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    posted a message on Prison Block Mafia - Game Over! Town and Neutral Win
    Gahhhhh the suspense is killing me. Come on red flip.
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    posted a message on Doomsday Ultimatum
    I was working on a shell of Grey Merchant of Asphodel + other drain creatures + Cloudstone Curio, but I can't find a way pull the artefact from exile if they make it Curio and nothing else. Any ideas? Or is it a dead end.

    Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Triskellion, Pull from Eternity, Animate Dead, and Zombify is so close but doesn't quite work. Mike and Pull vs Trike and the reanimates fails... And I don't think there is a way around it going down that path unless there is another card that pulls from exile. I got excited and thought the Eldrazi Processors did it, but they are opponents cards so I'm back to square to one.
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    posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    As promised here is my GP Melbourne report.

    TLDR: Scrubbed out in round 9 dropping to 5-4. MVPs were Kalitas, Discard suite, Lingering Souls, Olivia, and great sideboard cards. LVPs: Kolaghan's Command, Smoldering Marsh, Budgets, bad play, and Lightning Helix.

    Full Report:
    Head to the GP and catch up with the guys from my LGS and we're feeling good about our decks, prepped and ready after a Friday full of gauntlet testing. We have a diverse group of decks including Storm, Fish, Azorious Titan, and even Mill. Not the most hyper competitive bunch but we're feeling good. I decide to splurge for the second Kolaghan's Command I've been failing to trade for and get gouged 35 Australian for it. Ohh well worth it with a field full of affinity out there to matchup against. Registered the following decklist.

    Round 1: 2-0 vs Zoo/Burn mashup. Game 1 I'm staring down a Goblin Guide with no way to remove it, a thoughtseize and a Dark Confidant. I end up drawing 4 cards from his guide and use that card advantage to eventually grind the game out. Kalitas was the coup de grace. Game two I look at my 7 and see 3 lands, Bob, SFGM, bolt, and Helix. The game is not remotely close and at one point I am at 26 after flipping souls to Bob.
    In: Kalitas, Helix, Fulminator, Timely Out: 4 Thoughtseize

    Round 2: 2-1 vs Coco GB elves. Lose game one after mis-assessing what his deck was trying to do. I focused on mana denial only to get blown out by a Coco for the 3 mana lose life for each elf card. Game 2 is very tight. I slow him down a bit by killing two mana dorks with a persecution, but he gets me down to 3 before I stabilize behind Kalitas and SFGM. Game three I disrupt him before starting to kill off his mana dorks and running away with the game via Chandra, Pryomaster. Mulled to 6 all three games, but the deck has a lot of card advantage to recover from it. Lingering Souls was great this game chumping to keep me alive and providing a clock in game three.
    In: Chandra, Helix, Timely, Wrath, Prison, Persecution Out: 2 IoK, 2 Doom, 2 Confidant

    Round 3: 2-0 vs UW Eldrazi. Game 1 is a slog. He keeps a slow hand and I manage to thoughtseize a Drowner just before it will come out. I eventually grind it out with souls and point some bolts at his face to finish game 1 off. Game two is an ugly low resource game. I mull to 5 him to four. He leads with a temple and passes. I go turn 1 thoughtseize and see another temple a TKS and a Skyspawner. Take the TKS and he slams another one that he scryed to the top. He sees Terminate, Path, and Lingering Souls. Takes the terminate to try to force me to give him his colored mana. I play souls take 4 and then rip a terminate the next turn. He never draws colored mana and I run away with it.
    In: Fulminator, Wrath, Crackling Doom, Zealous Persecution Out: 2 Helix, 2 Kommand.

    Round 4: 2-1 vs Ad Nauseum. The nightmare. A non interactive combo deck and I don't have Lili to properly pressure his hand. Not looking good. I manage to steal game 1 when he doesn't find an angel's grace or phyrexian unlife after chaining 4 cantrips together. Game two he slams a turn zero Leyline of Sanctity and I can't pressure fast enough with Dark Confidant. Game 3 He cantrips into turn 1 double Lotus Bloom. I'm resigned to my fate before I see my draw step. Stony Silence off the top! I'm alive! A few turns later I haven't found a clock faster than SFGM and he's still on one land. Then second land, cast echoing truth on Stony Silence. I just ask if I'm dead. Expecting to be dead. Resigned to 3-1. He pops lotus and drops Leyline of Sanctity. And I breathe a sigh of relief. Replay Stoney and add a Lingering Souls to the board.

