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  • posted a message on [The Tournament of Souls] A Burnt-Out Case
    [[shanghai'd -_-. last post, though]]

    [TFE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE ] Zach could feel the pain growing inside of him, thumping and pulsing, though it was followed by a sudden rush of euphoria and dizzyness. The blood stopped dripping, the girl lay limp in his arms, and he suddenly felt an unbearable burning in his body that made him want to drop to the floor.
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  • posted a message on Adios, guys.
    And so the MTGNews exodus ended, and the MTGSalvation exodus started. So many good people leaving. Protest if you must, but I say that Sorryguy, AgentDark, TFE, and all of the members that have left recently were great people in their own rights. Sure, maybe some are too serious, and others not serious enough, but that doesn't mean they didn't contribute something great to this forum.

    With that aside, I'm going to get to the meat of this thread.

    I am also leaving Salvation. Not for greener pastures, no. I'm not going back to 'News, or to Robot Jesus forums. I'm leaving. 100% gone, except for AIM, MySpace crap, and e-mail, but that's quite obvious.

    Why, you ask? No, I'm not trying to follow in anyone's footsteps, because frankly, I think that idolatry is a waste of your time, becuase nobody is perfect, and you just make your idols perfect in your sight. I am leaving because I am sick and tired of forum drama bull****. This isn't High School guys, this is the friggin internet. I know that there are limits with spam and cursing, but for ****'s sake, there are limits with everything, and people just have to know those limits.

    This is why I think a lot of people have left recently. The cutting-edge radical site that was MTGSalvation has recently gotten quite a bit more conservative, and people don't like it. To you people: screw you. Whine about it all you want, leave MTGS for News, whatever you want, but really, complaining about it isn't going to make anything better.

    So to all, I say goodbye. tehpincushonmahn, I leave you my legacy of awesomeness and my almost-contest-winning skills. I know you won't let me down. Danbanzero, Spanglegluppet, the crew at Hippodrome/Robot JesusTHIS PART HAS BEEN CENSORED FOR YOUR OWN GOOD and I hope that you will keep on rockin' like you always have been.

    I know I havn't impacted these forums as much as some have, and I really don't give a ****. My time here has been great, and I hope you guys have enjoyed my presence too.

    So once again, and for the final time, adios Cardgamename Salvation. I'll probably miss you.

    James Blake, AKA Sir Blakely

    ALMOSTEDIT: in the suit of TFE, i'll leave contact information.
    IM- smoothasgravel42
    MySpace- www.myspace.com/im_over_here
    E-Mail- [email]JimmehBlake@gmail.com[/email]

    I might post once more here for the SSCIII, because recently, that's been the only thing I've cared about. 'Bye.
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  • posted a message on [Robot Jesus] Bitch Please
    Quote from Moxman89 »
    If RJ was all spam no one would stay. Slant

    i wouldn't even stay and i'm probably the biggest contributer. Slant

    well, at least youre admitting to it;)

    but seriously guys, this argument's taken up an evening where we could be sitting around, whiling away the hours talking about some..interesting topics.

    can't we all just get along?:rolleyes:

    (trying to pick up the legitimate conversation)
    @DB: i really dont think MM actually wanted 20 bucks for MD. nobodys that desperate to get into Robot Jesus. although they should be:p
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  • posted a message on Official Short Story Contest III: Fools Rush In
    i dont, because their flaws aren't large enough to completely alter their character.

    the biggest flaw in either of them that I see is "Don't call me Junior." from indie when he just shoots people cos he's mad at his dad =P
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  • posted a message on [Robot Jesus] Bitch Please
    Sorry, furor, i've been...off today
    *composes self*

    why'd AD leave? i've heard of it from TPCM (he plays mosaic earth a whole lot), but recently i've been out of the colloseum, and hence, out of the loop.

    so yeah, can someone fill me in?
    The Distance- Cake
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  • posted a message on Official Short Story Contest III: Fools Rush In
    question. does this story have to have a coherant timeline? what i'm saying is, if i have a bunch of flashbacks/skewed time in it, do i have to point out where it is, or even make it remotely evident?

    the way i want my story to run is just one giant train wreck waiting to happen, and the character is losing sanity fast. so do i have to indicate it, because i think it runs much better when the reader is guessing.
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  • posted a message on Best/Worst Bands from A-Z(Currently Finished)
    wooo!! representing zao love!
    Best- Zao
    Worst- i'd have to say zwan, from what i've heard (not a lot, thankfully)
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  • posted a message on Yet another rant...
    Quote from Feuerdrache »
    You guys shouldn't be insulting cheaters in this thread. Just because they win a different way doesn't mean that way is wrong. Frown


    i really hope you're being facetious. cheating is...well...cheating, because its illegal to the game! it doesnt matter if you do it fast/efficiently, its morally and legally wrong, in terms of the game.

    besides, its a freakin card game!!! arent there more important things to cheat at, if anything?
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  • posted a message on [Robot Jesus] Bitch Please
    <_< *awkward silence*



    interesting... Teach
    Currently Listening- Cyanide Breath Mint- Beck

    EDIT: oh, i see what you're saying. the OMG was supposed to be more of a =O how could she say that type of thing, not a *yawn* boobs thing. >_< damn smilies...
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  • posted a message on [Robot Jesus] Bitch Please

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  • posted a message on [Robot Jesus] Bitch Please

    i will not buy into your scam, mox-man!!!! Teach
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  • posted a message on The Temple of TFE


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  • posted a message on [Robot Jesus] Bitch Please
    jeez, are you so poor that rats dont infest everything? kids these days with their lack of monopoly, confederate, or rat money. Slant
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  • posted a message on [Robot Jesus] Bitch Please
    @TFE: MD never said he didn't accept rat feces Kekeke

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