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  • posted a message on [Primer] MartyrProc (12/2011 - 12/2014)
    Hybrid martryr proc with green - maverick martyr.

    I ran this list at a modern PTQ with 90 odd players, going four wins, two draws, one loss, dropping five of my seven points lost to martyr proc mirrors [there were only four martry decks in the tournament].
    Its a hyrbidised martyr deck [i.e. one that runs spectral procession/windbrisk in addition to the proclamations/martrys/ascendants] to which I have added green for reasons explained below. It is rather embarassingly 61 cards, I simply wanted the ability to search for a main deck forgetender that otherwise would have pushed out a precious sideboard slot.

    The deck
    4 martyr of sands
    4 serra ascendant
    1 kami of false hope
    1 burrenton forge tender
    4 path to exile

    4 squadron hawk
    2 Honor the pure
    2 auriok champion
    1 runed halo
    4 qasali pridemage

    2 proclamation of rebirth
    4 spectral procession
    3 ranger of eos
    1 elspeth, knight errant

    4 windbrisk heights
    9 plains
    1 forest
    2 razorverge thicket
    2 wooded bastion
    1 temple garden
    1 gavony township
    4 sunpetal grove

    2 wheel of sun and moon
    1 rule of law
    3 ethersworn canonists
    1 wilt leaf liege
    2 aven mindsensor
    1 relic of progenitus
    1 goldmeadow harrier
    2 fracturing gust
    2 beast within

    The plan A of the deck is to hit martryr/ascendant. Plan B is spectral/windbrisk card advantage and beats. Windbrisk was excellent all day long, forcing people to think about honor the pure appearing mid combat, not to mention when another spectral or ranger was hiding under it.

    I expected lots of affinity, twin, jund and trons [either UW or the green versions], but of course the deck has to be prepared to face any number of decks.

    Card choices- white:
    auriok champions- good with spectral, sometimes gets the life total up when martyr and rangers are hiding [rare in a windbrisk version], great against twin. Allows planninig for quicker rebuilding post pyroclasm, [one man towards a windbrisk activation], and it blocks lots of jund men. Mediocre at times, great at others.

    Runed halo- a failsafe vs etched champions [esp those with with platings], good vs gifts ungiven and badly built storm decks with just grapeshot main deck. Rarely does nothing.

    Elspeth - could have been a fourth ranger, but with searching via windbrisk the fouth ranger is not as relevant as with a traditional build. Elspeth plus unactivated 1/1 ascendant often gets the ascendant to very happy days.

    Forge tender: search choice vs jund when the martry plan isnt going to happen but the spectrals are on the case, blocking ravine and bloodbraids.

    Only two proclamations: the deck isnt that focused on the graveyard, and there is a valid plan B that involves beating to the face with spectral tokens. Something had to go and the thrid proclamation was it. Never missed it...........

    Card choices - green/white.
    Pridemage- helps ruin twin, which is a weak match if you are just relying on path. This way six two drops [champion/pridemage] and 4 path help towards making that matchup very much tilted towards this deck. It also makes affinity far more secure, giving 4 main deck cranial kills. The exalted is often relevant, allowing a point of damage through before popping sometimes vs the UW tron/gifts decks where it sometimes denies them a a fourth,fifth,sixth, seventh or second coloured mana for a turn. With a pair down it beats on its own for four, with elepeth for six. It takes out a wurmcoil that would otherwise gain life, takes out shackles, swords in caw blade, and vitally allows a single ascendant thats 6/6 to beat for seven- a potential out vs a resolved unburial rites/iona. It also sits at 3/3 with honor the pure or a resolved and activated township. Kills a birthing pod too. Basically makes mediocre matchups good, and good matchups excellent. Never took one out.

    Card choices- land
    gavony township: see spectral procession
    No flagstones of trokair due to plains/sunpetal issues, and enough potential CIP tapped lands to make the basic land base a simple risk free choice, the deck can't run mistveil plains or Emeria, sky ruin.

    goldmeadow harrier: taps emrakul, iona, wurmcoil, ascendants in order to get the last few points of damage through.
    fracturing gust: see affinity
    beast within- an potential out vs iona from the bin, essential vs tron decks as a surprise land kill- they really do not expect land kill- buy a turn, win a game. Comes in vs storm decks for the same reason, and is useful vs transformative storm decks that try and twin you after paths are removed.
    canonist: In for storm only really
    rule of law: See canonist, just a canonist that needs bounce
    mindsensor: gifts, mirror matches, pod , boros even, knight of the reliquary decks, zoo [remember that?!!], a real MVP board star
    wheel of sun and moon- birthing pod combos pod, aggro loam, dredge/gifts, storm.
    relic: gifts, pod- could have been soemthing else in retrospect
    wilt leaf- jund, ravens crime dredge, death cloud,

    what I did not run: leyline of sanctity- its a mvp in traditional martyr but the matches where its most useful are ones I am less afraid of. It does not beat to the face, and the biggest problem proc has is a bunch of "stop you sideboard cards" but no win if the martry plan runs adrift.
    stonecloaker gargoyle- its great in the mirror and vs pod, bouncing ranger of eos and eating specific graveyard cards with triggers on the stack, and a pair can stop opposing lifelinkers. But with no finks the "bounce your own stuff" doesn't work out often enough.
    Thalia: see spectral procession etc. Just not viable.

    Hope this helps people looking for another take beyond the Wbr versions. I have used this forum a lot to be successful with the mono-w deck a couple of months back, hope I can give something back.
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