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  • posted a message on Delver Prow Blade
    Some interesting stuff here. The only reason I prefer Preordain over Ponder is the rare occasions I Ponder and need one of the three but really have no interest of drawing one or more of the other two and I lack a shuffle outlet. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I would always say, "I wish I could have scry'd those away..."

    Aven Riftwatcher is interesting. Especially with Jeskai dominating the format. I might try it out.

    Has anyone tried Mantle of Tides yet? It's can be tutored, we can usually attached it for free without effort, and we can attach it at instant speed for combat tricks with Brainstorm.

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  • posted a message on Delver Prow Blade
    Awesome to come across another Pauper Caw Blade fan. I've been running UW Caw Blade in the format for about 3/4 years and it could be my one of my top three favorite decks across all constructed formats. A couple comments, suggestions, and ideas from probably 500+ UW Caw Blade games:

    *There is almost zero draw back (and a lot to gain in certain situations) from dropping one Island and Plains and running a singleton Seat of the Synod and Ancient Den whenever you are running Trinket Mage. You might only tutor for an artifact land with Mage 5%-10% of the time, but it's never a bad play when you do so. The move can be a life saver when you need to make a land drop, and in the late game if you have already exhausted your equipment, it just continues card advantage. Opponents hardly ever board in artifact hate against us (it's not their priority) and if they do, they will gunning for equipment not lands. I feel that running one of each is just a percentage better play in 100% of decks running Trinket Mage.

    *It might just be a personal preference, but I feel running redundant equipment main deck isn't the best move unless burn is prevalent in the meta and I might run 2x Lifestaff. I feel it clogs up spots I can fill with other utility and card advantage. I believe this because A) We aren't winning matches on turns 1-4 by overwhelming an opponent. We win on turn 7+ with our card advantage protecting our evasive threats. A Guardian of the Guildpact unchecked with one equipment is usually going to win the game. Redundant equipment clogs up spots that can be used to protect our finishers, because as much as Guardian is the format's True-Name Nemesis - it is still format rife with Edicts (although not near as much as before Delver was nerfed), fogs, and Dinrova Horror. Also, with all the matches I've played with the deck I can probably count the number of times an equipment has been countered or blown up on two hands. Opponents just don't focus on them.

    *Trinket Mage also means a Relic of Progenitus main deck is a percentage better play. We are greatly disadvantaged against Jeskai Snow and Tron without a Relic in play and without the chance to land a Relic game 1 we basically concede that game unless they are mana screwed because unfortunately they do what we want to do (survive to mid-late game and overwhelm with card advantage) better than we do. Relic, however, causes them to be much less efficient at that. Relic hurts Jeskai, Tron, Turbo Fog, BR Re-antimator, Tortured Existence, and UB Teachings which are all decks you will run into in a competitive environment and it also clears out flashback edicts. I would almost guess I have tutored for a relic more times with my first Trinket Mage of a match than all equipments combined.

    *I like Mulldrifter more than Court Hussar and I've tried CH a lot. It's arguably the best creature in the format and does two things we really want (evasive threat and card advantage) very well. It also eats some much unwarranted removal from inexperienced players because they see a Mulldrifter and freak out for some reason.

    *My favorite tech is 2x Angelic Renewal. It turns Mulldrifter into "Draw 4 with a 2/2 Flying Stick" for 3WU and invalidates removal that does get through to our finishers.

    *I love Seraph of Dawn along with Guardian of the Guildpact as a 2x each of finishers for the deck. It's also Baneslayer Angel with vigilance if you can attach a Bladed Bracers. I also often feel it is more important to protect than Guardian and wins games more efficiently.

    *Personal preference: I actually prefer Preordain over Ponder.

    Best of luck!
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Throne of Eldraine Previews: Modern Discussion
    Currently I play 50% UW control, 40% Affinity, and 10% random jank depending on my mood and the meta. From a few days of testing:

    Drown in the Loch is pretty good and might convince me to move from UW to Esper short term. Being modal it is rarely a dead card compared to something like Veto or Push. It scales so it is solid in almost all stages of the game and only once do I remember having to do work to turn it on. Very pleased with it. Started with 2, testing with 3 now.

    Mystic Sanctuary is really really good, but and I don't think I want more than 2. Testing 2 in UW and 1 in Esper. Some really interesting lines have come from running it. Path, fetch Mystic, top path, opt, path again. Against UW control I vetoed a PW with 4 mana up, responded to second PW with Cryptic bouncing Mystic, and slammed a Teferi and Mystic topping veto then ticked up and draw veto again. Oppo scooped. It will be a modern staple as at least a singleton in all control decks. It's also disgustingly good in Legacy Threshold decks.

    Emry, Lurker of the Loch tested in Affinity. It was meh. Best work it did was take a bolt once that should have been directed at an Overseer. Experimental Frenzy is the engine to run and Emry does nothing to warrant one of the minimal slots left in the deck.

    Ran into several Tron decks testing Once Upon a Time. T1 my response was "uggh". Anything later than that I was more like "yes please, sounds good." I would imagine if you flipped those thoughts I could have been in their mind.

    Tonight I'm going to test Brazen Borrower, Fae of Wishes, and maybe Hypnotic Sprite in a UB Tempo deck for giggles. If it works I'll call it "Brazers".

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  • posted a message on Obsolete rules tricks
    Quote from FortyTwo »

    More recently, Planeswalkers used to be legendary based on their type, not card name. So barring Mirror Gallery, you couldn't have two Jaces or Lilianas. There's not really a cool rules trick with this, as killing your own planeswalkers is rarely an optimal line. I suppose you could steal theirs with Dominus of Fealty or something and legend rule it with your own planeswalker of the same type.

