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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Mono-Black Control
    Yeah, alot of decks I see floating around are alot harder to beat with the swell of netdecking of the recent Hollywood lists.

    Faster, Stronger, more resiliant. We need to find a way to overcome this...

    Before that I never saw a UW merfolk, now though they are all running sygg the insane protector...
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Mono-Black Control
    Quote from The_Joker

    @Oxido:I agree with you. That´s why I run 3 Ironfoot main deck!

    It´s stops Treetop Village. It can kill a CC + Desert, and is something against merfolk, its big and u can untap from the tap from command or Rejeerey.

    Split Second spells are really necessary in this deck. That´s why I think Sudden Death it´s a must Go card.
    Other thing that I think is, Snow-Engine is quite good for this deck. Take out 1 land of ur draw, sometiems means victory.
    Ok, sometimes U´ll not manage to drop Demigod on turn 5. Thats why I run 3.

    About man lands, there is a much more effective card than Manipulator, Pithing needle, It just not stop 1, it´s stops all. And sometimes a Garruk or the CC Pump. And is pretty easy t tutor with BTQ and play right on turn four.

    Also we have Trip Noose, its just 2 mana, much easier to play, harder to be countered. Lark is difficult on game 1 without Tsize + Extirpate, after this is a fair game.

    A good card against lark is mind Shatter tutored with BtQ. Sometimes the best thing against this deck is not just use the Extirpate n Lark, but on Mulldrifter, thats the really win condition on the deck.

    Faries for me is the most complicate match ever. Still, underworld Dreams proved very effective on this match.

    Merfolk is complicated, but I realizes that, to win, U have to do like this:
    T1: Play Desert
    T2: Kill the lord with Shierkmaw to avoid Cursecatcher.
    t3: Kill rejerrey with Sudden Death
    t4: Try to play a Iroonfoot to force a counter or have a huge block.
    t5: try to damnation the board with mana to cursecatcher.



    I don't agree with the snow engine, it puts more emphasis on getting urborg to have swamps and I have never found the time to use it because I'm always playing something to keep me alive.

    I don't think we need a tapping effect, we have the tools to kill anything, Man lands die to terror and sudden death and slaughter pact you know....

    As for problack creatures we have two options...
    1) Sudden Spoiling
    2) hit them with Tseize then extirpate them, this also works with enchantments.

    EDIT: I have found Mind Shatter to be a great card against most MUs, especially RDW, rip the cards before they can burn you with them, you can usually get at least 2-3 before you die(makes it so you DON'T die :p ), especially if you've been keeping up with the creatures.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Mono-Black Control
    Ummm, extirpates are not for yard removal, though they can do that...

    They are for preventing them from getting troublesome cards after you get rid of one.

    Rip counters out of their deck, rip hard to deal with threats out of their library...

    Get the picture?
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Mono-Black Control
    You did get some responses, they just started the new thread before you looked again....

    Tombstalker is sub-par most of the time.
    Slaughter Pact > Eyeblight's Ending

    IMO 4 MD Thoughtseize 4 Extirpate are a must.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Mono-Black Control
    okay, I tested a little and it seems now that people are net decking pro's lists there are alot more tuned decks floating around...... We are gonna have to find a way to gain control sooner and keep it or this is doomed... As far as LD goes we pretty much loose to it, Magus doesn't hurt us as much as it does other decks, but if we miss a land drop we hurt alot.

    Slaughter pact seems to work good against alot of the popular decks and would also let us pull a few surprises.

    Extirpate helps a lot against things that are hard to dispose of in the first place.

    I think that 4x Thoughtseize and 4x Extirpate are a must. It's the only way to manage some cards.

    4x Bitterblossom is a must IMO too. It helps us stall longer than we should be able too.

    While Tendrils of Corruption is okay in this deck some times its too slow for its effect....

    As for warhammer its a great card but it requires something that you don't always have...

    With that into consideration, I have come up with this...

    Comments? Questions? Additional thoughts?

    Any Ideas on how to make this deck get a faster grip?
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] MBC/Korlash Control
    Quote from The_Joker
    THX A LOT!As Im at a work travel, dont know whats going on,having some problems in this connection.....=(
    @darksteelpuppetU might consider Pulling Teeth. It´s not a Hymm to Tourach but is quite good. Also I might consider Distress because i belive that sometimes is better took out Quality than Quantity! Wink
    thinking as You, I try something like these:

    Edited again, this time for deck list.... Smile BTW you are missing one card... I count only 59

    I personally would take out puppeteer for 3 MD extirpates mabey find room for one more.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] MBC/Korlash Control
    Quote from The_Joker
    My list is 2 pages bfore this one, and I did a dreadful 4-3 on Regz.

    By total, i´m like this:1) 5-32) 4-33) 4-3 Total so far: 13-9

    It´s might prove something that I think:- There is no bad match up for us.

    No good either. Everything is beateble, but we depend a lot to draw perfectly.

    Round 1: Merfolks
    G1) I play Desert turn one, and just wait for lords to sudden death them. The manage to play a Korlash.
    G2) He nedded a lord to win, but by the time he got one I´ve already have the board controlled.

