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  • posted a message on End of an Era
    Where is the new site?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Pillow Fort Prison- White-X Enchantment Control
    There is no reason why not, but Chained to the rocks did little. The deck does not need good one drop mini o ring effects per se. They work, of course, and are different to things like Nodes in the same slot, or Seal Away at 2, but ultimately the deck is not going to get a big boost or anything. Give it a one cc tutor, that is a different story.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Enduring Ideal
    Are you guys thinking that it's possible to utilize Marit Lage's Slumber in EI deck? Running a few Flooded Strands and new Prismatic Vistas with a lot of snow-covered basics supported by Scrying Sheets would make one scry a lot. Having double white mana on t2 could be tough, but we can replace Runed Halo with On Thin Ice. Also note that if your Marit Lage is somehow dealt with you can return Slumber on top with Hall of Heliod's Generosity and sacrifice it once more.

    I can't see slumber working. There are not many snow permanents and Modern eats big critters as much as it does small. There may be a slumber deck, but it is not us....
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  • posted a message on W/x Parfait (Tax/Rack Control)
    Hey all, I wanted to say goodbyes here and especially thank Weapon X for the Parfait discussion.
    FWIW I am experimenting with a couple of Karns now- meaning a helm can lurk in the board. Impressed so far, gives a bit of utility.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Stasis 2016- updated 2019
    And it is goodbye to MTGS.
    Thanks, all. I still have Stasis, but nowadays run As Foretold, Ral Zarek and other Walkers, and just a couple of Fevered Visions, with very few prision permanents besides Stasis, the Walkers and Needle effects- one Propaganda and one Tsabo's web at the last count - and just a couple of Forsaken Cities.
    If I get time I will post my current list here.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] R/W Prisons ("Sun and Moon" etc.)
    Lovely to see Pillage back.
    I want to thank everyone for contributions to the thread here.
    I must admit I slightly migrated towards a GW Arbor Elf/Sakura Tribe Elder ramp version of landkill, similar to RG but with the higher slots containing primal command and acidic slimes, maintaining the white. The red landkill was just less flexible and green gave gas with Tireless Tracker
    I still believe RW works as a Moon/Bridge/PW deck, Bridge is so good and walkers are still very powerful, although as with everything its time has passed as the format got quicker and the mana became less fetch heavy.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Enduring Ideal
    Hey all. With the site about to go off soon, I wanted to say my goodbyes.
    I love EI, and I certainly think it has a bright but fringe future. The new card is excellent, replaces mistveil plains for sure and makes Nodes better.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Pillow Fort Prison- White-X Enchantment Control
    Well , with the site about to go I would like to thank contributors to the thread.
    We just got a new toy with the new academy ruins land too. Keep brewing, see you on the other side.
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  • posted a message on End of an Era
    I have enjoyed my time here, I hope I have helped as much as I have been helped, and hope to join you all on whatever comes up. We need a forum, discord just isn't where I want to be. I have a few thanks to give out myself on various threads.
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  • posted a message on End of an Era
    Always enjoyed the Modern section, it was well organised, and popular, and dealt with a huge format well.
    The general section worked well too.
    I felt the Legacy section died a while back. I don't think the Legacy Mod was actually active for over a year, unlike the general staff and other mods- I certainly never got a response from any messages, and the arrangement did not work- the developing section was perpetually full of "my first vampire deck" type threads by people who literally had never played the format, and lots of top decks were missing from the main section even before the threads were lost.
    I think Mtg needs a site like this, I note that the source has cooled down too.

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  • posted a message on So SICK of planeswalkers already
    Quote from user_938036 »
    So they recently add this feature to the game where you can use your creatures to attack another player's planeswalkers. This new feature will allow you to interact with planeswalkers in an obvious and simple way with cards you should already be playing.

    On a serious note, they did alter a number of uncommons, rares and even a few commons to specifically answer planeswalkers. There is a lot of paper in the format to answer the rocks. Planeswalkers are showing up more than ever because there are more than ever but they are far from dominating.

