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  • posted a message on [SOK] Mechanics: Epic and Wisdom
    i agree that there are other possibilities for it, but i highly doubt that wizards would name a keyword with the same name as a previously printed card, especially one so notorious... (channel/fireball you're dead) everyone's heard it, heard of it, and prolly knows what it does.....
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  • posted a message on [SOK] Mechanics: Epic and Wisdom
    Well... after looking it up, Channel isn't on the Reserved List in the Reprint Policy... so they could reprint it, or they could get around it by making it a keyword (which i believe) with the same effect as on the original card or some slight modification
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  • posted a message on [SOK] Mechanics: Epic and Wisdom
    The literal translation of the Japanese Romaji 'shinen' is the English word 'thought'.

    Food for thought?

    Anyways, here's my guess:

    Shinen will be a keyword mechanic on creature (indicating that creature is 'wise'). Example follow:

    Wily Master 2GG
    Creature - Human Monk Elder
    Shinen (When this creature comes into play, put X shinen counters on it, where X is the number of cards in your hand.)
    Remove a shinen counter, Tap: Each creature you control gains +1/+1 until end of turn.

    Battlefield Tactician 2WW
    Creature - Human Samurai Elder
    Shinen (same reminder text)
    Remove a shinen counter: Tap target creature opponent controls.

    Dreaming Sage 2UU
    Creature - Human Wizard Elder
    Shinen (same reminder text)
    Remove a shinen counter, Tap: Draw a card, then discard a card from your hand.


    Note that this could also work on any permanent (lands, enchantment, etc....)

    on a side note.... is there anything in the comp rules about affecting a spell already on the stack (ie modifying it? putting counters on it? etc?)

    i ask because i had this crazy idea about Shinen (as above) being on Sorceries and Instants....

    Wisdom from Beyond the Veil 3U
    Sorcery - Arcane
    Draw X cards where X is the number of Shinen counters on this card while it is on the stack.

    which would have to combo with something like this....

    Deranged Spellfiddler 2RR
    Creature - Akki Shaman Elder
    Shinen (same reminder text)
    Tap: Move any number of shinen counters from this card onto a spell currently on the stack.

    I'm not sure how that would work, but it would make for some nifty combos... and yes i realize they could just print a card that said Draw X cards, where X is the number of cards in your hand, but if a spell on the stack could get counters while it were on the stack then you could build up on your creature and use that creature's "wisdom" to modify your spells before they resolve... VERY NIFTY methinks:)
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  • posted a message on The Orb
    Quote from AKARAT »
    I checked all revised cards yesterday (don't know why), but drain was zero. And it still is.
    Why didn't it hit 1 with you?

    And on another note... i just woke up, and people are still double posting and even say they are to lazy to read a single compiled list...:mad2:


    sorry the hit wasn't on Drain it was on Bond

    Bond - 1

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  • posted a message on The Orb
    creature 10/178 - 168
    samurai 10/11 - 1 assuming creature type samurai
    bushido~ 10/10 - 0
    when 10/32 - 22
    this 10/54 - 44
    blocks 10/11 - 1
    or 10/67 - 57
    becomes 10/13 - 3
    blocked 10/12 - 2
    it 10/26 - 16
    gets 10/30 - 20
    until 10/36 - 26
    end 10/44 - 34
    of 10/173 - 163
    turn 10/56 - 46

    creature 7/168 - 161
    soulshift~ 7/7 - 0
    when 7/22 - 15
    this 7/44 - 37
    is 7/34 - 27
    put 7/31 - 24
    into 7/51 - 44
    a 7/108 - 101
    graveyard (x2) 14/30 - 16
    from (x2) 14/50 - 36
    play 7/78 - 71
    you 7/137 - 130
    may 7/35 - 28
    return 7/40 - 33
    target 7/78 - 71
    spirit (x2) 14/75 - 61 assuming creature type spirit
    card 7/48 - 41
    with 7/25 - 18
    converted 7/16 - 9
    mana 7/27 - 20
    cost 7/22 - 15
    or 7/57 - 50
    less 7/9 - 2
    your (x2) 14/106 - 92
    to 7/116 - 109
    hand 7/97 - 90