    Round2: Faries
    G1) Lost! Period.
    G2) I mull to six to get a Tsize, extirpate his command did my blosom and started to rush him. He suspendend 2 vision on turn and 4, I wishing for my Underworlds, but when it came was to late nad draw 3 in a row I died to my own BB and He remains alive with 1 of life.

    NOTE: This card Is something on this match!

    Round 3: Doran
    G1) He didnt got a lot of mana, and I play Demigod turn 5, them turn 6, he killed one, I played the 3 one on turn 7.
    G2) Side out neddle and 2 more cards to Sudden Spoiling. He mind Shattered me and kill me with treetops.
    G3) Neddle back to kill lots of treetops with 1 card, now Tsize too. Was a really stressful game. I sided out 1 demigod, I was 4 and he 6. And I had BB on game. I had 1 demigod on grave and topdecked te other one. He tryed trehser but he took to much damage of is Canopy and died!

    Round 4: Mono G Elves!!!
    G1) he overruned me too quickly.G2) He dropped Chamaleon on turn 3. I needle It! Got time to win.
    G3) This game was totally unsual I got me very pised of. He started, mull to 5. I had BB and Warhammer. But still not be able to kill him. He did then token pretty fast and played Imperious, Ive already 10 of life. I died with damnation on top. Couldnt believe. =( So unfair
    Round 5: RG Ramp
    G1) Win easily.
    G2) Got quite screwed but my hand had Neddle on, urchings, a Iroofoot, A Shierkmaw and 2 lands. On the draw. Keeped. Until turn not able to do the 3 land. He put my land on top and got deus of Calamity XD with command! No problem. =D I had Maw! =D Killed it, draw land and controled the game! And topping his 3 treetops with my neddle main.

    Round 6: Merfolks/LarkI know some people plays lark on main deck here in Brazil, but not this guy.
    G1) He came very aggro. By the time I got 6 mana to damnation, he had 2 Course, was too late. And didnt get none desert.
    G2) He simple came down with Body Double, Lark and Entity, and I got mana scewed and sided very badly aggainst it. Forgeting the Extirpate to command =/

    round 7: RDW
    1) He flooded, to make my game even easier.
    2) I was eleven on turn 4 and played a Korlarsh 3/3. He use a Incinarate and Shard Volley to kill it, once I grandeured it. Thx brow, just give me 6 life and Got tendrils and Corrupt on hands! XD

    So, saturday got new Regz, not thinking changing deck, just want to learn to side better and hoping that my draws became better!=D

    Quote for grammar so that people can read it... :p

    As for the discard versions, 4x MD extirpate is a must IMO, get rid of a troublesome cards for good.

    edit: actually, I would use MD extirpates no matter if you are running discard or not, very helpful card
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour: Hollywood
    Quote from Darksteel Puppy

    The Reveillark decks were just there to beat everything else, bringing it to the top. People were more unprepared for lark.

    yeah, I think thats why the quick n toast decks got knocked out early, they have terrible MUs against lark according to the deck designer.
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour: Hollywood
    Yeah, in an even playing field games can take a long time. Notice how the players got like 10-15 turns during hollywood? Thats because both decks were tuned to deal with pressure. Some times the rush works, but against a good player they will know how to slow you down.
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour: Hollywood
    I'm not getting why you are against sower in merfolk, the banneret reduces the cost of them AND they can be very good.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] MBC/Korlash Control
    Your inclusion of dreams makes me smile. Grin

    Im always looking for an excuse to use it.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] MBC/Korlash Control
    I don't know how you see merfolk as a "slow" clock since they are almost as fast as elf ball (with godhand, faster) with counters to back it up.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] MBC/Korlash Control
    Actually, I think we have more trouble against GW than Fae, once we extirpate the counters they are a Bad (for this format anyway) aggro deck.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] MBC/Korlash Control
    Results on MWS

    Treefolk- Game 1: overpowered by turn 5, nothing I could do. He leaves the room after that.


    Gruul deck- Game 1: he gets a few creatures down and gets me to 10, then I get a double korlash with hammer and he concedes.
    Game 2: Sided in Demon Claw for damnation and 1 spoiling. He gets me down to 6 and I double korlash (making it only 3/3 though :/ ) to block his Treetop, then I get some life and go to 11, I BtQ for a urborg then take 8 off of a lord and two creatures. I profane the lord and bring korlash back, he gets me to burn range despite 2 demon claws and I lose.


    RW giants- Game 1: He plays creatures I kill them, winning off of a korlash and hammer.
    Game 2: He plays creatures I kill most of them, I get out a 10/10 korlash and hammer and he concedes.


    UB Fae- Game 1: I win off of double BB and hammer.
    I side in extirpates.
    Game 2: He controls me to death, Yipee.
    Game 3: I win off of extirpate and giant korlash+hammer.


    GBW husk combo- Game 1: I win with BB keeping husk from hitting and with war hammer pinging away.
    Game 2: See above.


    After this a change was decreed

    -4 vivid marsh
    -3 krosan grip
    +1 damnation
    +1 sudden death
    +1Sudden spoiling

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  • posted a message on Whatever Happened To Turbo-Fog??
    The rule of law route seems to work nicely, testing it with megrim.
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