    Trouble is they keep pushing creatures and planeswalkers, and this is great for anyone who is 30. But for anyone who played in the old days, Mtg was about stack interaction, artifacts, and enchantments. People playing creatures were the ones suffering, and that is pretty much how a lot of old timers prefer it.....
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  • posted a message on Any Ideas for a Niv-Mizzet Reborn Legacy Deck?
    If I am going to cheat a dude into play it probably won't be this, he just does not do enough cf Grissy B or Emmy. 5 cols is pretty hard in a Wasteland format, you can natural order him into play I guess, just as you would Progenitus. There are so many two card killer combos in the format- Grindstone/Painter, RIP/helm Show and Tell and Grissy or Omniscience etc. that casting this to get combo pieces, especially in a format with some tutoring (entomb, enlightened, infernal etc.) and frankly the whole blue cantrip suite to boot, well it all seems a bit pointless. I mean it can draw cards but so can Grissy, and in decks like Tin Fins it shoots off and keeps shooting t2.
    If I am going to hard cast the dude, I am probably not going to be playing Legacy, it seems more of an EDH card, unless some tech comes along that allows you to get him into play t1 after being exiled to a t1 shoal or force type card and then allows you to combo on the spot to a win, which brings us back to your original question. At the moment the tech I do not as being there, but it might in future.
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  • posted a message on Next Magic Set Prediction?
    It will be a planet of hats, tired and worn out before we even rip a booster, easily digested and probably analogous to some culture on earth at a very superficial level (Viking world, Mexico world etc.), designed by number crunchers and a couple of artist types in roughly the same way movies are designed by committee. Superficially interesting with plenty to hook those invested in the story.
    As usual the fact they have to design for five colours will mean that the plane will have some variation in races, guilds etc., but it won't actually feel like a world, because they won't be able to build it over a number of sets.
    There will be lots of EDH cards, nothing worth noting at 1cc, and weak spells, with more flexible answers that cost 3 mana, and very little to no protection, no shroud and little hexproof and no landkill at 3 cc. So business as usual...

    As usual there will be feedback survey about it, as usual it will say "how important to you is it that we have great art?" without bothering to ask you if you think the art is great. At least they won't wheel out Sam Stoddard or similar to say "Emrakul is really fun, its a real blast", so be grateful for small mercies.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Enduring Ideal
    I get decent results in UW - after boarding- vs our nemesis Tron, but I board a ton of stuff, much not specific to tron, but on eor two key cards are.
    Bribery is one way of hurting them, alongside bits of counter magic.

    I run Fall of Thran in the board to fetch into, which is strong by itself and if you do Ideal you can fetch into O ring and O ring it to prevent stuff coming back and then fetch Dovescape if the board is clear, or just keep recycling the card via Mistveil plains or Starfield- permanently blowing up lands every now and then. I also fetch into Lay claim, which can steal a karn, or cycle lay claim and starfield it back.
    You still have to resolve the Ideal, of course, and don't always win if you do, but you can get to 90% of the games you Ideal in you win, which is not the case vs regular U tron or G tron variants game one where you can Ideal and still lose.
    killing people with their own monster is hugely fun.

    Blast zone I don't think will make huge waves- we can deal with it anyway- Spreading Seas, Ghost Quarter, Fall of Thran, Lay Claim and even taxing it with S Field etc.
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  • posted a message on Goatly Prison
    Sounds better.
    Serum visions adds a 1 drop play, which sets up devotion anyway. You will need a few U sources.
    The detention sphere is decent in U, and you get a bit of board counter magic too, and cards like Search for Azcanta in the board- it is normally too slow in the main- and can play Spreading Seas if your meta demands. Whenever you add a card that replaces itself you don't alter devotion too much.
    Don't worry about budget wrt Leylines, you need them, it is that simple; even in pillow fort I keep them in some numbers against tron, just for devotion
    You might want to look at Starfield of Nyx or other wincons....

    Trading post is ok at bringing artifacts back, decent a life gain, good at sacrificing artifacts to draw - if you can find a source to generate them- you probably can't in Modern but horizons is near. Ensnaring bridge is a reasonable artifact in the 75, there is not much else but the post is versatile enough to sneak into Legacy W and Brown stax builds.
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