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  • posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] I think BNG and Theros are Probably the WORST Sets in History
    Born of the Gods is probably the worst set since Coldsnap. The ONLY card that will see serious Modern or Legacy play is Spirit of the Labyrinth. And that is a fact. The set does nothing to shake up standard except to make the best deck, Mono Black Devotion, slightly stronger. As for limited, after playing in the prerelease, it is a poor extension of Theros. Inspired is just not an interesting mechanic. All in all, garbage set. And it's a shame.
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  • posted a message on What to do about a person who hates you?
    You need to realize that he is just a mindless aggro player, and as a fellow control player you need to realize we are better than them. They are stupid and usually really bad magic players so obviously he is going to hate someone so much smarter and better at Magic than he is.
    We need to cleanse the world of aggro players.

    ...and that's strike three. Infraction issued.
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  • posted a message on Mana Leak OP'ed?
    I agree. Mana Drain at common would be way too powerful. Mana Drain is definitely one of the most powerful cards of all time.
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  • posted a message on Top Seven 7 Drops Of All Time
    Sigh typical salvation poster. I'd give you a real answer but you have Assert Authority in there and don't mention Angel of Despair or Cruel Ultimatum, you know the actual good 7 drops.

    Flaming infraction issued.
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  • posted a message on 1st time going to a GP, questions

    Trolling Removed. Troll Infraction
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  • posted a message on Best MTGO Vendors?
    There is this guy "applejuice03" who frequently gives away rares and mythics to newbies. Just message him a lot or visit him in the auction room, say you plan on taking over the world to him and he will hook you up
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  • posted a message on So... What happened to Edgar Flores?
    Quote from Ball Lightning

    The fact that there is a thread asking about this guy as a player, and pretty much everyone knowing who he is, seems like this guy Edgar Flores is on his way up. I think it was mentioned in the scg broadcast that Edgar earned the 10th most planeswalker points this year.

    Haters gonna hate.

    And you don't see anything wrong with the fact that he has the 10th most pwp points this year? You think he's the 10th best player in the world? Are you kidding me? This guy is a random scg grinder of caw blade who switched over from Yu-gi-crap. He is horrible at limited (I've played vs him), bad in legacy, and can only win when he was 3 byes. He is not the 10th best player in the world. Competitive Magic is becoming a joke because of people like Edgar Flores.
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  • posted a message on Where are the counterspells and good control cards
    So we've seen almost all of the blue cards and we have 1 terrible counterspell 2U Counter unless they pay 1 and they discard a card?
    Where are the counterspells? The Mind Controls? The Compulsive Researches
    All control has is Snapcaster Mage and a ham sandwich? What is Magic coming to...
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  • posted a message on It really does feel like magic is being ruined
    Quote from tomthumb
    I understand that people play magic for different reasons, so you might not think that the things I like are worth preserving and think the changes to Magic are good. Part of the problem with magic is that players want different things, and not everyone can get what they want, which means that some people (in this case, me) are going to lose out. My biggest gripe with magic is that they seem to be making the game easier to play in order to make it "more fun" for casual players. Blue isn't ever going to get a really great new counter spell again because spells because a lot of people are like "herp derp i don't like having my spells countered so i am going to whine to wotc" and land destruction was also nerfed because it is "unfun". I hated playing against LD sometimes, but it added value to the game because it added another viable strategy and made you think about how to use your resources more effectively. Besides nerfing blue and several historically important mechanics, Wizards has also increased the power level of the past few sets to such a degree that games are much more of a luck sack than they used to be. It is true that they are scaling that back now, but I suspect that many of the people who complain about blue getting to counter spells are going to be unhappy and demand the return of overpowered spells like Bloodbraid Elf, as they allow any idiot to win. I wish Wizards didn't have to listen to these idiots, but their business model makes it so that they have to.

    Fixed; don't use 'retarded' in an inappropriate context.

    I just wanted to say you are completely correct and there are thousands like you and me who agree. They cater to the idiots who don't want to play around anything. I mean not a single new counterspell has been spoiled yet because of these idiots. Maybe the new set won't even have any. They don't realize there is a huge segment of their audience (aka the good players) that like counterspells because we like playing skill testing games. But you're posting this stuff in the wrong forum because most of the people on this site are unfortunately bad casual players so you should be tweeting maro and aaron forsythe about this. But they don't care about us anyway. The dumber the game and the weaker blue is, the more bad kitchen table players are happier.