    "splice onto arcane"
    splice (x2) 8/8 - 0
    onto 4/4
    arcane (x3) 12/44 - 32 assuming spell type arcane
    as 4/28 - 24
    you (x3) - 12/130 - 118
    play 4/71 - 67
    an 4/11 - 7
    spell (x2) 8/37 - 29
    may 4/28 - 24
    reveal 4/8 - 4
    this (x2) 8/37 - 29
    card 4/41 - 37
    from 4/36 - 32
    your 4/92 - 88
    hand 4/90 - 86
    and 4/36 - 32
    pay 4/6 - 2
    its 4/43 - 39
    cost 4/15 - 9
    if 4/33 - 29
    do 4/11 - 7
    add 4/10 - 6
    card's 4/5 - 1
    effects 4/4 - 0
    to 4/109 - 105
    that 4/38 - 34

    creature 2/161 - 159
    snake 2/6 - 4
    whenever 2/28 - 26
    deals 2/22 - 20
    damage 2/29 -27
    to 2/105 - 103
    a 2/101 - 99
    creature (x2) 4/159 - 155
    tap 2/7 - 5
    that 2/34 - 32
    and 2/32 - 30
    it 2/16 - 14
    doesn't 2/3 - 1
    untap (x2) 4/6 - 2
    during 2/2 - 0
    its 2/39 - 37
    controller's 2/2 - 0
    next 2/3 - 1
    step 2/3 - 1

    "equipment cards"
    artifact 2/15 - 13
    equipment 2/3 - 1
    equipped 2/2 - 0
    creature (x2) 4/155 - 151
    equip (x2) 4/4 - 0 assuming reminder text
    ~ (x2)
    attach 2/2 - 0
    to 2/103 - 101
    target 2/71 - 69
    you 2/118 - 116
    control 2/35 - 33
    only 2/6 - 4
    as 2/24 - 22
    a 2/99 - 97
    sorcery 2/26 - 24

    creature (x2) 2/151 - 149 assuming reminder text
    vigilance 1/2 - 1
    attacking 1/3 - 2
    doesn't 1/1 - 0 (note that doesn't is only available once more)
    cause 1/1 - 0 (as is cause, implying only one instance of vigilance)
    this 1/29 - 28 (if that, is getting reminder text)
    to 1/101 - 100 (which i assume means it's only keyworded once)
    tap 1/5 - 4 (the other instance of vigilance is probably granted by something)

    creature (x2) 2/149 - 147 assuming reminder text
    defender 1/1 - 0
    this 1/28 - 27
    can't 1/16 - 15
    attack 1/3 - 2

    "moonfolk ability" (note all printed moonfolk have this)
    creature 4/147 - 143
    moonfolk 4/4 - 0
    flying 4/27 - 23 (note that all moonfolk so far have flying)
    return 4/33 - 27
    a /97 (depends on how many are returned)
    land /23 (depends on how many are returned)
    lands /2 (depends on how many are returned)
    you 4/116 - 112
    control 4/33 - 29
    to 4/100 - 96
    its /37 (depends on how many are returned)
    their /4 (depends on how many are returned)
    owner's 4/25 - 21
    hand 4/86 - 82

    "demon" assuming upkeep trigger
    creature 6/143 - 137
    demon 6/6 - 0
    spirit 6/61 - 56
    at 6/33 - 27
    the 6/124 - 118
    beginning 6/22 - 16
    of 6/163 - 157
    your 6/88 - 82
    upkeep 6/16 - 10

    whenever /26
    you /112
    play /67
    a /97
    spirit /56
    or /50
    arcane /32
    spell /29

    search /6
    your (x3) /82
    library (x2) /19
    for /34
    a /97
    card /37
    reveal /8
    it (x2) /14
    and /30
    put /24
    into /44
    hand /82
    then /8
    shuffle /4
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  • posted a message on The Orb
    Ok folks, based on the compiled Orb results (thanx to those who posted), I have begun a rundown of standard rules text to determine various cards in the set... (yes I have no life...well i do, but i'm just an obsessive puzzle-solver...sigh)

    there will be several posts here in succession so that others may contribute as they feel the urge... but my summary so far:

    10 Creature - Samurai with Bushido
    7 Creature - Spirit with Soulshift
    4 Spells with Splice onto Arcane
    2 Creature - Snake with "snakebite" ability
    2 Artifact - Equipment
    4 Creature - Moonfolk with Flying and "moonfolk landbounce"
    1 Creature with Vigilance
    1 Creature with Defender
    Possibility of up to 6 Creature - Demon Spirit with upkeep triggers
    Possibility of up to 4 tutor spells

    These are by far NON-CONCLUSIVE and please read the entire posts.

    Any word that appears multiple times in a given ability is indicated by (x2)(x3) etc... I think the rest is pretty clear.

    Items are entered as
    WORD #cards appearing on/#times in orb - #uses of WORD remaining

    Hope this all helps.
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  • posted a message on The Orb
    drain - 1
    tomb - 2

    and i just checked every word (well ones that matter) in all A/B/U & Arabian Knights....other than what's been listed, that's what i got.
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  • posted a message on [SOK] Mechanics: Epic and Wisdom
    Quote from magicianofthought »
    I do not think that Epic and lengendary are related. The only thing that Epic is going to do is with is peraments, not Is and Ss. I feel that you guys are going down the wrong path.