    At this point I'm on top of the world. I had set my goal at making day 2 and was thrilled to be in a positon where I just needed two wins in 5 rounds to get there. Was on top of the world at this point.

    Round 5: 1-2 vs UW Time Warp. Actually worse than the nightmare. Here even my Thougtseizes aren't going to slow him down as his deck is much more redundant than Ad Naus, and it's much more a critical mass deck. Plus he has Paths, Superme Verdict, Timely Reinforcments, and Elixer of Immortality main. Game 1 is a slaughter. Just a slaughter. He chains about 8 turns in a row before trying to kill me with an awakened Part the Waterveil which gets terminated to he adibules to a Jace Beleren ultimate plan. Ughh... Game two I steal as I have Wear/Tear for his only Dicatate/Howling Mine and he kept a time walk heavy hand. Game three is just a disaster. I have almost no pressure and he quickly assembles enough mine effects to draw 4 a turn.
    Out: 4 Path, 3 Terminate
    In: Anything that can attack of deal damage to face.

    Round 6: 1-2 vs UW Eldrazi. Don't remember the first two game very clearly but we split them. The third game is the game that is most interesting to me of the entire GP. I keep a 7 that is Blood Crypt, Smoldering Marsh, 2 Thoughtseize, Bob, Lingering Souls, and Wrath of God on the draw. I have no clue if this keep is correct. It has my best sideboard card in the mathcup in Wrath and Lingering Souls which is great. But I have no white mana. In retrospect I've decided I should have mulliganed but I think that may be results oriented thinking. Anyway being punished for Smoldering Marsh I lead off with it as I have little choice. If it's a second Blood Crypt I definitely lead off with a turn 1 thoughtseize. He plays a turn two mimic and I draw another white card. I tank and eventually decide to thoughtseize before playing my Blood Crypt to decide if I want to cast both. I see a Path, 2 Skyspawners, and a third land. I tank some more and decide that my line will be to take the path and lean on Bob to draw me mana. I play the Blood Crypt tapped and pass. He draws and plays a displacer off the top. I draw a Young Pyro and now desperate for a land run out Bob. He plays a Skyspawner and smashes. I don't block. Flip a lingering souls, draw a Shambling Vent and have no play expect Young Pyro and the game is pretty much over. I have no idea how I should have played this one. I think once I cast the thoughtseize it's correct to take the Path as I can't play Bob that turn anyway. But I could very well have been wrong to not just run him out in the first place. Anyway I'm now 4-2 and tilting a bit, and didn't write down sideboarding notes from here on out. Believe that I sideboard the same as the previous Eldrazi.

    Round 7: 0-2 R/G Scapeshift. I get smashed game 1. He has a great ramp draw going Search into STE into Explore into lethal Scapeshift. I had no discard to pressure his hand out of threats. Game two I still had no discard but I had an aggressive pyromancer souls draw. Unfortuately I punted the game and the tilt became real. I didn't play properly around scapeshift. I had him at 8 with pryo and two 1/1's. I had a Vent I could attack with or a helix I could attack with. I attacked with the vent to go to 18 life rather than a helix to go to 19. If I had Helix'd I would have had a path so if he cast Inferno Titan I could spawn an extra elemental and still attack for lethal with the token and Vent and I would have been out of scapeshift range as he only had 6 lands in play at the time. Instead I died to Scapeshift for 18 damage thanks to attack with the vent. I probably still would have been disadvantaged in game three but if I had drawn discard I would have had a shot. So I titled super hard at this point. Knowing I threw away a game win and dropped to knife's edge at 4-3.