    Flame/Troll Infraction.
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  • posted a message on Is anyone sick of all the love blue is getting?
    Quote from jvlin
    All these great mechanics, and all going to blue. Snapcaster, Cackling Counterpart, Laboratory Maniac, Skaab Ruinator, etc..

    Really? What does red have so far? Into the Maw of Hell? lol.

    Yes because all those cards are going to be dominating Vintage, Legacy, and Modern.

    Man I hate casual idiots like you. People like you have ruined standard and modern for all of us because you give Wizards the impression that control and blue aren't fun so all we have is garbage aggro and combo decks with crappy card drawing and awful counters. So stfu already and gtfo of here.

    The better blue is, the happier us pros will be. And the cards you mention except for Snapcaster aren't even constructed playable you scrub.

    Infraction for flaming.
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  • posted a message on Is anyone sick of all the love blue is getting?
    Quote from Zephynoir
    I was speaking more of just anti-blue. I can play my terra stomper on turn 4, and it can't be countered. an 8/8, uncounterable trampler on turn 4 is...terrible? I'm confused by this.

    You pretty much sum up all the anti-blue players with statements like this. Yea Terra Stomper is clearly the nuts. /sarcasm. You obviously are a pretty bad magic player (like most anti-blue players) so instead of Wizards catering to good players they cater to bad players like all you blue haters and whenever a decent blue card is spoiled we get threads like this.

    It's a joke honestly. Blue was terrible in Onslaught block (wizards were a joke), awful in Alara and Zendikar, and cannot stand up on its own. If you don't know how to play against blue (aka think as you're playing a strategic card game) instead of whining about it, how about trying to get better?
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Live Twitter Feed From PAX! Loads of New Cards!
    This is the worst thing that has happened to Magic since Planeswalkers. If in a draft my opponents can see what I pick and vice-versa (and it's not a Rochester draft) anyone good at this game will quit
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  • posted a message on Wizards Ban Jace, the Mindsculptor and Stoneforge Mystic From Standard
    well... we have a lot of whinners here...

    And by the way, Casual players buy boxes (I have 3 friends that each buy one box whenever a new set appears), and go to drafts and pre releases.
    DO you have any idea how much booster packs are opened on each pre-release around the world?
    Just at my town we have a small shop and every P.R we open more than 500 booster packs.
    Dont say grinders are the source of wizard's profit.

    That's right, they buy boxes and go to prereleases. THEY DONT PLAY SERIOUS STANDARD. They just whine and whine about expensive cards like Jace and Titan and good cards like SFM. And since Wotc gave in to the whining of people who don't even play their format, it's a joke.
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  • posted a message on Wizards Ban Jace, the Mindsculptor and Stoneforge Mystic From Standard
    It's not only that. As a grinder myself, I really dislike how they handled the ban. Casual players don't even play in tournaments, and they were the ones whining about Jace and SFM. Why should they get to decide the standard metagame. The whole thing is a joke. Now instead of a skill intensive metagame, we have a dumbed down format with no strategy. Thanks casual players for ruining magic for us again
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  • posted a message on Wizards Ban Jace, the Mindsculptor and Stoneforge Mystic From Standard
    Quote from eyeh8txtspk
    There is a huge gulf between believing nothing would be banned (saw stoneforge coming a mile away) and my position that nothing should be banned. It's not that I was proven wrong, I'm upset that I'm going to be proven RIGHT. Nothing should have been banned. Nothing. Not stoneforge, and definately not Jace. Anyone could pick up Jund, Affinity, or Valukut and win with it. The same can certainly not be said of fae and cawblade. The more casual crowd has always been resentful of control stategies, but they are an integral part of the game that makes Magic what it is. Go play pokemon if all you want is a bunch of monsters fighting with no interruption.

    Yes, let them quit. The ones that quit were probably not that dedicated anyway, and catering to these people who were going to quit in a year or two anyway just makes R+D dumb down magic. Let these people quit, let the more dedicated players get others into the game properly, and have a stronger community in the end. Natural selection.

    You sir are completely correct in all your posts and I applaud you for speaking the truth. You won't find the support on these forums because everyone who posts here is a casual blue-hating anti-control super aggro player who hates expensive cards.

    I really wish Wizards and dumb Aaron would stop catering to BAD casual players because they really are ruining the skill of the game and they want anything skill intensive or blue banned. It's really sad, and it's causing all the good players to switch to other games. They don't care about how good a game they make, they only care about making as much money as possible. There should be a balance between the two. Control is dead in standard because of whiny terrible at magic noobs
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