    During the dark days of Caw Blade it was common place for many blue decks to also run 1 or 2 Jace Beleren as it was basically 1UU "Destroy JTSM"
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  • posted a message on Ban and restricted list 26th august
    Well that escalated quickly.
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  • posted a message on Full set of 40 Dual Lands : looking for advice
    Quickest, easiest, and most secure way? Consign them to an eBay power seller like PWCC, Probstein, or Sean Bassisk. You would be looking at paying 7%-9% as a commission after fees, but you will be guaranteed to get paid and fast. These guys mostly move sports memorabilia but likely wouldn’t turn down a lot like this. If you would like their contact info feel free to PM me.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters downshifts for Pauper
    Not a downshift, but happy to get Angelic Renewal as I can completely foil my Caw Blade deck now.
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  • posted a message on Environmental impact of printing cards. Is WoTC being responsible?
    Quote from Courier7 »
    The plastic wrapping could probably be recycled but I suppose they could try to switch to some sort of paper packaging, as well. I have no idea what that might do to the cost of the product, though.

    They tested a switch to paper based packaging during one of the Modern Masters series (1 or 2 I don't remember - pretty sure it was MM1) and stated they learned from the test, although it wasn't perfect and it effected card quality. It's something they have stated on numerous occasions they are working on. I'm not sure what we want from them? Print their cards with magical pixie dust dust instead of ink or... print jank limited commons on the skin fiber of Amazonian Rainforest Loggers? It's a Trading CARD Game in case you missed that point when you were introduced to game.
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  • posted a message on Environmental impact of printing cards. Is WoTC being responsible?
    Quote from darrenhabib »
    Have they considered the environmental impact. Obviously not.

    Hasbro purchases carbon emission offset credits for 100% of their energy usage on a yearly basis. So yeah, they have...
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  • posted a message on Is pauper going to be the next big format?
    This. I put together pauper Elves, Sultai Delver, Reantimator, U-Tron, RG Tron, Caw Blade, Affinity, Mono U, Mono B, UB Control, Goblins, Burn, UW Blink, Infect and ZOO. All together it took about $200 to put all those decks together (I probably already had about 40% of the needed cards.)
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  • posted a message on Remember when bans in standard were a rare occurrence?
    I don't particularly play standard that often but my quick opinions:

    1) I agree with Rosewater's statement that a complete lack of bans means they aren't pushing the envelope and improving the game.

    2) The only recent "mistake" was the copy-cat combo. Energy and vehicles have been at the heart of the majority of recent bannings and both are interesting new additions to the game. History shows that interesting new additions are often riddled with issues at the beginning. Vehicles are very reminiscent of equipment and there were serious power level issues with equipment in the beginning. Energy is an excellent concept that is also very dependent on building a shell that harnesses it. When cards are built for a particular archetype they make the whole much more powerful than the individual cards and in this case they dedicated a chunk of two sets to the archetype.
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  • posted a message on The next Non-Rotating Format: What do you think it would look like?
    Pauper has grown leaps and bounds in the past couple of years and that is while being almost completely tied to MTGO. If they would ever cement a paper pauper format by identifying a proper banlist and clarify the early rarity classifications for pauper purposes I think it would be one of the most popular paper formats.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Quote from NinStarRune »
    So here's my edited version, with sideboard. Thoughts?

    So I've had the pieces of Affinity lying around for a while from the good old days of Scars block and I've recently cobbled something together for a maindeck. What sort of things should I have in Sideboard? The meta there seems to be a lot of CoCo/Counters Company/Abzan Exalted, with a mix of Eldrazi Tron, Bant Eldrazi, Gx Tron, and a few people running Bogles, Gifts Storm, and BUG Death's Shadow.

    Main deck looks pretty stock. I vary just a bit: three Memnite instead of two and a full set of Darksteel Citadel will help increase the chances of getting Opal online turn 1. The only big recommendations I can make is running a basic a mountain to make Path to Exile and Ghost Quarter hurt less, and if Eldrazi is that big in your meta I'd run an equal 2/2 main deck split of Champion and Master.

    *I would just run two cages instead of RIP. With Affinity drawing the sideboard bullet you brought in is only half the battle, you still have to ensure you have the colored mana to get it on the field.

    *I like three Spell Pierces side board. It's won me more games than any other card in my extra 15. With Affinity 1 turn can win you a game and negating any hate they might bring for just 1 turn is often the difference and will break your opponent's back.

    *I tried Dispatch for awhile and just like Dismember so much better, but that's just a preference.

    *Also a preference, but I prefer Wear/Tear over Ancient Grudge if I don't expect to see Lantern or the mirror matchup.

    All that said, I've only being playing Affinity dedicated for just over a year so there are probably people with almost a decade more experience who could provide more.
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  • posted a message on Insuring your collection
    Very few renter's and homeowner's policies will cover collectibles and those that do will cover very little. For my sports memorabilia I used Collect Insure for awhile before I moved the valuable items to a safe deposit box. It was afforadable and fair for what it was. I would, however, only recommend it if you are insuring a handful of items at high value (P9 and early unopened). It's great for insuring 15-20 items that are irreplaceable but not really built to insure 10,000 items at the same value.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Legacy Ban List Discussion Thread (Read OP before Posting)
    It was a key cog in my Omni-Tell deck. Goodbye old friend.
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