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  • posted a message on Is anyone selling singles for conspiracy?
    I'd just chill in preordering conspiracy singles.

    Most of the stuff is going to be worthless once it gets unsealed, especially with the volume that's going to be opened. Like, no one is going to use any of the plots or draft specific things except for cubing, and there is going to be wayyyyy more supply than demand.

    Might as well just wait and pick em up when people are tossing em.
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  • posted a message on [Promo] New Judge Foils
    I think there's still hope. Most promos are pegged to the normal card prices. Furthermore this is "strictly worse" art than the original. I expect it to be the same, if not a little more.

    Promos are pegged to normal card prices when foils already exist. I'd be looking at the judge promos of older cards that didn't have a foil version and got some sort of stylistic redo.

    I think the most comparable cards are Cradle, Tutor, Crypt, and Intuition. All of which have at least a 4x Multiplier off of their original printing.

    I'd shell out at 250 for them, and I know there are people with much more money who will want these much more than I would.
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  • posted a message on Playmat Question

    Assuming the image is big enough/you didn't want one of the actual Grand Prix whatever playmats, which I think are $50+ on ebay, you can just upload the image, and have them print/ship it to you.

    It's 25+ shipping if you're confident about the formatting, or 35+ shipping if you want them to format it for ya.
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  • posted a message on Is buying Modern Masters packs a good investment?
    It was a good investment when you could still get the packs/boxes for about 10$ a pack. (220-250 range) Now that the boxes are spiked (350-400) it's not so good of an investment. Additionally, loose packs are never that good of an investment as people will always be wary of having them come from searched/looted boxes.

    People basically are either holding these for the super-long run, or they'll be expecting to sell them right before the hypothetical/expected MM2 announcement in a couple years.

    I wouldn't expect the boxes (And consequently, the packs) to make another jump in the same scope as the mid 200's range to 400 range.
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  • posted a message on Pithing needle
    Typically show and tell is resolved by players choosing which cards they are going to put into play from their hands and seperating them from their hands.

    I cast show and tell, it resolves, I choose my emrakul and put it face down on the table, indicating that this is the card I'm going to put into play. My opponent chooses his card, places it face down on the table, and once we've both chosen, we flip them face up/reveal them simultaneously. At this point, decisions that are made upon permanents entering the battlefield are made.
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  • posted a message on Ace's alters/Brian Byrd
    This seems like a major cop out. If you were in danger of being homeless, why did you take on thousands of dollars worth of cards to alter as a semi-attached vendor to an SCG Open?

    Additionally, up to about two days ago, you were claiming on your FB profile after you got kicked out of numerous magic groups that it was a case of mistaken identity. (Which apparently, it wasn't, given that the status is now deleted.)

    This was after an SCG staff member confirmed it was you. So unless there was another Brian Byrd with the exact same wife who also altered magic cards, up until two days ago, you were trying to pretend that this wasn't you, and that you weren't responsible.

    It really stops being a "game" when you accept responsibility for other people's property and proceed to shirk/disappear with thousands of dollars.

    It's also really hard for me to be sympathetic to your homeless story when you posted a want list on a facebook forum totaling over 1000$ in judge foils + premium cards in the last week. Yes fortunes change, but going from "not knowing where your next meal is coming from" to being able to buy a G of cards is a pretty interesting jump and makes me wonder how serious your issue actually was.
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  • posted a message on Quickest way to pick out the money cards in a warehouse sale
    Would you advise taking a look? Or did you pick it all over? I'm local as well, and I'm pretty decent with values off the top of my head.
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  • posted a message on Playmats?
    Game Store Tabletops simply aren't the cleanest things in the world.

    I'd much rather have a semi-clean or familiar surface that won't scratch my sleeves/cards versus the plywood or plastic surface where Mr. Neckbeard might have spilled his Mr. Pibb right before I sat down.
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  • posted a message on Stoneforge Mystic trick: Question

    Stoneforge Mystic in play, non summoning sick, 6 Mana Available, Resto in Hand.

    - Put SFM Ability on Stack
    - Without passing priority, cast restoration angel
    - Assuming Restoration Angel enters the battlefield (Ie, doesn't get countered)...
    - Target SFM, blink it in and out.
    - SFM tutor ability goes on stack
    - Resolves, Equipment in Hand
    - Original SFM ability resolves, putting equipment from hand into play.
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  • posted a message on Got a FTV:20 for $40. What now...?
    Quote from Dio
    Buy list it to Channel Fireball for $162.50 credit.

    Considering sealed sets are going on ebay for 120-140 cash, that's an insane deal IMO.

    I don't think the set really has that much potential to go up since only one card is unique (Foil Hymn). I'd take 160 credit all day for that set.
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  • posted a message on Retaining Priority with an LED after Burning Wish
    As a technical kicker, players aren't allowed to pass priority as a bluff, (And get it back before the top spell resolves unless you do something)

    If he passes priority with the Wish on the stack and you pass it back, wish resolves automatically. He doesn't get priority again to crack the LED with the wish still on the stack just so he could check whether you were bluffing a counterspell or not.
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  • posted a message on what do you collect?
    Foil Atogatogs
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  • posted a message on [MCD] Wasteland vs. Rishadan Port, Beck//Call
    I'd agree on waiting until FTV:20 Spoilers are fully out before throwing down on Ports.

    They've shown that they are going to actually be grabbing tournament calibre cards for this set, and many of the PT/WC level decks from the Masques/Invasion era were 56 other cards and 4 ports.

    Wasteland is as good as cash. Port? Not so much.
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  • posted a message on Will Scavenging Ooze REALLY shake up Standard?
    Quote from HammerAndSickled
    As an actual Eternal player, I can tell you that a) those decks only play a few Ooze, and b) those decks almost universally suck. At one point where Maverick was dominant because the decks to beat were "fair" decks like RUG and Esper, sure. But today there's just too much combo to really consider Ooze a powerhouse.

    EDIT: So apparently, since DGM Ooze has only made it to 4 top 8 decks in Legacy Opens. The interesting part is that in 3 of those 4, he was a singleton sideboard card...

    RUG, Jund, Elves, and BUG would all like a word with you about "Universally Sucking"

    The existence of combo in a metagame does nothing to reduce Ooze's inherent power level. It's still an inexpensive utility creature that has the ability to severely interfere with an opponent's game plan at any point in the game, whether it hits the board on T2, or T9+.

    Currently in standard, the following cards use/abuse the graveyard: Lingering Souls, Snapcaster Mage, Angel of Serenity, Unburial Rites, Think Twice, Deathrite, and more.

    As a result cards like Ground Seal and Rest in Peace are currently being played, sometimes even in the maindeck.

    Ooze is a card that can stop GY strategies while providing a threat (Unlike the massive Ground Seal beatdown currently ongoing) that has to be answered at the same time.

    Historically question//answer cards have been very powerful in any format they're played in, and the use of Ooze in Legacy where GY based strategies are much more powerful and fast indicates that it can compete in standard.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Miscut, Misprint, Foreign, Foil &Other Oddities Price Thread.

    What would you all value these two at?
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