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  • posted a message on Drafting Pokemon
    Quote from Surging Chaos
    Are you talking about the Moltres that lets you dump energy cards for milling out your opponent's deck?

    That was pretty fun despite it being pretty underwhelming.

    I don't remember, I just know that one of the earlier successful control decks in pokemon was based around using some version of moltres and generally trying to lock your opponent out of the game.
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  • posted a message on The Censorship of Nazi Symbols and Texts in Germany
    Neo-nazis in Germany still get their fascist fix through underground channels in the form of ****** punk music, Swastika banners, and Mein Kampf super deluxe editions.

    Making such things illegal doesn't bar access to them for the violent and non-law abiding individuals who would be influenced by them negatively. It is like the anti gay marriage argument that if legal it would cause everyone to become gay.
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  • posted a message on Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize: WTF?
    Quote from sentimentGX4
    China isn't thinking for the United States or international interests, such as world peace, but it's doing a fine job with what's best for the Communist Party
    Stalin did this same thing while he was in power as did Francisco Franco (fascist poart obviously not communist)...:-/
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  • posted a message on Drafting Pokemon
    yeah, raredraft it imho.

    Pokemon is one of the worst ccgs for drafting ever because of the way the evolution system works.

    To me this sounds like the pokemon equivalent of some dnd/wargame player getting his friends together to get rid of those old unlimited, arabian nights, and legends booster boxes he has had in his basement since 1995.

    edit-Ah moltres stall! I had forgotten that deck.
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  • posted a message on Anime Recommendations?
    The Trinity Blood anime is a good sci-fi/political intrigue/action and is by far the best version of Trinity Blood. I have no idea how they carved a show that good out of the meh original novels. It is also better than the manga.

    It is basically Warhammer 40k visual aesthetics (excessive priestly gear everywhere, spiky floating boxes for battleships, lost technology that is left over from another age, etc.) surrounding a future cold war between a Vatican Theocracy in Western Europe and a neo-Ottoman empire in the east. The series does vampires in a pretty cool sci-fi way and has decent voice acting in English and Japanese as well as good character design and plot flow (the episodes that seem like filler actually tie into the overall plot later on).
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  • posted a message on Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize: WTF?
    Who the hell else would you give it to this year though?

    I want someone to come up with another globally relevant individual who has worked in the peace process this year or who has had a long, distinguished, and continuing career working in it.

    I agree that he hasn't done nearly as much for it as many who have earned it (which he says himself), but give him a bit of a break. He didn't nominate himself.

    I do find it odd to award it to him in spite of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan though and his lack of progress in some of his agendas on the domestic front.
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  • posted a message on What set theme would you wish to see the most? Indian? Egyptian? Norse???
    I want to see...
    1.Rabiah...tons of worlds in one set, all similar to one another, and yet different. If wizards ever want to do a "legendary permanents block" that really explore the theme, Rabiah would be just about the best place to do that flavorfully. Powerful legends, running into and either allying with or fighting their alternative world selves...not to mention that multiple versions of the same characters could be printed in the block (providing redundancy, many people's problem with Kamigawa is that the majority of the legends didn't feel special because they were not involved in the story at all and were not even mentioned in the flavor text of one other card.) The middle eastern world hasn't really been explored since Arabian Nights that was only retconned into cannon anyway.

    Equilor-An ancient world of silence and stillness, and yet not a dead post-apoc world. This could imho, be a place to really explore longer games focused on high cmc cards. Reward playing them, provide each color with effects that slow (but to not outright kill) fast aggro.

    Segovia- Minus abilities everywhere. -1/-1 counters for black, temporary power reduction for blue, red destroys small stuff, green pumps little guys, white sweeps large things aside.

    Iquatana- Wierd aether world with Narcomaebas. The block could be done as an expansion of the 'meba's mechanics;the library matters block. Mill, shuffling (Psychogenic Probe reprint?), library manipulation, knowledge of cards position in libraries (looking without having to shuffle afterward).
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  • posted a message on Is red underpowered in general?
    Red is easiest to balance because it occupies a very narrow slice of the pie (like green) but the piece that it has (burn, land destruction, artifact destruction, nonbasic hate, fast aggro) isn't generally underpowered (the problem with green whenever it is bad in a format).

