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  • posted a message on [MBS] Zenith Cycle
    Quote from BoomerAang Squad
    Could this be the art for White Sun's Zenith?

    If so, it looks like it'll either be token production or a Glorious Charge effect.

    Also, I think the blue one will be a Mind Spring that shuffles.

    I don't think so, the sun is not nearly as clearly visible as on the other 2 images. It looks more like an enchantment that gives all creatures battlecry, or something thelikes.

    Also on the black one necesarrily involving creatures, I wouldn't say so. By the looks of it every colour will have creatures "celebrating" the Zenith, Red has too and it has nothing to do with creatures. (Well, apart from damaging them).

    On a different note, I really love the flavour of these cards. They both tie into the Beacons of Mirrodin past and a Zenith being something that happens again and again just makes so much sense.
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  • posted a message on [MBS] Zenith Cycle
    XBB Return all creature cards with converted mana cost X or less from your graveyard to your battlefield?
    Although way too powerful, probably...
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  • posted a message on [MBS] Orb of insight discussion thread (NOT RESULTS!)
    Quote from ludd_gang
    I have to say it is very confusing that the Mirran orb has a Phyrexian picture while the Phyrexian orb has a Mirran picture.

    Makes a lot of sense, though. The Mirrans spy on the Phyrexians and the Phyrexians have the information on the Mirrans. Confusing, but very flavorful.
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  • posted a message on [MBS] Orb of insight discussion thread (NOT RESULTS!)
    So there is no Karn. On either side :p

    Did we ever get confirmation that Tezzeret will be the only unaffiliated card?

    If not, I'm calling it now, Karn will be unaffiliated. In one of those guide booklets from the fatpacks (don't remember which one) it says Karn is fighting the corruption, so since the fate of Mirrodin is not yet decided in Besieged, neither is the fate of Karn. He'll probably be something like "Karn, the undecided" and in New Phyrexia probably become Karn, Father of Machines.
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  • posted a message on [MBS] The Reprint Speculation Thread
    While it would be a great reprint, what I think speaks against it is its rather bothersome wording in the oracle at the moment. I'd expect more of a functional reprint.
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  • posted a message on What card do you miss the most from Alara?
    Definitively Ajani Vengeant

    But also Oblivion Ring and Courier's Capsule one of my favourite things to recur with Sun Titan.
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  • posted a message on Mirrodin 2.0, making players quit magic as they did before
    Am I the only one who sees a good sign in all the complaining? People obviously think Scars is garbage, because they do not know what to make of it. This speaks of great diversity and balance. Now I might be wrong, but it is also based on my personal expirience. I have no idea, not the slightest clue what Scars is going to do to the meta, not even how to properly play it in limited and I'm usually really good at that. Even at prereleases I usually end up pretty high up because I know the set by heart from the spoiler. Yet in Scars I have no clue. And that is so great and refreshing and I imagine to most people unnerving. So far I've been enjoying Scars a lot more than Alara's Bloodbraids, Paths, Noble Hierarchs and Elspeths and I imagine I'll continue doing so for quite a while.
    In the mean time, happy wasting your time with silly complaints.

    Oh and, on a side note, what the hell's up with complaining anyway? If you want to quit, fine, if you don't like the set, fine. But why do there have to be 20 threads on here about how garbage it is and blah blah and so on? What are you guys intending to do with those? Convince us that the block's terrible? What do you gain from that? Really, what is the point?
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  • posted a message on [SoM] Carnifex Demon puremtgo.com
    Even works without that, the destruction of all creatures will trigger the Necroskitter's ability, even if it dies itself. So even without umbras you'd get your opponent's whole board. The Skitter and the Demon would die, though.
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  • posted a message on The last SoM Mythic Mystery
    I'm sorry but how is this already known? It's definitively not a Wurmcoil Engine. Now it might just be promotional artwork, but who knows. Then again it is highly doubtful there'll be 2 mythic wurms, but just saying that he isn't necessarily wrong.

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  • posted a message on [SoM] Orb of Insight Compiled Data (ONLY)
    power - 6
    infection - 1
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  • posted a message on [SoM] Orb of Insight Discussion (ONLY)
    Quote from Guinea Pig
    Terrain is taken by Melt Terrain, isn't it? Might be Gorge, Portal, Slag instead.