    If Epic deals w/permanents then it will be a keyword, as I firmly believe they wouldn't bother with another supertype for permanents given Legendary already handles this. There has long been speculation about the various caveats regarding using Legendary on non-permanent spells (ie Sorceries and Instants) and I believe that this is territory Wizards wants to delve into, but has thusfar been unable due to the Legend Rule. So they overhaul the Legend Rule in CoK and wait until the last set in the block to experiment with their ideas for a similar supertype for Sorceries and Instants... if it works out, we will be seeing these in the future, if not... nothing too great has been lost. They can scrub the idea or go back to the drawing board with it.

    Another reason I believe Epic will be a supertype for non-permanent spells is the definition and connotation of the word Epic.

    Compare it to something that is Legendary... a person, creature, place, item, enchantment, etc... (ie permanent) that is meant to be unique. Epic implies something unique as well, but more of an event (something transitory, non-permanent...or non-physical if you will). When someone says that something was "Epic" they are normally referring to something that has happened, not something that existed. Card examples to follow.

    Also, I believe that "wisdom" is simply referring to the hand-size matters theme, not a keyword and that the Orb result will be in a Card Title.

    Last interesting tidbit from the Orb is the 12 occurrences of Channel. Could this possibly be a keyword in the set?

    Channel (You may pay X life instead of paying the mana cost for ~.)

    Food for thought?:)


    The "Epic" Rule: When a spell with the Epic supertype is placed on the stack, that spell is countered if a spell with the same name is any in RFG zone (or something to this effect.)

    Infernal Desire 3BBB
    Epic Sorcery
    Channel (with reminder text)
    Search your library for 3 cards and put them into your hand. Remove Overwhelming Desire from the game.

    Dosan's Wisdom 3GGG
    Epic Sorcery
    Channel (with reminder text)
    Put a +X/+X counter on all target creatures you control, where X is the number of cards in your hand. Remove Dosan's Wisdom from the game.

    Beyond the Curtain 3UUU
    Epic Sorcery
    Channel (with reminder text)
    Each player discards their hands, then you draw cards equal to the total number of cards discarded this way. Remove Beyond the Curtain from the game.

    Overwhelming Presence 3RRR
    Epic Sorcery
    Channel (with reminder text)
    Gain control of X creatures, where X is the number of cards in your hand. Remove Overwhelming Presence from the game.

    Dream of Honor 3WWW
    Epic Sorcery
    Channel (with reminder text)
    Destroy all creatures. Each player gains life equal to the total toughness of all creatures destroyed this way. Remove Dream of Honor from the game.

    The same concept would work for instants, provided that when they resolve they are removed from the game. This would provide for a cycle of Epic Sorceries and a cycle of Epic instants.
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  • posted a message on The Orb
    fray 1
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  • posted a message on The Orb
    Might not have noticed this, but under & sunder are both parts of the word asunder which the orb shows appearing twice (Card Name and Rules Text referencing itself I would assume.)
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  • posted a message on [SOK] Mechanics: Epic and Wisdom
    I'm getting the impression the Epic will be a new supertype for non-permanent spells, like Legendary is for permanents...

    Epic Sorcery
    Epic Instant

    I'm supposing that this will be a "loaded" supertype, like Legendary (only one of each named permanent in play) with Epic meaning only one of each named spell in any graveyard, all others would be countered or something.

    Any thoughts on this?
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  • posted a message on [SOK] Mechanics: Epic and Wisdom
    Has anyone thought that perhaps Epic could be a subtype? Sort of like Arcane, but that could apply to any card type?

    Legendary Creature - Epic Dragon
    Legendary Enchantment - Epic
    Legendary Land - Epic Shrine
    Instant - Epic


    Although I do really like the ideas presented of Epic as a keyword...but I highly doubt it.

    And it would have to be worded in a different way to work within the current rules.... so that you wouldn't have dead cards in hand.

    Epic (When you play this spell, remove it from the game. Search your library, graveyard and hand and remove all other copies of this spell from the game.)

    That way you could pack 4, but still only get one shot at playing it.

    Something along those lines would work, but that's a pretty intensive reminder text.

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  • posted a message on Merfolk in Ravnica!?!?
    MaRo chooses his words wisely, and if you take note:

    "Evolving IP: Fine. You know that old-time creature type that you keep bugging me to bring back? Maybe we could find a space for it in the next block.
    Static IP: More than one?
    Evolving IP: We'll see."

    It's obviously more than simple chance that he used the word "bugging" indicating some sort of insectoid creatures making a return.

    Just my 0.02
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