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  • posted a message on Collected Conjuring
    While I think this has potential, I echo a bit of the disappointment with it when we compare it to Collected Company. Especially considering the fact that creatures are usually better than sorcery spells.
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  • posted a message on Japanese Alternate art planeswalkers
    The Final Fantasy styled Liliana art is exceedingly good. The Tibalt is stylish too.
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  • posted a message on Teyo Verada and his shield
    Quote from noshadowkick »
    For an uncommon this seems pretty pushed. Two three toughness blockers and personal hexproof for 3 mana? This card could knock mono red down a couple notches in standard all by itself.

    It's hexproof in the shape that mono red is probably most well equipped to deal with. This is a planeswalker, and every time you make a nice defender you just make it easier for mono red to find a way to push through with their creatures or burn spells to get rid of him. I don't think this guy will be that insurmountable to mono red, even if it slows them down a little bit.
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  • posted a message on Justice Strike, the stack & resolution timing
    You're wrong in situation one. Things on the stack resolve one at a time, and every player gets priority between them. Your Glistener Elf will go to the graveyard as a state based action before Become Immense can resolve, then BI will be countered because it has no more legal targets.

    Your opponent made a legal play in situation 2 as well. In order to advance the game all active players have to pass priority while the stack is empty; that's the key to changing phases. Before your elf can do damage you need to go through the declare blockers phase to the combat damage step, so you will have to pass your opponent priority for glistener elf to deal damage, at which point they can hit it with Justice Strike.

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  • posted a message on Blue Finishers
    Always gonna be a fan of the classic Lorthos.
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  • posted a message on yixlid jailer
    Quote from Trafalgar Law »
    just wanted to double check, yixlid jailer will not take away characteristics of a card such as cmc? For example if i have out a jailer and play Renegade Rallier with revolt i can still grab a card with cmc 2 or less

    112. Abilities
    112.1. An ability can be one of three things:
    112.1a An ability can be a characteristic an object has that lets it affect the game. An object’s abilities are defined by its rules text or by the effect that created it. Abilities can also be granted to objects by rules or effects. (Effects that grant abilities usually use the words “has,” “have,” “gains,” or “gain.”) Abilities generate effects. (See rule 609, “Effects.”)
    112.1b An ability can be something that a player has that changes how the game affects the player. A player normally has no abilities unless granted to that player by effects.
    112.1c An ability can be an activated or triggered ability on the stack. This kind of ability is an
    object. (See section 6, “Spells, Abilities, and Effects.”)

    202. Mana Cost and Color
    202.1. A card’s mana cost is indicated by mana symbols near the top of the card. (See rule 107.4.) On most cards, these symbols are printed in the upper right corner. Some cards from the Future Sight set have alternate frames in which the mana symbols appear to the left of the illustration.

    202.3. The converted mana cost of an object is a number equal to the total amount of mana in its mana cost, regardless of color.
    Example: A mana cost of 3UU translates to a converted mana cost of 5.

    Renegade Railer's mana cost is 1GW. This is not an ability. Therefore, its converted mana cost is 3 even if it is in a graveyard while Yixlid Jailer is on the battlefield.

    I think you misunderstood what he was getting at, but those rules I think should cover the answer anyways.

    Basically, even under the jailer you can still grab a card with CMC 2 or less, since abilities refers only to the rules text in a creatures actual text box, and not to things like CMC, permanent type or sub type, or color indicators, and because the Renegade Rallier is on the battlefield it'll still have it's revolt ability when it comes into play.
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  • posted a message on Tome of the Guildpact
    I wonder if the flavor text hints at a Dovin betrayal. It feels weird for him to support Nicol Bolas anyways.

    though I guess that depends on what Nicol Bolas wants with the plane to begin with.
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  • posted a message on Nikya of the Old Ways
    I think t his card is pretty cool. Might even tempt me to build Red/Green.
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  • posted a message on Electrodominance
    Pretty sweet card honestly. I can see myself running a few of these suckers.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Promos and Packaging
    That rakdos swamp is so damn good. Really digging the gruul forest and mountain too.

