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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    I have two videos that do an introduction on how to play the new No-Lords Gobos, as well as some just basic reports. Unfortunately with my current schedule, I do not have the time to do any hardcore recordings, also my current living state sucks for recording. (My pc is in my basement in the furnace room, and it's loud so the feedback of the microphone sounds awful). I am moving out in the next month of two, and I promise everyone I will turn around and be more devoted to magic. I am working with hellakevin and Niallplaysmagic to help better the primer, we should be getting a better primer hook up in the next couple of weeks. Until then GL with the GP as well as your recordings. Also to anyone who is recording, please post the video, and if it's good enough I'll put it in the primer.
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Before Blitzkerg had its own primer, most people were discussing BR 8rack based on Smashpacman's performance at a Modern IQ. In that version at the time people were running grim lavamancer or at least considering it. It doesn't really work in 8rack, we want creature removal to be dead in the opponent's hand. Saying that, it's not a bad idea in the sideboard. Opponents usually take away their creature removal against us. But again that's sideboard.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] R/W Prisons ("Sun and Moon" etc.)
    Hello gentlemen, long time lurker of the thread, I was around in the days when memorylapse was the original primer head, so needless to say, it's been awhile. Anyways, I've decided to redo my RW Lockdown deck with the more Land kill strategy, and so far its 50/50. Hard aggro like goblins is tough. Burn is also a strange match up. I'm curious about everyone else and their progress with the deck as it seems to be developing more in that direction.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Quote from Funmachine »

    Right now my deck looks like this
    4Goblin Guide
    4Legion Loyalist
    4Foundry Street Denizen
    3Mogg War Marshal
    4Dragon Fodder
    4Krenko's Command
    3Goblin Chieftain
    3Shared Animosity

    4Lightning Bolt
    4Goblin Grenade

    4Wooded Foothills
    2Bloodstained Mire
    2Stomping Ground
    3Copperline Gorge

    ok I have a lot of questions,
    my main ones:
    is Atarka's Command as sweet as he looks for a token heavy, 1drop heavy goblin deck?
    is Goblin Piledriver sweet in a token heavy, 1drop heavy deck.. without a full playset of Goblin Chieftain?
    is it stupid to cut Goblin Chieftain completely? in favor or the Atarka's Command and some Shared Animosity?
    is this deck http://www.mtgstocks.com/decks/98665 better than your deck? why? why not?

    1. Atarka's Command is amazing in token heavy builds. Since the purpose of those builds is to swing wide, you want to have a lord effect that doesn't cost too much, hence why we don't run Goblin Chieftain. Goblin Bushwhacker and A's Command are more than enough to get damage through most of the time.

    2. Goblin Piledriver is one of the only reasons goblins came back in modern after a brief hiatus. He is now essentially part of the core to any list and running 2-4 is the right number for any deck. You don't have to run him with chieftain, but he does pair well with him yes. Unfortunately chieftain is just not fast enough for token builds at this point in time.

    3. You should only cut chieftain if and when you are making a "no-lords" goblin build, treachtv's is the best example. Atarka's Command is better in some ways then chieftain, the only problem is it can get countered a lot easier, unfortunately we don't run Boseiju, Who Shelters All. We do have Cavern of Souls to protect Chieftain, but considering that him not passing the Lightning Bolt test resulting in a loss of tempo is very disconcerting. Just remember these facts when you are including either of the cards in your deck.

    4. That list you posted is Treachtv's list, the Destructive Revelry were just not included in the sideboard. To be honest, I had almost the same list, I just didn't have token producers at the time, so I feel that the list is perfect the way it is. Unfortunately, we will not be seeing any new goblins until possibly BFZ, so we have to deal with what we have. Also, the only problem with the list, is the same problem with most goblin lists. Anger of the Gods, Pyroclasm, Electrickery, and Electrolyze hose us pretty hard, which is why using the old Mono Red build doesn't work as well as it use to. The white or green splash is needed for protection from these said cards and that's really the only way at the moment.

