets really good from here.

    Round 3 I quickly 2-0 storm. Game 1 was a combination of me effectively removing his mana reducers and him not drawing lands to go off without the cost reducers. Game 2 he kept a hand with multiple copies of empty the warrens and he kept having to go off for low numbers just to not die.

    1-2, still not in good shape but I tell myself to take it round by round and see what happens

    Round 4 I beat Cheerios 2-1. He goes off game 1 and I lose. Game 2 I applied enough pressure to kill him before he could do much. Game 3 he kept a hand with double paradoxical outcome and I run him over

    2-2, getting better.

    Round 5 I 2-1 Bant infect. Games 1 and 3 I basically kill any creature he has and I win. Him going to 5 cards game 1 helps. Game 2 he gets me with what I can't kill

    3-2, winning 3 in a row has me in a great mood so that helped me go further

    Round 6 I 2-1 some kind of Dimir prison deck running both 3 mana Lilies, chalice and the Karn, the great creator package. Game 1 I took advantage of him stumbling on lands and I ran him over. Game 2 he has double plague engineer and I can never recover. Game 3 he had several board wipes and ensnaring bridge in hand after I thoughtseized something else important, I believe some kind of walker. Later on I took the bridge. The game plan that game for most of it was just bait the board wipe and not extend into it. I think he got confused and just played stuff that was easy for me to stop

    4-2, I'm at a spot where I can prize if I keep winning

    Round 7 I very easily crush humans. Game 1 we both mull and he keeps a slow 6 on the play that didn't do much other than a freebooter that he uses to take an unearth instead of discard or removal. Game 2 he mulls to 6 and probably takes more damage than he should before using the deputy of detention I already knew about. He died not long after dropping the deputy

    5-2, 27th after 7, with prizing down to top 32. I felt like I could probably draw last round but didn't offer it because my opponent was 35th

    Round 8 I got run over by Izzet Phoenix. Game 1 I was close to stabilizing but then he drops Aria of Flame and casts a lot of spells. Game 2 came down to him needing a way to deal the last 2 damage to me and he draws into a second Phoenix

    5-3 finish, not bad after an 0-2 start. I finished 36th, so just missed top 32 prizing. an interesting note is that I avoided thopter sword and Hogaak all day, I'm assuming because of my 0-2 start causing me to play people with more losses throughout the day
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    posted a message on [GRN] Esper Control
    went into an MCQ yesterday feeling less than confident with the deck and took it to 4-3

    round 1 got paired against someone at their first competitive events, he was on some big redish style deck. Deck wasn't good and neither was he really. Game 1 he played poorly and I won off a Liliana, Dreadhorde general after digging deep to draw her when he was dead a while ago, he just didn't realize when to scoop. Game 2 Lyra dawnbringer got me there.


    Round 2 I lose a tight match to mono red 1-2. Game 1 he steamrolled me. Game 2 I kept a hand of 4 lands, duress, thought erasure and baby tef, everything else just fell into place and he scooped to big tef emblem. Game 3 I stripped the tibalt from his hand early due to the no life gain ability. I was getting close to stabilizing but then he got a second tibalt right before I dropped my Lyra and couldn't get there in time.


    round 3 I lost to bant midrange pretty quickly, mostly due to me not knowing how to play it. Played right into his stuff 1 then just couldn't make my way through how to win in game 2.

    1-2. probably needed to win out from here

    Round 4 I beat UW mill 2-1. He milled me out game 1, I got my Liliana milled out early and didn't really have a way to win that game from there. post board I took on the role of the aggro deck with 3x dreadhorde invasion, 2x Lyra. I swapped the removal for those and more permission. Highlight of post board was drawing out a negate on my turn 2 of game 3 (he was on the play) with a thought erasure, then slamming dreadhorde invasion when he tapped out on his 3.

    2-2, looking better.

