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  • posted a message on [SOK] Thoughts of Ruin
    in some ways it reminds me of the balancing act deck due to the environment. the problem is the early board advantage of red isnt as dominant as one would think. purely from a standard point of view this on turn 3 against TaN would wreck, but still would have trouble with MUC. Against UG or mono green? meh, pretty risky, their position is just as strong or even stronger (UG) in the early game.

    Play first:
    Turn 1 - Land, Mox, Slith, cards in hand - 3 (oof) - swing for 1
    Turn 2 - Land (hopefully), Stone Rain - 2 (oof) - swing for 2
    Turn 3 - probably no play, at best zo-zu or seething song arc slogger for the win.

    so where do i blow up the world and does it matter?

    Slow draw: say against TaN, no mox
    Play first:
    Turn 1 - Mountain
    / Turn 1 - Forest, Top
    Turn 2 - Mountain (Slith)
    / Turn 2 - Urza's Mine, Scrying or Trellis or Sakura
    Turn 3 - Mountain (at best Stone Rain, Zo-zu, Slith)
    / Turn 3 - Forest/Urza(3 mana with Sakura/Trellis, 2 if played scrying) - play witness, scrying, sakura, trellis
    Turn 4 - If you played Sliths/Zo-zu proceed to blow up the world, if trellis/witness are out then its a tough call, i still would blow up the world 80% of the time.

    mm...i like this card, makes me think.

    Although mono R is inferior to RG now in the resiliency case.
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  • posted a message on The Epic Cycle
    Quote from Heidrek »
    Well, we now know that Black Jester's Caps an opponent for cards in hand every turn. This is pretty out of flavour if you ask me. Life loss would have been much better, this should have been Blue's ability.

    Red could very well be damage to creature/player equal to cards in hand.

    Green should be search for a creature and put it into play! That would rock in a serious way!!

    Blue, well milling is out of the question given that Black and the blue Kirin do the same sort of thing. Blue could be an Artifact grab effect. Search for and play an artifact each turn?

    I think the black one is very in flavour, redundant with cranial but better than having another kokusho effect.

    Red one isn't going to do damage (i hope) cause that doesn't provide for any kind of set up condition or deckbuilding around it, it would seem like too of a straightforward win condition. I can't see the green one searching for creatures though, that would be strictly better than playing creatures regularly without the "epic" drawback.

    The blue one eh? Hm...artifacts are out of the question 'course. Hm..i could suppose a bribery effect but i think thats' too obvious and too much like keiga's control magic ability.
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  • posted a message on The Epic Cycle
    My guess on the green epic would be something like an "energizing effect," aka putting counters on creatures. Like the rest it provides for a lot of risk because you have to have creatures in play and keep them in play to win. It would also be costed a little less than the others, perhaps 3GG, although, at 3GG i think it would be too good with sakura, birds and equipement out.

    Making tokens seems very plain because its been already done to death in the bringer and beacon of creation, not to mention sosuke's summons for block. Plus the format would have to be: make X 1/1 tokens where X is cards in hand or make one X/X token. Making X 2/2s would be way to good compared to the rest (unless a much higher cost) but even then it would be just another grizzly fate. Making two X/X tokens seems like it would end the game in a much faster pace than the blue and black epics as it seems those take a lot more skill and set up/hold position than just making tokens and laying down the beats.
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    *stretches* I play an hour of WoW and i come back to find this? bah. oh well, bb birds, more for me. not to mention that blue flip legend/enchant in saviours, yum.
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    Quote from rianalnn »
    It is THERE! Don't #@%! with Dark's mind Smile That was the whole reason I posted that attachment.

    i saw that before and i thought i was crazy. doesn't seem like normal copyright text, seems like wizco + numbers, aka a date.
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    Quote from Ravage »
    That's not a bad idea at all.