    I wonder if Azorius will be artifact themed. I think that could be neat.

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  • posted a message on Ochran Assassin ruling

    Still not seeing it, I don't think raising the power does much because it's just dead to next creature that blocks it. If I raise Ochran Assassin to 4/2 but yet the 10 creatures are all 1/1's it would just be dead to the 2nd creature right? Which in that case would adding first strike be reasonable in order to kill all respective blockers?

    Not necessarily. except for first strike damage, all damage is dealt at the same time. The thing you might be confused about is how assigning damage works.

    If an Ochran Assassin that's been pumped to 4/2 somehow is blocked by 10 1/1s first you assign damage, then everything deals combat damage at the same time. That first step is where you choose how damage is going to be dealt, including splitting the assassin's damage among 4 of the 1/1s. Then everything gets dealt damage at once; 4 1/1/s take 1 damage from Ochran Assassin and die, and Ochran Assassin takes 10 and perishes at the same time. Giving Ochran Assassin first strike in this scenario wouldn't save it from dying or let it take out any more creatures.
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  • posted a message on [GRN] Izzet Drakes Primer and Discussion
    How bad is the Mono G/GB matchup? If you were bringing this into a FNM or some other kind of tournament and you saw a lot of Mono G stompy decks, would you just bench the deck or do you think it would be worth playing if the main board was more tooled to the match up (Maybe running Lava Coils main board?)?

    Is the reason you removed Expansion/Explosion because it's main benefit was in control match ups?

    EDIT: Now that I think about it, maybe Beacon Bolt could help answer Mono-G's big stompy threats. Between the discard from Chart a Course and Radical Idea and even Beacon Bolt itself, I bet you could hit 4-6 power pretty easily. It kind of sucks that it's not an instant, though and it is 3 mana.
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  • posted a message on Challenge - most "strictly-better/worse-than" cards
    Quote from void_nothing »
    If you can cheat with legendary I'd argue that Kytheon, Hero of Akros is strictly better than Eager Cadet in six ways. trololololol

    Carnage Tyrant is a good one versus Craw Wurm - Same mana cost but plus 1 power, plus 2 toughness, can't be countered, trample, hexproof for five. If you count "has a creature type that receives tribal bonuses from several cards", you get six.

    I for one definitely think a stronger creature type helps. "Merfolk" or "Elf" confers a list of additional benefits compared to something like "Weird".
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  • posted a message on GRN Planeswalker decklists
    Quote from orlouge82 »
    The walkers themselves are typically worth something, so it's not throwing away money as much as most of the intro packs were back in the day.

    Honestly, I don't mind paying $15 for one of these if the walker is at least playable in EDH (e.g. Nissa, Nature's Artisan, Tezzeret, Master of Metal, etc), and to be honest, I run one Nissa, Nature's Artisan in my Standard deck because BR/mono-R aggro is so prevalent (your opponent is tripping over themselves to get rid of Nissa when you start +3'ing every turn). But it seems like Wizards has been toning down the power level of these walkers even more in recent sets, so I don't know if it's really worth picking these up anymore.

    Intro packs were bad but at least Intro packs and starter deck tended to follow some theme. I've always felt like these planeswalker decks have done a bad job on having some kind of theme.
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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica - afterthoughts, please share your likes & dislikes
    but take note that Surveil is an extremely strong support mechanic for the Izzet and Golgari

    This statement would mean more if more jump-start cards seemed playable. Not to mention the two reprints with no new art, one of which got bumped up in rarity. I only mention the uncommon slot so heavily because I think it's where Wizards really dropped the ball; there are only 2 uncommon Jump-Start cards and 2 rares, meaning most of them are designed around limited (hellllooo Direct Current). As somebody who wanted to actually see more Jump-Start, I kind of find that disappointing. It just feels like there was a lot of wasted potential.
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