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  • posted a message on Torn between Modern and Legacy
    (I noticed the OP's location is Brisbane...)

    Legacy is absolutely taking off in Brisbane right now. The modern scene is comparatively weak. Good Games (in Spring Hill) does Tuesday nights legacy where we get around 30 regulars (up from like 10 this time last year), you should come and join the fun.

    Edit: as for the modern from vs old frame - you'd be surprised how many legacy decks can manage to run only about 8 or so cards that are only available in the old frame and usually these are the dual lands which make them easier to search for off a fetch land anyway. Besides if you ask me a card is still going to do the same thing whether its black border, white border, old frame, new frame, foil or altered so it shouldn't really matter. At any rate- you can't control what cards your opponent uses and I suspect that even some cards in standard (and definitely modern) have old border printings so you will always run into games where you have to play with (or rather, against) the old bordered cards.
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  • posted a message on How would you run a deck without casting spells?
    dovescape helps against merciless eviction or practically anything else that would remove FOTS

    enduring ideal sounds like a really good card right about now...
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  • posted a message on If you had 100 creatures...
    You could always cheat - get infinite mana and use something like mirror entity or anything with fire breathing.
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  • posted a message on Looking for a specific hate card vs Omnishow
    Quote from WeaponX
    Solitary confinement or leyline of sanctity seem the best options if he wins with a targeted spell.

    Leyline! Yes I think that's the one I'm going to end up using

    Quote from Litewarior
    Nevermore naming Show and Tell could potentially work as long as it doesn't get countered. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Thorn of Amethyst can slow him down.

    Really S&T is a bad match up for aggro decks. Don't be upset that you lose fairly often.

    Nevermore sounds quite strong. Name enter the infinite I guess. Yeah I can accept that S&T is a hard matchup for Death and Taxes. But sometimes you can steal games if you have the right hate at the right times

    Quote from Wildfire393
    Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and the threat of Oblivion Ring should be enough to buy you time. Needing 6 mana to be able to cast Show and Tell and then Stifle your O Ring is waaay slower than the 4 mana he needs to do it without Thalia.

    Ethersworn Canonist also helps a bunch, stopping him from being able to play anything after a resolved show and tell.

    If his showed permanent is omniscience, he only needs 5 mana total to show+stifle it (through a thalia). However that being said, 5 mana is a lot and DNT should be able to keep a deck off 5 mana for extended periods of time - I guess I just got unlucky and saw no thalia in 3 games

    As I mentioned in the OP - Canonist helps but its only buying 2 turns tops.

    Quote from rukcus
    O-ring and D-sphere are both good choices against Show & Tell strategies in general. Angel of Despair is also a good aggressive option too. Note that all of these lose to Stifle, but the likelihood that the S&T player has all three -- S&T, Omniscience, Stifle + a way to win after all that exchange, is generally low.

    Low probability or not, it still happened... twice. I had the Oring and he had the stifle - I was just curious to see if there was a way around it which is why I specifically asked for something that got around stifle.

    Quote from Helix
    Against show and tell specifically people have been using venser, shaper savant and or angel of despair. They both have some come into play effects that can deal with anything that gets put into play off of show and tell. There are more like humility but it does not deal with the omniscience aspect of the deck.

    Like I mentioned, the problem was with Stifle - which answers both of those cards - also, I'd prefer if the solution was mono-white so it can be hardcast or have use against other decks

    Quote from Pork
    Abolish seems really good.

    Just maybe... I'll give it a go and hope he doesn't have the counters.
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  • posted a message on Looking for a specific hate card vs Omnishow
    In my meta, there's a particular show and tell (dream halls / Omnishow) player I have trouble with. Normally I can handle show and tell (playing mono-white, so I have access to Oblivion Ring and Karakas which seem to do the job against every other SNT deck in my meta)

    The thing is, after side boarding, he brings in Trickbind and Stifle which prevent O-Ring from being any good

    While Ethersworn Canonist can buy me a turn or two (he's on the Enter the Infinite -> Red Burn spell kill) it's probably not going to get me there, so I'm looking for something which can deal with omniscience and get around stifle/trickbind.

    Anyone got any suggestions for a card in mono-white that would help in this situation?
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  • posted a message on NEED HELP!
    You could also try a combo deck that doesn't even use creatures. The combos available to you depend mostly on what format you are playing.
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  • posted a message on Three-Card Blind
    Mishra's Factory
    Innocent Blood

    Hi! Smile
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  • posted a message on Three-Card Blind
    Chancellor of the Annex (this works, right? - rulings say "10/4/2004: This mana may not be used to pay costs imposed after the spell is initially cast.")
    Black Lotus
    Show and Tell
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  • posted a message on Three-Card Blind
    ^^Sacred Foundry, Pillar of Flame, Judge's Familiar

    How'd you do that?! Black lotus is only giving you one colour? Gideon Jura is one that does work, however :p
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  • posted a message on Is HexDepths a viable option?
    Quote from CatParty
    After reading this thread I threw together a quick Hex/Depths deck on cockatrice last night. I splashed in green with some bayous to allot for Into the North, because as far as I can tell, cycling cards aside, thats the most efficient card that lets me fish for Depths. I also included a set of Fog and a set of Lotus Petals. I only managed to get Marit Lage out on turn 3, and I was up against a Blighted Agent deck (which is everywhere these days) and lost before I could swing. This happened 3 games in a row, in the exact same way.

    Living Wish was actually the tutor of choice for junk depths back when it was a Deck to Beat. Searching both halves of the combo or acting as a nifty toolbox. Splashing white in the deck also allowed access to Knight of the Reliquary for additional tutoring and an alternate gameplan (beatdown).
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  • posted a message on Current Legacy meta
    TC decks does a meta-breakdown if you're looking for numbers/graphs


    so at the moment the popular/powerful decks are Treshold/RUG, Miracles, Esper/Uw Stoneblade, Maverick and Goblins
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  • posted a message on Besides counterspells, how do you get rid of recurring nightmare?
    meddling mage(probably not a good pick)
    Phyrexian Revoker, Pithing Needle(a bit better)
    Thoughtseize, Duress, Inquisition of Kozilek, Cabal Therapy or any other discard spell ever. I do realise though that they can just play around this by leaving the nightmare on the field, but still, you might be able to catch them off guard.
    Scavenging ooze is nice, you just eat the creature in response to the trigger. Any other grave hate will work but I like ooze a lot.
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