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    posted a message on [CUBE][CMR] Hullbreacher
    Quote from mblieb »
    @lucidvision fwiw, I feel like this card is better against aggro than most of my other blue 3s (low bar Smile ), just by virtue of being able to function as a removal spell if you're desperate to pick off a rabblemaster or something

    Meh, I mean, it trades with most 1 drops.. Rabblemaster still gets a token and any instant speed shock would prevent it from blocking.

    At least the non-interactive other 3 drops can draw to a wrath or a haymaker that may stabilize. But you make a fair point that it's not much worse (if at all) than some other good blue cards in agro matchups.

    It's also quite bad against some combo/ramp decks. (though quite good against some as well)
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    posted a message on [CUBE][CMR] Necrotic Hex
    It powerful card, but think it's too expensive when it doesn't serve any synergistic purpose... like most 6+cmc finishers.
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    posted a message on [CUBE][CMR] Fall from Favor
    Seems great.
    Feels awkward to have such a powerful effect on a common but oh well.

    Prob worth splashing for most creature decks.
    Even if the opponent has no creatures, you cast it on one of your own post combat for zero downside and an end-step painless phyrexian arena that cant be killed.

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    posted a message on [CUBE] - Wheel of Misfortune
    Very interesting card imo.
    I'd love to play it and see how it pans out in practice.

    In many matchups, it should play out as effectively a one sided wheel of fortune with an interesting mind game attached to it.

    I wish I could recall, what % of games would I be willing to pay 7-10 life for a one sided wheel of fortune with red agro?
    I think it's high, but I may be underestimating that cost..
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    posted a message on [CUBE] Opposition Agent
    Card is obviously broken, but not sure how good it'll be in a traditional cube.
    It actually gets better the smaller the cube is, because it thrives with high tutor/fetchland density.

    What's particularly nasty, is it not only can mind control a fetchland at instant speed, it shuts down opposing fetchlands for the entirety of time it's on the battlefield.

    Should be a legacy staple
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    posted a message on [ZNR][CUBE] Omnath, Locus of Creation

    If you've followed constructed magic in the past few weeks, you'd have known how absurdly dominant this card has been.
    I've played with it a LOT... It's busted. Uro+, Oko- power level.

    However, unlike those card, Omnath is clearly poorer suited to cube than those cards I mentioned. The mana cost is brutal for cube and you need explore/fetch lands to activate it's best ability (the mana ability).

    I'm of the believe that Omnath would require a special cube to be good (great fixing, potentially double fetches), but in that cube it could be quite good.

    I've ran Breya for 3+ years now, and in my cube, the card is a power house and nowhere near the chopping block. Large sample... but I wouldn't recommend it unless your cube has borderline too much fixing. I expect omnath to be the same.
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    posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Zendikar Rising (ZNR) cards for the cube!
    Great article as always man.. Look forward to them every set.

    As a fastbond fanboy, I'm particularly excited for the DFC's as they fix one of the problems with building around fastbond.
    You really want to play 18+ lands to combo off, but it's tough to get enough flexible mana sinks to justify having so many mana sources.. especially with the majority of ramp in cube being creature based.

    Now these cards are big mana pay off AND lands to let you combo into a draw 7 with fastbond in your opener.

    Works well with the oracles and the coursers etc.
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    posted a message on [CUBE][ZNR] Shatterskull, the Hammer Pass // Shatterskull Smashing
    This card is nuts in a ramp shell imo. Near auto-include for me.
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    posted a message on [ZNR][CUBE] Jwari Disruption // Jwari Ruins
    God I love these cards, they are so difficult to properly evaluate.

    Yes this card sucks late, but the option of a counterspell or a land is a very powerful option for the early game.

    Counterspell heavy hand? not enough lands? no problem.
    Too many lands? Well at least I have a couple counter spells to hold up.

    You wouldn't want many of these kind of effects in a deck, but one or two seems great.
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    posted a message on [CUBE][ZNR] Sea Gate Restoration//Sea Gate, Reborn
    This is a card similar to a utlity land. It will almost always make a blue control deck better... but very marginally so...
    The opportunity cost of including it in your cube over another, more interesting card, is the real opportunity cost to consider.

    The mystical tutor synergy may make me change my mind on that, as that's a cool interaction. There may be more of those than meets the eye.
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