    The dragon-like image might be a drake. I know they're not supposed to have arms but if it's a drake that metalcrafts into a larger version...

    Huh, we have a result for image, and an art where a dragon sees a greater image of itself. Checking the orb results. Can't literally be Greater Image assuming that the trainee is in, but that may be the right direction.

    Thought so too, but there's 2 terrains so one might be the land, the other melt terrain. Unless, of course, melt terrain had a self referring ability.

    As for your metalcraft/bigger drake theory, sounds very plausible. I thought about it being a drake but my concern was that there haven't been any red drakes in ages (apart from the multicolor zombie thing from reborn) and drakes are typically blue. That doesn't mean there can't be an exception, though.
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  • posted a message on [SoM] Orb of Insight Discussion (ONLY)
    Sounds interesting. MaRo stated that there won't be any poison lands (not that that means anything, but his arguments that they'd be like alpha duals in a non-poison environment are very solid), so I'm really curious what they'll do.

    7 instances of "Dragon"
    3 taken by Skithiryx
    1 taken by Steel Hellkite
    2 instances of "Hoard-Smelter", which indicates a self-referring ability, so as well 3 instances of Dragon.

    Then what in the name of god is the other dragon-esque artwork found on the homepage? Oo

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  • posted a message on Hammer of mirrodin?
    On the newly launched Scars site there's a battle report or something from the Hammer tribe's leader. So obviously it is his Vulshok tribe.
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  • posted a message on [FAKE]Elspeth Tirel
    While the wording does point towards a fake, I believe it may be like that for simple spacing reasons. If it were longer they might have to resize the font. However it would be oddly inconsistent of Wizards to do so. What I think is more obvious evidence is the fact that Michael Komark seems skewed a bit into the wrong direction compared to the rest of the text, but then again that may be a trick of the light.
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  • posted a message on Etched Champion and No Sunburst!!
    Quote from clan_iraq
    Do you want me to elaborate my posts, so that those without basic intuition skills can understand what I am saying by guiding them step by step through it?

    Etched Oracle is a card in Fifth Dawn
    Etched Oracle used a mechanic "Sunburst", having a 5x color theme on its art.

    Scars of Mirrodin has a card named "Etched Champion"
    "Etched Champion" has 5x colors in its art.
    "Etched Champion" will not use sunburst.

    Another mechanic is returning from Mirrodin.
    This mechanic has been heavily guessed at as "imprint"

    One way "Etched Champion" could interact with a 5x color 'pseudo-sunburst' theme would be to have an imprint that counts the colors of the imprinted card. This is neither confirmed as what it will be, nor official in any way- it is speculative

    This thread asks for possible "Sunburst Friendly" mechanics that could explain how "Etched Champion" will work- in terms of flavor, art and abilities.
    I speculate that one possibility is the above "Imprint colors" possibility.

    Hence I speculate that one possible card design for "Etched Champion" could be:

    Etched Champion 3
    Artifact Creature - Construct
    Imprint - When Etched Champion enters the battlefield, you may exile a card from your hand, then put a +1/+1 counter on Etched Champion for each color in the exiled card's mana cost.
    1, remove four +1/+1 counters from Etched Champion: Target player draws three cards

    This is not a spoiler, but simple speculation that the already spoiled cardname and art could be something similar to what is above. At the same time, I speculate that such a card would likely have both a +1/+1 counter theme as well as a "remove-counters-to-draw-cards" theme, as these were the mechanics featured on its predecessor.

    Is that better?

    I think that's highly unlikely, as you'd have to have multicolored cards to reasobaly imprint and scars doesn't look like it'll have a lot of those.

    What I think it may be, though is something similar to the (presumably) fake FAQs "Eclipse" ability. Since Suburst isn't returning we do not have confirmation that Mirrans will actually use +1/+1 counters, so it could be an inverse sunburst. Basically the same as etched oracle, but instead of being small and getting big through counters, being small because of counters and removing them with pseudo-sunburst.
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