    Round 8: 2-1 vs Jund Hakkon Dredge. These were some long drawn out awesome games of magic. Kalitas and SFGM were the maindeck MVPs. Kalitas for exiling reasons and SFGM as I bought back several bolts. Almost stole game one but he dropped two creatures late in the game and recurred four Vengevines. Just a little too much damage that late in the game. Games two and three game down to sticking Kalitas in one Olivia in the other and resolving Stony Silence around Abrupt Decay. Ghostly Prison was super key in one to stop a fast Lotleth Troll Vengevine draw. My opponent misplayed later in that game casting Damnation with Kalitas out, giving me two Zombies to finish the game off.

    Round 9: 0-2 vs UW Control. Story of this game is I was punished for not having Liliana. Plain and simple. Without her I have no way to pressure through their countermagic and wraths. He had enough removal that he was comfortable spending a supreme verdict on just a dark confidant, and drew enough cards that he powered through a rest in peace to shut down Snaps, baby Jace, and Ojutai's Commands.

    Anyway I was shattered. Went 4-0 and finished 1-4. Really tough pill swallow after the great start. So what am I taking away in terms of what I could do better. Definitely would have had a better result with Lili, played 4 of 9 matchups against effectively creatureless (UW timewalk and control, Ad Naus, and scapeshift) decks. Going 1-3 in those matchups really sunk me. Having 9 completely dead cards is so bad. Playing tighter would have given me a really good shot at day 2. Would have had a game three vs RG scapeshift with a 40ish% chance to get my 15th point there. Also matchup luck could have gone much better for me. Facing Eldrazi twice and with chances to win both matches felt good and playing a third time wouldn't have been the worst. But I think I got very unluckly by not running into Affinity which was the second most common archetype of the day anecdotally and just checking the top 100 day 1 decks on coverage. Affinity is a great matchup for Mardu and not seeing it really hurt me this tournament.

    Card specific takeaways:
    Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is the real deal. If I had mana to cast him drawing him felt great. Against any fair deck he is so much value and against unfair graveyard decks he is the best draw in your deck. Olivia is good too, but she has been a little more matchup dependent in my experience.

    Lingering Souls is the best card in the deck. Maybe if I had Lili it would be her, but I don't and it's souls.

    1 mana discard is so good and gives you a shot even in nominally horrible matchups. Punishes Eldrazi hard given that they are a heavy mulligan deck.

    Young Pyromancer scares opponents. People were as reluctant to allow Peezy to survive as Bob. I haven't played anywhere near as much with Abbot or Pack Rat as I have with Peezy, but I am still firmly convinced that Pyromancer is great in this deck.

    Kolaghan's Command is a powerful card. And did win me one game by regrowthing a Young Pyro. But this is not the meta for it. If you hit your affinity matchups that are expected it's great, but it's not common enough and that matchup is great anyway. Dust it back off once control isn't planeswalkers and is Tron again.

    My sideboard was mostly awesome for me. Everything came in at least once. Chandra saw the least only coming in against elves (was too tilted to bring it against UW control). Ghostly Prison, Stony Silence, and Rest in Peace all came close to single handedly won game. The second Kalitas was great. The sketchiest looking card is probably Painful truths. It came in twice against UW control and Dredge. Never drew it but it would have been solid in both those matchups. Also liked having it available against potential Jund matchups.

    I ran a bunch of basics expecting a ton of land hate but didn't see Blood Moon once. Heard there were a fair number of them running around though.

    Anyway I had a great time, didn't meet my goal but I came close. And I'm proud of that. And the squad from my store did really well. With all of us alive at round 8, and 2 of the squad making it day 2.

    Last couple of points. I think Mardu Midrange is great and well positioned if you have Liliana's. Without them you're going to be soft to the control decks that are tuning themselves to beat the fast eldrazi draws. If budget weren't an issue going forward I would push 1 Crackling Doom to the board, the other out entirely, and shave a creature probably the SFGM for three Lili's in the main. Would cut the third Helix from the board to accommodate the extra Doom (Helix would come back if the eldrazi meance does eat a ban) as I as cutting Helix very often. SFGM would be a toss up with Timely for a sideboard slot wasn't impressed by it. Too hard to get both modes active. Lastly I'd go to 3 Pyro 4 Bob.