    The inquest/fake poster theory has been documented starting with belgareth about 40 pages back. Thats' always a possibility, no worse/better than any other assumptions.
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    Quote from StarOrc »
    Not to sound like a pessemist or anything but the longer this thread is up without any action from Wizards about the pictures makes me think this is fake. When we got the test print sheet of Champions Wizards acted pretty quickly to take it down.

    Also I know for a fact that they know about it because a dealer friend of mine called them and asked about it because he said he would feel bad selling Imperial Seals for the curent asking price if they are going to be reprinted in 5 months. They said they haven't released anything like it. Also its been about 5 hours since then... You would think that if it was real it would already be down.

    I REALLY want this to be real but the more time that passes by is making me think its fake.


    Well. A lot of times they didn't act as quickly, i remember opressive will up for a week or more at least and then it suddenly disappeared (i assume that wizards was the case). On the other hand consider wizards taking this down, affirming its truth. Kiss saviours sales goodbye? I would think so.
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    Quote from Ulthwithian »
    Riana: Well, I have people who do think they are sound, as well. Even if you think my arguments are not sound, there is no reason to mock me for making them, as Plastik has repeatedly done in this thread.

    I can wait, though, until verification of my source is made. People apparently think I'm making all of this up. I could spam the entire conversation into the thread, but I don't think people would appreciate it.

    As far as 'not terribly sound' goes, I would not agree, though I would say they are not an iron-clad refutation. I didn't realize, though, that you had to post a conclusive argument to avoid getting mocked in this forum.

    Erm. Its not that your arguments aren't sound, as they do raise issues, but your arguments come from an previous art director's opinion. Opinion that highlights issues of art and design. These issues raised are trivial. There is no one template for a promotional poster/ad/etc as there is, for example, card borders. This is why this thread is huge, everyone is trying to figure out whats wrong with it and there isn't anything, other than the poster itself being a fake print.

    edit: @warman: nothign wrong with it.
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    Quote from Warman »
    i think...with all my power i wish not to say this...but i think i have just DISPROVED this poster.

    plz follow along with me. get a ruler...look at the picture of the TWO posters. under the second cut off poster...the one that might be a band...there is a line. a line that might be from a seperation of two wall sections. now...follow the line with the ruler...does it match up with the top line? the answer is no...this is VERY relavent because that line was MOST likely added there for reallability. I hope i didnt disprove this thing. *Sobs*

    i dont' follow and i don't think anybody else does either..

    edit: the poster is flawless Frown it has been ever since its been up there Grin
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    hmmm....i wasn't swayed at all about the "poorly designed" aspects of this poster and only an "untalented hack" could do it. As it is the first time anyone saw this pissed his pants, twice even, so whoever designed this gave us just what we wanted, simple, efficient, and on demand.

    the copyright info, however, is interesting. every poster i have seen has the info on the front.

    edit: guess i haven't seen that many posters Laugh

    edit2: gah, as soon as i edit, sengir edits his tap symbol
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    ouch. thats' my 2 copper Frown

    somehow i wasn't suprised though Grin

    edit2: back to square one

    edit3: you just crushed the hope of thousands for babies! shame Laugh
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    i'm pretty sure someone will be willing to give ya 10 bucks for those collector's numbers too Grin Grin Grin <----
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    Everything so far fits the bill. The only thing left, which bel pointed out a dozen pages back, is if the poster itself is a fake (a la inquest or other). That, sadly, we wont' know for quite awhile. But for now think of it as a mix of 6th ed and 7th and smile and move on Grin go 9th ed (if true)! go ravinca (bb birds, either way)!
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  • posted a message on [9th] "Power 9" poster [Fake]
    Quote from Akuryou »
    Yes there is. If you take a picture of it from perfectly level horizontally, but slightly above or below. That will put either the top or the bottom edge slightly in the background and it will appear smaller.

    However the hoi poster doesn't show that small perspective change. This is very odd indeed.
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  • posted a message on The Orb
    yeah there's also

    beast - 1
    well - 1

    as i've mentioned before.
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