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    posted a message on Svella, Ice Shaper
    Unfortunately, there are a lot of odd choices like that in this set and I suspect it has everything to do with the Party ability.
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    posted a message on Archpriest of Iona
    And you are correct. Each creature only counts once regardless of how many slots it could fill.
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    posted a message on Liliana, Death Mage
    Most likely not. This just seems a lot better than the Planeswalker deck Planeswalker cards usually are. Like, this seems playable which they usually are not.
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    posted a message on Terror of the Peaks
    Oh, I agree completely. I rarely play Constructed competitively for this exact reason. I'd much rather play my Dinosaur deck against my friend's Bear deck. Or my (Singleton, nothing newer than 5 years old) BW Human deck against my friend's Ooze deck. It's just more fun.
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    posted a message on Peer into the Abyss
    That never occurred to me. It's my kinda combo. I guess I can drop a couple of these into my black Devotion deck. Not sure it's good, but it'll at least be entertaining.
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    posted a message on Grasping Giant
    In Limited, this will be ridiculous. Having Vigilance is pretty devastating when the creature can't be killed in combat. And as people in Pre-releases can be pretty dumb, I'm looking forward to people throwing multiple blockers at it, not realizing they all go bye-bye.
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    posted a message on Improbable Alliance
    Yeah, this feels like too many alternate styles. It's the kinda thing that actually burns people out.

    Regular ... OK

    Foil ... Sure, I'll collect those

    Full-Art ... looks nice, gotta get them

    Showcase ... those are super-pretty, but I've already got so many other versions of this card

    Promo ... ugh, too much ... I'm done

    Next set comes around and that person decides he doesn't really need the Promo or full-art cards. Eventually, he doesn't care about foils anymore either. Before long, you're just burned out on trying to collect all these alternate versions and just give up entirely and now, you're a casual. Too much!
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    posted a message on Happily Ever After
    ... I get six cards, except when I'm on the dealer's right, in which case, I get seven cards. Card #2 is turned up, but not on Tuesday. You'd be pretty happy with two Jacks, but not with three, as you'd be disqualified. Getting a King or a 2 would make your hand even better, unless it's nighttime when you'd be better off with a Queen or a 4. In the end, you might end up with a Royal Fizzbin, but the odds are astronomical and may never even have been computed.
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    posted a message on Mirrormade
    It's been a VERY long time since we've seen either of those. Very few people playing today have ever even seen Copy Artifact.
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    posted a message on Embereth Shieldbreaker
    This makes my eyes bleed.
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