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  • posted a message on Spellslinger Mechanics Help
    While it's fine I just wonder if it would bring back the feeling of the infect era. I rather hated the game while that was in standard or even drafting at that time. If it has a different and good feel to it then by all means.
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  • posted a message on Pirrius the Selfstalked
    Interesting. Basically the plan is to play this then take down the copy to make sure you get the ability only. I kinda like it, but haven't put a ton of thought into it honestly.
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  • posted a message on Reversed Ensnaring Bridge
    Could work if it has some sort of downside. 3:Creatures may attack normally this turn. Any player may activate this ability. I still don't like it too much as it just causes board stalls in general. Make it cost 5 and give it the disadvantage I stated could work.
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  • posted a message on Cycle of manaless cards
    I appreciate the kind words from you two. It appears you mostly evaluated the cards correctly. They aren't meant to be back breaking or too powerful. Just fun illustration of alternative casting costs. They don't fit into my plane at all so I was more or less making good but not broken cards for others to maybe get ideas from.
    Especially liked the first comment about the white one. You guys rock!
    The black one is actually intended to be a gamble. The life loss and card disadvantage can be huge against a deck packing bolts or pushes or paths but can be really good against decks unprepared or just green decks in general. Turn 1 IoK and play this. Your hand is spent but they have a hell of a clock looking staring them down. Could also go nicely in a 1 drop black recursion deck with all the easy reanimation they get. That's the main reason I feel it's okay. Turn 1 dropping this and pitching something like Bloodsoaked Champion and a Bloodghast wouldn't be the end of the world. Making it any stronger could push it to Hogaak levels... Which I clearly do not want.
    The green one admitted is weak, but was intended to be more of a value card. I considered putting one of the lands into the battlefield tapped, but turn 1 doing that just feels too good. IDK if losing 2 cards for 3 lands is worth it. BUT a deck packing 4 of these and maybe 9 lands could exist. Just getting 1 in a stompy deck means your Mana issues are solved entirely. Imagine a curve of land, elf, play this. Turn 2 you can start the curve of any amazing 3 drop like the elf knight or Lovestruck Beast, next turn play another and another elf or got straight into Questing Beast. Your Mana issues would be totally taken care of. That feels a little too strong, but maybe a cultivate effect isn't out of the question after all.
    The blue one seems like it's on par if not slightly stronger than most of the free counters. Excluding Force of Will, Daze, and possible Force of Negation obviously.
    The red one also doesn't have a deck built for it, but it's not impossible to image this can steal games if you build a good 3/1 for 2 and 4/2 for 3 Mana deck. Just 3 or 4 of those guys attacking can deal some serious damage.
    White one is obviously well balanced from y'all's comments. Thank you again.
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  • posted a message on Distort the Story
    Really like it.
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  • posted a message on Spacetime Rewind
    I like it. Could probably make it UUU.
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  • posted a message on a cycle of storage lands
    If you make them enter tapped then I'd definitely make them enter with at least 1 counter on them. Probably 1 is right though.
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  • posted a message on Snow Boosted Spells
    With the explanation being it wouldn't be allowed into anything other than commander, pauper, legacy, and ventage then all the cards are fine.,.. other than the white one. That is just busted. I'd do the 2/4 split with really really pushing the power level.
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  • posted a message on Cycle of manaless cards
    Undisputable Denial
    Blue color identity
    You may cast ~ by discarding 2 Blue cards from your hand.
    Cannot be countered.
    Counter target spell.

    Terror of the Pinnacle
    Creature - Demon
    Black color identity.
    You may cast ~ by discarding 2 Black cards from your hand and losing 5 life.
    Flying Trample
    BBB: Terror of the Pinnacle gains indestructible until end of turn.

    Heightened Senses
    White color identity
    You may cast ~ by discarding a White card from your hand.
    Untap target creature you control. Put a +1/+1 counter on it. It gains indestructible and may block an additional creature until end of this turn.

    Unexplored Path
    Green Color identity
    You may cast ~ by discarding a Green card from your hand.
    Search your library for 3 basic land cards and put them into your hand.

    Reckless Onslaught
    Red color identity
    You may cast ~ by discarding 2 Red cards from your hand.
    Creatures you control gain Trample and Doublestrike until end of turn. At the end of the turn sacrifice all creatures you control that attacked this turn.

    None of these would be format breaking, but could add a new dimension to the game. I see no reason they couldn't have mana costs, but would basically be 1 more than a similar spell. In order they could cost 4,5,2,4,5... Probably double color and rest generic, but I do like the concept of only being able to be cast in a certain way to prevent them from being too broken. The ones that cost more than 4, if they had a cost, have an additional downside to make them more balanced. The green one would probably cost 4 but only gets basic lands from the deck so a single colored card does feel like an acceptable cost for the effect.
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  • posted a message on Baron Sengir, Sanguine Lord
    That last one would be cool if it were a demon. Make it a 4/3 with flying and trample. The Regen is also cool, but they kinda moving away from regen. Give it indestructible instead.
    Lifelink doesn't fit well because of the life loss needed to cast the card. Also the flash kinda puts it over the top.
    Imagine your version. Turn 1 they play goblin guide and swing. You discard 3 cards and only lose 1 life after you block. Then you net 4 life when you swing on your turn.
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  • posted a message on BEARS
    Yep. All pretty cool. I like the idea of a bear shaman/druid race or theme in a set or two.
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  • posted a message on Stigmata (Stigmatize)
    I like

    Mania R
    Each opponent flips a coin. If their coin lands on heads the player discards a card at random. If their coin lands on tails they take 3 damage.

    This gives you a browbeat effect but not being able to choose which side. Both effects are strong for the Mana cost, but being unreliable makes it much more dangerous to play.
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  • posted a message on Titus, Builder of Armies
    Why not just say the tokens enter the battlefield tapped and attacking?
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  • posted a message on Song of Creation
    Like I said I was reverse engineering the deck. Build was probably pretty close to what you see here. Only other option I can think of was probably -1 Cantor or visions for 1 grapeshot. The player won turn 3 and then turn 2 both times with Oracle so I have no clue, bit it can easily get terminal storm count.
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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    Good games. Except that was a very novice opponent. Like blocking the flanker with a 1/1 in game 2. Took way too much damage from your 1 drop game 1 also.
    Do you have wins against good opponents or wins against tier decks that doesn't involve turn 1 Vail? Not being disrespectful or saying it doesn't happen. Just saying that showing wins against a 5 year old doesn't impress. You know what I mean.
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