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  • posted a message on [CBS][Official Thread] G/B Spiritcraft
    My build of green mana black mana Spiritcraft
    4 Bile Urchin (The best black one drop in the format, great to reurect over and over again)
    4 Child Of Thorns (Similiar to teh urchin exept it keeps your creatures alive and helps to kill enemy critters rather than damage your opponent)
    4 Harbinger Of Spring (cannot be blocked by half the creatures in the format+soulshift=good)
    4 Traproot Kami (gets big fast. a good defensive card for this deck)
    4 Soulles Revival (it splices it dices it resurrects creatures for cheap)
    4 Stir The Grave (cheap when used on a one drop)
    4 Wear Away (kills jittes, torras, etc.)
    4 Distress (why the hell would you not run this? its almost as good as durress)
    4 Psychic Spear (cabal therapy for half the cards in this block)
    2 Umezawa's Jitte (plain good in a creature based deck)
    2 Hall Of The Bandit Lord (the life loss hurts alot, so you have to use this in moderation)
    10 Forest
    10 Mountain

    my sideboard
    3 Hideous Laughter (kills weenies dead)
    4 Rend Spirit (kills half of the creatures in this format)
    4 Rend Flesh (kills the other half of thew creatures)
    4 Hired Muscle (scary when flipped and usable when not flipped)

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  • posted a message on B/R Ogre Demon?
    The red probably is not neccesary. This deck doesn't really need jitte maindeck imho. However it's always good to have them in the sideboard to act as arti destruction against enemy jittes.
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  • posted a message on [SOK] Artwork 11 images
    Does anyone think the white samurai could be the highest ranked survivor of Konda's army(I forgot his name)? The black spirit samurai might be Takeno's ghost.
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