    Hopefully I helped you answer your questions. Shared Animosity is still a great card, but it should be run no more than as a 2 of. Anymore then 2 and your hand could get flooded with 2 in your opening hand, and that is something you just don't want or need in your deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Enchantress
    So i'm gonna revive this thread a little bit. I got wrecked by legacy enchantress when i was playing Mono White Stax a few years ago and I have been obsessed with making a modern version recently. So I feel Bant Enchantress is a good way to go. There are quite a few ways to go about it, I haven't quite got a list yet. I looked up every "useful" enchantment and cards that just help the deck. I agree, we can't use either enchantress, they are just too weak for the format. So here's some cards I have got, and would like some suggestions on a bant version.


    Herald of the Pantheon
    Courser of Kruphix
    Thassa, God of the Sea
    Eidolon of Blossoms
    Ephara, God of the Polis
    Heliod, God of the Sun
    Kruphix, God of Horizons

    By far the worst if kruphix, but the rest seem relevant.


    Myth Realized
    Porphyry Nodes
    Root Maze
    Utopia Sprawl
    Blind Obedience
    Fertile Ground
    Greater Auramancy
    Journey to Nowhere
    Luminarch Ascension
    Spreading Seas
    Trace of Abundance
    Trade Routes
    Banishing Light
    Detention Sphere
    Ghostly Prison
    Intruder Alarm
    Monastery Siege
    Oblivion Ring
    Phyrexian Unlife
    Frontier Siege
    Frozen Æther
    Leyline of Sanctity
    Skywise Teachings
    Enchanted Evening
    Privileged Position
    Sigil of the Empty Throne
    Sphere of Safety
    Starfield of Nyx
    Zendikar's Roil


    Kruphix's Insight
    Cloud Key
    idyllic tutor

    All of these cards are pretty self explanatory, just need a little advice on what direction to go, I think modern enchantress can be made, it just needs a few more cards.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    I like it BadMcFadden good job, I agree with your final conclusion. Even with piledriver the deck may get to tier 2, if we are lucky. But it's still not powerful enough to take on Control and still has trouble with certain styles of twin.

    We can wait for the next set or keep practising. I'm sure someone is going to break into a piledriver style deck real soon.

    I have been testing with a modified version of TreachTV's as well as FTW1987's CoCo Goblin Puffs. So far the Treach's list has had far more success, but FTW's is just a really fun deck to play. Collected company into two piledrivers with a chieftain and loyalist on the board was my highlight. Either way both are good lists. But, I have still had trouble with them.

    I'm going to come up with my own white list and post a sample of it, see where it goes.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    I wasn't trying to insult you, it's just very strange to us for someone not to like that card if that makes any sense.

    Either way I was just quoting something you had stated before, the newer versions are more Naya aggro I agree.

    In the end, you are right, it is only the internet. So lets stay on topic from now on than.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    I agree with Squirrel's entire comment. Its not that were discrediting you for not taking our advice on gobo nade, were just saying that it is one of the real reasons to run goblins in modern. If Gobo Nade wasn't in the format, goblins wouldn't be either. Now that being said, you have a point, there is no list with tournament results...but then again there is really no high ranking goblin list that has a good result outside of PPTQ's.

    I wanna remind you before the release of CoCo, Elves was just a deck with almost 0 play in any big name tournaments. Then that card comes out and all of a sudden elves wins GP Charlotte. Now of course when CoCo was announced everyone knew it was a broken card and certain decks will thrive with it.

    My point is don't look down on a card because there is no tournament results. We appreciate every person who tries to better this deck, but when you completely ignore replies to comments and just start posting lists with statements like "Why not just play burn?", you can't expect people to simply not have retorts.

    85% of the lists that are posted in this thread I give them a whirl, exactly the way they are, just to see how well they perform. If you tested at least one of the recent lists posted, you would see the power of the Goblin Nade, and the look on your opponent's face when just got dealt 5 damage when they have a superior board state, you would fully understand the need for the card in this deck.