    Blue and Black are hard to balance because they get a whole lot of different things that are good.

    White schizophrenically flips between having very few things that it can do or being able to do as much as well as black and blue.
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  • posted a message on Is red underpowered in general?
    Wheel of Fortune
    Avalanche Riders
    Worldgorger Dragon
    and Lightning Bolt all say hi

    they could have brought more friends along but Blood Moon Price of Progress and all of their friends were busy in various formats.
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  • posted a message on Was disbanding the USSR beneficial to its former domain... or did it hurt it?
    Quote from ljossberir
    2% poverty? You've gotta be kidding me.

    What was the standard for poverty, having less than half a slice of bread to eat per day? They were rationing food as late as 1990.

    the article you linked to mentions that food had not been rationed in Leningrad since the siege in WW2...I think it refers more to a specific food shortage crisis caused by the destabilization of the labor force just before the collapse of the soviet union than to a general trend.
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  • posted a message on Weddings and sexism
    the traditions are kept up because they don't hurt anyone and are only bothersome if you think of their historical baggage.

    It's like how some churches do a communion ceremony even though they do not doctrinally believe in transubstantiation.
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  • posted a message on Cost of Standard
    Quote from Undone
    prices go up not down. Wizards prints better cards not worse ones.

    If you dont like it build a legacy deck or a vintage deck. No mana ichorid is straight up cheeper than some standard decks (800 for baazars 50 for the rest of the deck lol) and will be good forever. Threshold ranges from 700 to 1000 but has been good for years and years and years (I think 5?)

    Standard costs you 500$ per deck, with the deck dropping to about 200 post rotation. Guess what, that means this format is by far the most expensive because you can resell your old decks so at no time (other than time of useage) are you really down money, your just locked in. Its like buying a home vs buying a car. One goes up in value the other goes down in value.

    this is why I am getting out of competitive magic (for good i think this time)...the game is a HUGE money sink. It honestly is more costly to play than warhammer 40k which is infamous for being overpriced.

    Standard decks don't always cost $500 or more (some do), but still...

    I wish I had the cash for 3 more bazaars to run ichorid, of course many ichorid lists run power now days...

    Think I am going to switch over to Shadowfist and Redemption (both have been around forever and are unlikely to disappear soon...'fist has a new set coming soon and redemption just had its own version of "from the vault" come out recently.)
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  • posted a message on I read Prophecy while sick with influenza.
    I think that the Prophecy novel is known to cause influenza.
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  • posted a message on What is your favorite tribe or creature type?
    I like

    in no particular order...and yeah, i like lots of tribes.
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  • posted a message on Justice Delayed = Justice Served?
    This really is a silly wast of money for everyone involved as it is almost more of vengeance rather than justice given his age and clean criminal record after the war.

    Yes this is technically justice to the letter of the law and also is fully just morally given his crimes if one does not ever forgive certain offenses....but, you would need to really hear his whole story which is basically impossible...even immediately after the war hardly anyone involved in the concentration camp system wanted to talk about it or acknowledge their involvement in it to anyone, even relatives. Otherwise who is to say that he wasn't coerced/brainwashed.etc.?

    Not to mention, I assume it would be costly to try a case with offenses that occurred this long ago in time. Unless the prosecution just counts on the "HE WAS AN EVIL NAZI!" sentiment to carry the day.

    As someone who thinks of themselves as an amateur scholar of the Second World War and the Third Riech I do beleive that in general there is a separation of moral culpability from your average concentration camp guard and your average man on the front. For one thing, it isn't like guards couldn't apply for reassignment to a different post under typical conditions. Officers were assigned to their camps, and many of the grunts were as well, but not even everyone working in the extermination camp system was a brutal monster. Many simply did their jobs in an "ordinary" manner, and hence were not hunted down by the allies or driven into hiding after the fall of Germany. Many of them served their time for what they had done as was deemed appropriate by military courts of the time.
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