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  • posted a message on [FS] Speculation without any support
    This doesn't quite fit, as I have reasons, but I think that Purple will be in Future Sight.

    See the recent discussion of how a 6th color would make sense in a small set, as a standalone.

    See also Topical Balance #2 from 2k5, which contains the line "I give Magic two years before purple rears its ugly little head."

    So yeah, Purple.
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  • posted a message on [10th] You Decide
    Quote from ChichiriMuyo »
    I wouldn't count on the OS sac lands, they are just way too powerful. They are useful even in mono-colored strategies where duals are not, and them co-existing with duals makes ther power unimaginable in multi-colored decks. While it wouldn't last long, that's just too much for standard to handle I'd think. Otherwise, everything Qasur said makes sense to me.

    They are only useful in one mono-colored strategy, because of Grim Lavamancer. The thinning effect is negligible.
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  • posted a message on [Dis] Prahv, Spires of Order
    I think that Prahv, Spires of Order is likely to be the name for the Azorius uncommon land.

    It's on the minisite.
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  • posted a message on [9th] 10 painlands, hyppie, verdant force, more
    So I was wondering about the painlands. Specifically the names, "Llanowar Wastes", "Caves of Koilos", "Shivan Reef." Then I went back and looked at the other duals: "karplusan Forest" and "Adarkar Wastes". So clearly they're not averse to those sorts of names. ALSO, Llanowar Elves is going to be in 9th, so we know that Llanowar Wastes at least isn't a name they would consider deal breaking.
    But the final thing is that everyone seems to think that Ravnica is the multi-coloured block, and WIZARDS CAN'T REPRINT THE CURRENT DUALS IN THAT FORMAT. Why not? Same reason they couldn't reprint them in Champions or Mirrodin. It's a totally different multiverse. I don't see Wizards wanting to add a second set of each dual land, when we've already got a bunch (though many of them are just worse), and all of them are still legal in extended. If Wizards wants painlands in standard, they'll have to be in 9th.
    That's why I believe the painlands.

    As for Verdent Force, sure, why not. They like printing Timmy cards, why not print the Holy Grial for Timmy? Hypnotic Specter would be good in limited, but not as good as a bunch of other cards that are in rare slots... Kumano, Meloku, Jitte, and White Myojin spring to mind immediately, and heck, Wrath of God in 888 is really good. (heck, there's multiple common answers which normally get played.) Someone else said an interesting thing about Maro whining about not liking to do things, then we find out they did... maybe he just doesn't like losing arguments?

    As for the Portal stuff, forsythe DID suggest that some of them would get reprinted, and none of them seem ridiculously broken for standard, and arguably not even better than current 8th tutoring.
    Jester's Cap seems least likely, but they've printed some wonky stuff out there, so whatever.
    Benefit of the doubt goes for him. All of these seem reasonable, and he says he has a reliable source, so I'm looking forward to 9th.
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  • posted a message on [PTQ] Type 1.5?
    How balanced is the format? I was told that Angry Rider was basically the best deck, and nothing else is on the same level... It seems really good too.
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  • posted a message on [PTQ] Type 1.5?
    Quote from solisete »
    I find it possible. A 1.5 PTQ shouldn't be that a problem.

    How much do you anticipate Underground Sea going for? $50? $60?
    I'm excited and SCARED, because dual lands would become insane. That and force of will.
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  • posted a message on [PTQ] Type 1.5?
    I heard a bunch of people say at the PTQ today that Type 1.5 was going to be announced as a PTQ format on Monday.
    If there's already a thread about this sorry, but I didn't see one.
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