    So non budget changes would be +2 fetches -2 basics, -2 Crackling Doom -1 SFGM +3 Liliana's. Sideboard -1 Helix, -1 Timely, +1 Crackling Doom, +1 SFGM.

    One last time I think the deck is awesome and I think if I'd had Lili's I would be playing right now instead of typing this up. The deck is strong, and strong right now.

    Edit: Added some spoiler tags as this was too long a post to be weildly for people scrolling through.
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    posted a message on Help Me with My Cube Ideas, Please.
    I don't have much to say on most of the points but wanted to comment on this one.
    Quote from Loath

    So do you prefer in a way an eclectic cube as in just a sum of its parts without an overall plan?

    I'm not a huge fan of "build around" cards, but I like high synergy cards that are strong without specific support but encourage you to draft. I don't know of any comparisons at C/U level as I don't have any experience with the format but some examples of cards like that would be Reveillark, Reccuring Nightmare, and Smokestack. They are strong on their own and turn obscene with proper support, as opposed to something like supporting storm which vary's wildly from completely terrible to overpoweringly strong.

    Another way that I don't like just saying cube shouldn't have an overall plan is that I like to craft what archetypes in design. For instance, Green is pushed strongly towards midrange ramp with lots of 1 and 2 mana accelerators and a plethora of powerful 4-5 cc creatures, but not a ton of 6+cc stuff. Blue has tempo supported by playing bounce creatures and conditional counterspells. It has an overall plan it's just that the plan isn't encourage players to draft combo.
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    posted a message on [[MCD]] The Gruul Clans (RG)
    I've been beyond pleased with Huntmaster of the Fells and have it just behind Bloodbraid. Not quite as good as Bloodbraid but head and shoulders above everything else in R/G.
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    posted a message on [450][Unpowered] eidolon232's cube(Massive update post #1502)
    I like most of the cuts but I strongly disagree with the Time Spiral cut. I can understand your reasoning but in our experience Time Spiral is sick in ramp decks, pretty solid in control decks, and pretty solid in the more grindy tempo decks that reliably hit six mana.

    Also it's not necessarily card disadvantage though it does have to be used in that way sometimes, but then you were in trouble anyways and desperately needed something to turn the game around and a fresh grip of 7 with all your lands untapped is as good of a chance to get out as you could ask for.
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    posted a message on [515][Powered] The Rochester Cube - Updated through Rivals of Ixalan
    I really like the changes to power, I think that the others generally lead to fun games and drafting as they go in all sort of things but not quite as much as the fast mana. We did a similar thing to our power section but we left Library of Alexandria and cut all the fast mana but Grim Monolith. I think you'll really enjoy having your power section like this.

    A few quibbles though, not a fan of adding Sundering Growth, Fencing Ace seems worse than the pegasi to me, and I'm not sure about keeping Grand Arbiter Augustin IV over Venser.

    I'm actually in full support of the Meloku cut and did the same a while ago.
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    posted a message on [[MCD]] Red 4-Drops
    Care to explain why you think it's the best? This has always seemed to just be a consensus opinion on this forum, and I get that it is a very good card, but head and shoulders above the other red 4's I don't see it.

    When drafting red aggro I would rather have a hasty attacker with 4 power than remove a blocker and have a four power attacker the next turn. I'll admit that FTK is more flexible in terms of what it goes in but I would rather have Koth, Hero, or Hellrider in an aggro deck.
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    posted a message on [[MCD]] Red 4-Drops
    My ranking
    Avalanche Riders
    This is the cutoff of what I run in my 360 so I really can't rank them after that.

    I love all of them but I find most of my red decks can just about seal the game if they get to attack with 4 hasty power on turn 4, so FTK is just a little lower than the ones with haste. Having only 2 power makes it tough on Avalanche Riders even if it's effect is crazy strong.
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    posted a message on [[SCD]] Reveillark
    One of the things I struggle with about Reveillark is just accepting that getting back two random 2 power dorks is worth while, and eavasive 4/3 that brings back ~4 power is a great deal. It doesn't need to be recurring Mulldrifters or Karmic Guides to be an awesome 5 drop.
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