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  • posted a message on My Apologies
    Quote from JollyTheOctopuss »
    I'd just like to apologize now for my arrival, as im most certain it is an unfortunate thing. Not that Im malicious or anything, Im just not really worth knowing. Either way, its a pleasure to meat you all and I know this place will be splendid.


    so you're a satanist? Laugh
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  • posted a message on aske me a stupid question for an answer
    why does this thread exist if it's completely superfluous?
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  • posted a message on Hi its me Law
    dear law,
    while our love affair may not have been particularly sordid, i think we both came away with a lot of good memories. now, it seems, you've tried to block these memories and ignore me. i think it's best - for everyone - that we get back together. i miss you.
    the comma ( , )
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  • posted a message on hey
    Quote from Salubrious »
    Welcome. I believe your name, translated from latin, comes out rougthly to "first among many". Am I correct?

    read my location

    Quote from kingcobweb »
    sup rahal Cool

    hay guyz Cool

    Quote from Kijin »
    Needs more black mage.
    Welcome to the forums.

    nope, he started signing his posts with '-M Shumate' rather than :bmage:

    i say both are pretty inane
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  • posted a message on An old favorite... Roadsigns
    1) not pictured - llama

    2) it's statutory rape, that's why you can't do it
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  • posted a message on hey
    Quote from AlphaInsidious »
    Welcome to your...well, I'm not going to finish what I normally say, because, well I've since grown to thought better of it. From now on I will only post intelligent posts in this "introduce Yourself" part of the site.
    I wouldn't worry that you don't play magic, as I think many of the people here might not anymore, or maybe not ever at all...However it is a nice community, and I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have come to.


    do you actually consider this an 'intelligent post'?

    i'm enjoying it as we speak.
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  • posted a message on "Intelligent Design" and Evolution....ugh.
    Quote from Rorix Bladething »
    There is a cause and effect for everything. To say that something is random is to say that it did something for no reason at all. That's BS.

    that's not the definition of random Rolleyes

    the concept of infinity a paradox. Just look, we use a finite symbol to represent something that is suposed to go on "forever". That is also BS.

    wanna show me an infinite symbol, then?

    I think that evolution is close to the truth, but perhaps not entirely correct. that or else it's totally off, And we're all just stubid.

    good post Smile
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  • posted a message on hey
    sup guys

    i don't play magic; but i enjoy internet forums

    oh, and since i've lurked a bit, i can pre-empt at least one reply:

    Quote from M Shumate »
    Hey! Welcome to MTGS enjoy your stay!

    -M Shumate
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