    Lost to gruul warriors 0-2. He curved out really well g1, then I mulled low g2 and got run over

    2-3, dead to top 8 and need to get lucky to prize.

    round 6 got the no show to go 3-3. Probably not gonna prize after that kind of win

    round 7 I win a nail biter against grixis control/midrange 2-1. g1 he basically drew only his copies of nicol bolas, dragon god and nicol bolas, the ravager. I couldn't answer them all. game 2 I duress away his discard spell in hand and jammed dreadhorde invasion on 2, then I ran away with the game. g3 I was stuck on 2 or 3 lands for the longest time after a mull to 5. He got a nicol bolas dragon god and a liliana which he ticked up twice. I drew an elderspell to kill both. I then essentially sacrifice my first baby tef to bounce a token, then bounce the second token with my second baby tef. I was then able to get enough lands to cast my liliana, get it up to 9 and also have a dreadhorde invasion. He was the able to kill my lily and big tef with bedevils. He then casts a Nicol bolas, the ravager and flips it right away. he minuses it to get his other bolas and kill my last walker, which i believe was the baby tef. I finish his walkers off with zombies, holding a vraska's contempt for whatever creature or walker he had. It was over from there.

    4-3, finished 44th out of 120ish, prizing was to top 32. there were a lot of 12 pointers in prizing but I was the second from the bottom of 12 pointers.

    I know I didn't play perfectly but I think the mistakes I made were mostly minor
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    posted a message on State of Standard Thread: bans, format health, metagame, rotation, etc!
    I went to an MCQ yesterday. Pretty much every round there was some 4 colour command the dreadhorde mirror that went to time because the state was such a mess and they gained so much life. My buddy went 3-1-3 with the deck and all 3 his draws were mirrors (one of those mirrors went an extra 40 minutes after time, with no extensions)
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    posted a message on Force of Rage - The Mana Source Spoiler
    This card could be one that I underestimate but it seems pretty bad to me. Seems like you'll be casting it more than pitching to it
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    posted a message on Standard is good now
    This is the most I've enjoyed standard since Theros-Khans standard, which doesn't seem like a while ago to me because that's when I started playing somewhat competitively but it's almost 5 years ago.

    For the past few years (mostly since Kaladesh came out), I've kind of just had standard together just in case I couldn't play something else but didn't really care. Now i actually want to play it over other formats, especially since I kind of got burnt out on modern
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    posted a message on [[Official]] The "Why Magic Is/Was/Will Be Dying" Thread
    this thread is very old so I'll be locking it
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    posted a message on Storm scale doesn’t apply to Modern horizons
    hopefully this doesn't mean that they made some absurd choices for this set, whether it be what they're printing or reprinting
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    posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    normally don't really write reports on fnm since it's so small and you don't always face against the best competition but went 4-0 without dropping any games today, so thought I'd report today

    r1 I quickly run over that Tooth and Nail deck. G1 I thoughtseize away his overgrowth, leaving him with a tooth and nail, xenagod and emrakul. Later on he draws into a tireless tracker, which I can enable revolt to fatal push. He scoops after that in a salty rage. G2 he keeps a hand of double primal command, double land, utopia sprawl and something else. He doesn't draw into more lands. I boarded out 2 bolts and a dismember for 2 disdainful strokes and an EE (EE migh have been wrong but wanted to have protection against random nonsense)

    R2 I quickly 2-0 some white weenie deck. I stabilized game 1 after an early rush. Boarded in double grim lavamancer, k command, liliana, the last hope, EE and double abrade. G2 I stick a t1 lavamancer. he kept a 1 land hand, so I picked off his threats and won when he ran out of threats.

    R3 I 2-0 fish. g1 he kept a slow hand which I ripped apart but he started to recover as I didn't draw many threats. I TBR'd for lethal. Game 2 he was stuck on one land and a vial. after a few turns with barely any threats. I decided to put EE on 1 and crack it same turn since he dropped another vial. he conceded to that. I believe I boarded out some combination of dismember, wraiths and thoughtseizes for abrades, k command, anger and EE

    Round 4 I crushed UW control. G1 he kept a do nothing hand, which I ripped the Teferi from. Only other spell he resolved which mattered was Timely reinforcements which I made quick work of the tokens. I believe I was able to ride a threat, made him fight e over a lot of creatures then cast a TBR on a snapcaster for lethal. Game 2 he mulled to 6 and I don't even remember what I made hims discard early on. I drew counters for his removal and timely. was able to revolt push his clique to get it off the battlefield.then he was done.

    I had a good experience other than the one tooth and nail player who was pretty upset for no real reason
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    posted a message on Fblthp feels like an absolute waste as a rare in WAR
    I feel that he provides a pretty good comical relief in a set that could involve a major change in a beloved world
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