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  • posted a message on Chancellor of the Spires
    chancellor of the spires targets rite of replication ... arbitrarily large number of flyers right.
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  • posted a message on If Torpor Orb is real
    Quote from hoyerhan
    This is what Tsabo's Web was to Rishadan Port, what Kataki, War's Wage was to affinity, what Raking Canopy was to faeries: more or less irrelevant. Maybe if it had cantrip it would be playable.

    As for building a deck to abuse the ETB-trigger (Dreadnough, etc), my guess is it will be too fragile.

    Kataki was a powerful weapon against a deck that was a reasonable portion of the metagame
    So I don't see how this is similar
    Raking Canopy was an ineffectual weapon against a dominant deck in the metagame
    This may be seen as good against Caw Blade or Valakut but it doesn't really do enough for anyone to play it. It's like playing pithing needle against someone with 1,2 reasonable targets

    This is to allies as legendary eldrazi are to mill.
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  • posted a message on [NPH] Surgical Extraction
    Quote from Jubokko
    I have a terrible, terrible feel that this card and any other card with similar phyrexian mana costs are going to be broken beyond belief.

    if it wasn't broken at 1 black mana and uncounterable I doubt it will be broken at 0 mana paying 2 life
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  • posted a message on [RULES] New Top 8 rule to debut at Amsterdam?
    I can't believe how everybody has missed the point of this change.
    Who can remember people complaining that people going first have as much as a 60% chance of winning (all other things being equal, in constructed).
    This is wizards saying, "wait, how about we try to find a way to take that advantage away from the winner of a dice roll and give it to someone who's earned it with a better record." This might be something that wizards tries to implement further.
    For the people who claim tiebreakers are random they're not as random as you think.
    For people saying this will reduce IDs it will but not by that much. It's all upside as far as I can see.
    I would love to see the DCI software decide all 'dice rolls' and bias pairings so that over the course of any long event your 'dice rolls' even out but I am certain most people hate a computer deciding these things.
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  • posted a message on [M11] July 5th Previews - Destructive Force, Mass Polymorph, 2 More
    Quote from KojirohSakaki
    Mass Polymorph → 4 x Bogardan Hellkite = Instant win.

    You're forgetting Karthus, Tyrant of Jund which is legal in the same formats means you'd only need 2 hellkites. Malfegor might actually be worth it too since once you play mass polymorph you aren't going to have much left.
    I imagine if I was going for a highly specialised package Madrush Cyclops, Emrakul, Iona would be my choice.

    I don't think the answer is highly specialised stuff though. A deck full of kozilek's predators, awakening zones, primeval titan, ondu giant, terastradon, khalni garden, man of war, with a few big eldrazi might be the way to go then you don't have to worry about very few resources and drawing the wrong ones.
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  • posted a message on [M11] Frost Titan
    It beats Baneslayer in a fight but (would anyone have believed this 6 months ago) there are a lot of people choosing not to run baneslayer now. It's absolutely awesome if 1) it doesn't get killed 2) your opponent has 1 (or less) threats worth tapping down . The big question is, is the dies to removal argument valid and I think that argument is at least as valid as for Baneslayer Angel (unlike the rest of the Titan cycle so far). So dies to removal. This argument may not be valid once BBE, terminate, pulse and path rotate.

    My "6 drops that own JtMS" cycle theory is blown.
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Renegade Doppelganger - blackborder.com Preview
    I got it, what 3 drop could really do with haste? Knight of the Reliquary.
    If your opponent is stupid that is.
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Renegade Doppelganger - blackborder.com Preview
    Quote from MichMash

    T1: forest, noble hierarch,
    T2: forest, renegade doppelganger
    T3: lotus cobra, doppelganger becomes a cobra, fetchland, (tap noble hierarch, 6 mana), harrow (8 mana).... any ultimatum (cruel, clarion, violent, brilliant)... and counter mana open or something else for 8 mana... (warp world perhaps...) euhm...

    So what
    draw (8 cards 0 mana)
    forest (7 cards 1 mana)
    Hierarch (6 cards 0 mana)
    Draw (7 cards 2 mana)
    Lotus Cobra (6 cards 0 mana)
    Fetch (5 cards 3 mana)
    Harrow (4 cards 4 mana)
    Lotus Cobra (3 cards 2 mana)
    Explore (3 cards 0 mana)
    Fetch (2 cards 5 mana)
    Treasure Hunt (4 cards 3 mana) into two fetches and explore
    Steppe Lynx (3 cards 2 mana)
    Explore (3 cards 0 mana)
    Fetch (2 cards 5 mana)
    Explore (2 cards 3 mana)
    Fetch (1 cards 8 mana)
    Souls Majesty (8 cards 3 mana) targeting 8/9 steppe lynx
    Explore (8 cards 1 mana)
    Fetch (7 cards 6 mana)
    Lotus Cobra (6 cards 4 mana)
    Harrow (5 cards 9 mana)
    Souls Majesty (20 cards 4 mana)
    Harrow (19 cards 9 mana)
    Realm Razer (18 cards 3 mana)
    Path on Realm Razer (17 cards 2+27=29 mana)
    then you can win however you want for example
    3*Admonition Angel +Realm Razer then play Harrow and get infinite landfall triggers by looping Angel triggers on Realm Razor and other angels
    then Kick Goblin Bushwhacker and swing for infinite on turn 2
    TURN 2 KILLwith infinite damage

    so what do you need this lotus cobra 'clone' for when a second cobra will do.
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Consuming Vapors
    Quote from AllSunday
    also, I remember having a little vampire with edict on him....
    This card is quite bad, and sure it is not a rare. Culling the weak already does everything this can do, and does it better. Then there are so many good and diversified removal spells in T2 that this is mostly useless.

    You better hope you don't favour Naya or Bant or Allies or anything that doesn't like sacrificing two creatures because if you do you'll be eating your words. Jund won't mind this and neither will control decks without many creatures but every other deck will grow to fear this. Getting double Consuming Vapoursed will become like double blightninged, really painful.
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Consuming Vapors
    At first I thought this needs your opponent to have two creatures then I realised how good it is to make someone sacrifice their only creature then get the timewalk (Tempo not card advantage) of your opponent choosing not to play a creature the next turn. Jund will not be scared of this card because most of the time they have Thrinax, Saprolings or goblins to sacrifice (or they don't have two creatures) Against Bant or Naya or Allies this is really good.
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