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    posted a message on Mothership spoilers (9/17) - Sire of Stagnation

    Dude, you are not off evaluating a card, you are factually mathematically wrong. I am just as likely to hit my next land drop if I was hit by Ingest as I am if I was not. I am just as likely to draw a threat as well. Ingest does not alter the chance to draw any given card at any stage in the game at all.
    In other words: the card I need is just as likely to be on the top of my library as it is to be second to the top. If you Ingest the top card of my library I am just as likely to draw the needed card.

    This is not quite accurate, and the way in which it is inaccurate is probably the source of Buffsam's confusion:
    On turn 3, player A attacks and ingests a card from Player B. Now the odds of drawing any given card in Player B's deck can be updated because we know an additional card it is not. If a land was ingested, Player B is less likely to draw a land. If a creature was ingested, Player B is less likely to draw a creature.
    The problem for Buffsam's argument is that when we look at the general case, we end up realizing that ingesting will make it more likely to draw the card that they want some of the time, just as it will make it less likely some of the time. If there is 1 card they are looking for, a small small percentage of the time we will hit it, but far more often, we will improve their odds of drawing it. The net effect is neutral.
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    posted a message on Chinese preview card
    What troubles me the most about this card is that it completely ignores all the design rules R&D had supposedly put in place the last few years to better differentiate between Enchantments and Artifacts. This card is an Artifact. It doesn't matter what it says on the card, the activated abilities and counter theme, by R&D's recent definition, is an artifact.

    The only thing that can justify this as a colored Enchantment is the thought that maybe they were afraid of shenanigans being pulled with it being colorless and an artifact. Still, that seems like a very, very long shot.

    This card is simply awkward.

    This is the best criticism of this card I've read. You're exactly right. I think it suffered from being in this set, where allies are colored? But the hedrons are artifacts... Hm.
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    posted a message on Deathless Behemoth
    Quote from volrathy »
    It used to be a 6/6 for 6 at uncommon was all downside Frenetic Raptor Johtull Wurm Sulam Djinn Arctic Nishoba

    then came Skysnare Spider and now this

    This is the best uncommon 6/6 for 6 ever printed
    Frenetic Raptor has serious upside...
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    posted a message on Winter Expedition Lands - Remaining 20/45
    Quote from Yamahako »
    Quote from Yawg »

    So scenario 1: 5 enemy-colored manlands in OGW -> most lilely the full set of 10 dual manlands in the expeditions set. Then the other 10 can likely be another full set of lands, like filterlands or checklands. Such an elegant solution.

    I would LOVE this however, I just tried it out - and I don't think it would work. Unless Wizards is willing to go sub 8pt type on them, it just won't fit. Here's a mock-up withOUT using the normal half line between parts of the card (compare to Lavaclaw Reaches) On the original Lavaclaw Reaches, they used 8pt, and that's smaller than they normally go.

    Strong point, but they may sneak the line up a little, or have some other trick up their sleeve to get all the text on.
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    posted a message on Mothership Spoilers (8/31) - Two Eldrazi and more!
    Quote from Gutterstorm »
    So I thought that Awaken would end up being alright after Sheer Drop but now it's starting to look like it got the Cipher treatment. Ruinous Path is a sorcery and Coastal Discovery is too expensive to cast normally. I understand that utility means things need to cost more but I feel like the awaken cost could have soaked that up so that the spells would be playable regardless. Not that I don't think Treacherous Path wont see play.

    Ruinous Path will definitely see a good amount of play in Standard. Coastal Discovery is clearly designed for limited, and will be fantastic in it. We haven't seen much of the mechanic yet, so hold off judgment.
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    posted a message on New Duals Nicknames
    Quote from Musicman247 »
    Double-check lands doesn't immediately jump out at you?

    And they'll be cheap, so Discount Double Check.
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    posted a message on Rare Dual Lands
    Quote from Yatsufusa »
    So glacial fortress is a checkland, and these check for twice as much, so they're double-checks, right?

    But they're also "true duals/fetchable duals" like the ABU Originals and the Shocklands.

    So... they're Dual-Checks. dot dot dot

    But they'll be cheaper, so they're "Discount Double-Checks"
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    posted a message on What card am I thinking of 3 - The Guesses Strike back
    Quote from tomsloger »
    is it legendary?

    kytheon's irregulars

    (now theres only one other option)edit: you guessed it already.

    Good teamwork!
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    posted a message on Speculated New Dual Lands & Gideon
    Quote from twinfrodo »
    These five are all fan-made cards. Gideon refers to his prior incarnation and has the wrong artist on it.
    And Ugin's Council doesn't even have a set symbol on it.
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    posted a message on Guardian of Tazeem
    I just think Idina Menzel should've had someone other than John Travolta hire her bodyguard.
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