    Don't try to make this a burn deck Nevelo, it won't work. This is RDW, it's a different play style, if you a more burn style of goblins, you might as well just play burn, for it is clearly far superior in that aspect.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    I found coco to be too slow in my RG build when I had it, we don't really have a lot of goblins in the format that add a considerable ETB effect that can done through CoCo under 3CC. Also, vial lists can be found here. Maybe they have had more success with it.

    I have never liked Earwig Squad mainboard, it's a great sideboard choice but for mb, I would imagine there is some decks that it's just too slow against. Is Ghor-Clan really useful? Isn't Atarka's Command just that much better because it has more options, and even though it can be countered you won't lose potentially two cards if they decide to kill your creature while using Ghor's discard effect?

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Searing Blaze works with burn because it works with turn 1 drops like monastery swiftspear. It doesn't work with goblins because you just sacrificed a turn where you could be playing more goblins, Goblin Grenade is just so much better. I feel you doubt that card too much, 75% of my wins are from gobo nade. You are using a no-lords list but you are running 3 drops, that's not where that style of deck wants to be. You need to be fast, what happens when you cast a rabblemaster and they bolt him? If you are going to run chieftains and rabblemasters then go more that direction, right now your current list is stuck in the middle between no-lords and some of the original all-in goblin lists.

    The sideboard is solid, Grim Lavamancer seems kind of random to be honest. I would just go 4 Destructive Revelry and remove Smash to Smithereens. You can also use that free sideboard slot to run a Dismember, which is needed in the Jund/Junk matchup.

    Oh and Atarka's Command has been amazing in my testing, preventing lifegain while dealing 3 damage non-target is one of the best plays this deck can make. Also why all the fetch lands? You are taking a considerably amount of damage, I understand we race the opponent but you are making the burn matchup a lot harder for yourself for almost no reason.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    I don't think dragon claw is as useful against us as it is burn since we swing wide. I agree with the rest of your statements though, thats why i feel RG is better against life gain strategies
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Since piledriver is now released for modern on MTGO, i will doing tests with the card with a modified version of treachtvs list. I wanna try out a no-lords goblins list, and an RB more mid-rangy list. I will try to get at least 20 games of each list in today since I got jack to do all day. I will also be editing the primer as well with updated information.

    We will see how piledriver performs in both lists, wish me luck.

    My MTGO name is Franx, for anyone willing to test out top tier decks against a goblins list just add me and tell your name on the forums.

    As I said I will be on majority of today and tonight testing. If you guys have any suggestions or ideas for the primer just post them here and or pm me.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    To be perfectly honest its good what you are doing. Suggestions are always good for a developing deck that goblins is and it should have all angles covered.

    I do however, think you are very wrong when it comes to goblin grenade. It is the only reason to even play goblins in modern. I have won off the top deck of a goblin grenade so many times I have lost count. I even stopped playing gobo grenade for awhile, tested out more creatures, than did a burn version similar to yours...and I felt like the deck was weakened because of it.

    MedRage pretty much summed it up when it comes to that card so I don't need to go any further.

    No one needs to say to someone else that your idea is bad, that is not how you build a community. ALL ideas are welcome.

    Also we had this brought up before but very little discussion into it. Collateral Damage seems like a solid testing card. Another burn spell that deals a lot of damage at INSTANT speed, while taking out another one of our many goblins on the board. What do you guys think?
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Mogis does exaactly what it looks like. Extra win con, it works, I'm usually siding him out against aggro.
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    you can jerk me around anytime destroyer *wink*

    On a less homosexual note, I attended my local LGS with BR "7rack"

    Unfortunately, I went 1/3 at the event. Rough night, I ended up beating burn but losing to twin, burn, and affinity(Which I hadn't seen in months).

    There was lots of games that ended in top deck mode, lots of games where I lost just before the racks killed them. It was very sad times. But I like the deck, I have been playing it for years on MTGO but never paper. I will definitely try it again. With the release of pildriver I will be more tuned to goblins but I always try to keep up with 8rack as much as possible.

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