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    Maybe you shouldn't worry. Last time some orders disappeared from "my ebay", but I received an email telling me not to worry, that the orders were good. I'm sure they will correct everything.
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    I was in the first to buy. My order was complete when 1000 were sold. But now it tells me the same message : "This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount."

    So it's not a problem of stock... just two many orders at the same time...
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    MTG in Korea is not very popular... 14 stores is not much for a city that big.

    Last time I went I tried this one : www.abouttcg.com. Small friendly shop.

    This one is also well-known : blue-mtg.co.kr.

    Playfirststore has a shop but it's outside Seoul, so depending where you stay it could be quite far.
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    Quote from koldae
    I am going to Korea in 3-4 Month , I would like to know if people knows is there a Magic card market for Korean/Japanese/Chinese card ?
    And if they like some European language , I would love to trade some card or buy in South Korea.

    Where are you going in Korea ? Seoul ? you can use the locator locator.wizards.com/ to find some store. One advise : addressing system is a bit complicated so take a cab AND the phone number of the store... Store are usually small and sometimes hidden...

    There you'll find players but I'm not sure they're really interested in European language (other than english). Also if you're looking for old korean cards, it's going to be difficult : Stores don't have much. If you're looking for latest set, a box is around 110 euros.

    Also you can order online at this store : http://www.playfirststore.com/. The owner speaks english.
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    Check this : http://www.magiclibrarities.net/sets.html

    You will find all the language available for each set.
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