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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Deathrite Shaman
    This really isn't the space for it but I go by primary usage for organizing my cube. For example Dryad Militant is classed as mono white in my cube because green just doesn't play 1 mana 2/1's in our set up, while lingering souls is classed in gold because it usually gets cut unless you can at least theoretically pay for both halves. We just track how they are used. Back in the day I initially had Deathrite in as a black card because the idea of a black ramping 1 drop seemed insanely good but it was used in both black and green so we reclassified it to golgari.
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  • posted a message on [MH2][CUBE] Fury
    Seems pretty strong to me. Not going to face is a big drawback but it's a really powerful package.

    Definitely in the growing suite of cards that aren't purely for aggro.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Signet depending on the exact make up of your cube. Ramp is just that good. Pulse over Deathrite unless you run multiple sets of fetches.

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  • posted a message on [360][Powered] Grapefruit's Cube
    Quick MTGO Cube Update for Strixhaven before I get completely overwhelmed by MH2.

    Not bothering to update the Aspirational/Proxy list till I can play in paper again which is still months away in this unvaccinated country.

    Out > In
    Bone Shredder > Sedgemoor Witch
    Necropotence > Callous Bloodmage
    Consuming Vapors > Baleful Mastery
    Ajani Vengeant > Rip Apart

    Eventually intend to add Elite Spellbinder and Prismari Command as well as some C21 cards if MTGO ever adds them but for now this updates the list I'm running. Very excited for Baleful Mastery to cement itself. Just a flexible powerhouse.
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  • posted a message on [Sign-Ups] Covenant of Darkness
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  • posted a message on Ancestral Testament & Realm of the Ancients
    Unfortunately by the rules so are entering and leaving the stack. I know you don't want it to work that way and for your custom set you can create a rule that makes it so it isn't but the RAW say this would trigger twice.

    So your choices are either change your wording, propose a rules change and include it in your posts so we understand it only triggers once, or continue down the path of miscommunication we're on now.

    Also out of curiosity how powerful do you intend this ability to be? To me it seems like a 9.5 to 10 out of 10 even if it only triggers once. Curious how you are budgeting it's power in your designs. To me the effect is worth about 2.5 mana factoring in the uncountable aspect of it so the card it's attached to doesn't have to do much for it to be worth it just for the deus ex.
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  • posted a message on Various Enchantment Techs
    Well if it's just for power then I have to disagree with using the colorless symbols. If it's not integral to your flavor I'd highly recommend increasing the cost and removing the colorless symbols. I think your initial reaction was correct. They are weird and off putting and shouldn't be a normal part of magic. They should be used to signify something weird and otherworldly. Aether Paradox is the only card that fits that bill to me. Crown and Loyalty just don't fit from a flavor perspective as far as I can tell. And to me there is nothing so powerful about either that I'd be completely uncomfortable with them just costing 2 generic mana.

    As for the tracking issues magic is a complex game but most of the complexity comes from interactions between cards and players. They try really hard to avoid tracking issues without tokens involved as a reminder for people like me who would absolutely get lost in a Aether Paradox game. Unless it's designed to support a tribe in your design I'd highly recommend axing it. It's a clever on paper design but a miserable in play one. Especially for how often it will have low impact.

    Edit: expanding on the colorless vs generic mana as a way to make them weaker: it doesn't decrease the power level of the card it just makes the decks that can use it more narrow. In any deckthat plays one of them they will be functionally the same as costing 2 generic mana because the challenge was addressed during deck building. If that was the goal then you succeeded, I'm just warning you that from a player perspective that making colorless into a sixth color this way without strong flavor reasoning is going to be wildly unpopular.
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  • posted a message on Virgin Paradise
    I really like the design and it could probably work as intended within the rules but the wording would have to be different.

    A reverse exotic orchard or reflecting pool is a cool idea. Probably not particularly strong but really evocative and the fact that you can fetch it would probably make it a low cost one of in most fetch land decks so I retract my initial statement. It's the best turn 1-2 land in that only taps for 1 mana in mtg but becomes colorless by turn 3. Not far off a fetchable aether hub.
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  • posted a message on Various Enchantment Techs
    It has the clause "if s counter was put on a creature this way then..." Probably not WotC's preferred wording but I believe it functions within the rules.

    As for colorless not having that sort of effect of heavy is the crown if it were traditonal colorless I'd fully agree but colorless required colorless is basically completely undefined at this stage. But that feeds back into my point of why colorless symbols, I think they are something that should only be deployed with a purpose tied to flavor and not be used to make utility cards harder to cast.

    I personally would only ever approve colorless if the larger set needed it for flavor purposes.

    Edit: Aether Paradox would be an absolute nightmare to track in paper. It would be fine in digital but I'm not sure it's worth the complete headache it would cause maintaining the gamestate. I have a hard enough time remembering pithing needle names I could see this making complex combat boards states miserable.

    Is it a card that serves a broader purpose in your design or just a cool once off? If it's a tribal set and it really synergizes with one of the tribes then I could see keeping it but just as a once off I'm not convinced it adds positively to the game that isn't covered by Assault Formation in a less mentally taxing way.
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  • posted a message on Various Enchantment Techs
    I actually really like shared loyalty. Works incredibly well with walkers who make tokens. You shrink your tokens and you stop any sort of evasion. Even with being able to block I really like the design.

    As for heavy lies the crown the vice versa means that your creatures take one less damage? Is that right? If so it's pretty cool with damage based wrath effects.

    I guess my biggest question is why do they have the colorless symbol? What are you trying to prevent/encourage with the more restrictive cost?
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  • posted a message on Ancestral Testament & Realm of the Ancients
    Going to regret this but is your argument that entering and leaving the stack are not different functions well understood and defined? Because it seems obvious to me that they are. Casting a spell and starting a stack is very differnt from resolving a stack. I think the clearest example is something like Emrakul, the aeons torn. It has a cast trigger which is the same as your mechanic just in this case it's take an extra turn rather that the triple filter. But it also functionally has a leave the stack effect (becoming a creature in play).

    It's clear that your design didn't want that to be the case and if WotC wanted to print a card where it was the case they would use the "and or" wording but I don't think it's necessary just what their current style guide would choose. Just clearer. But you're not WotC and you don't get to change the rulebook. I mean you can for your custom cards but if you're going to it should be for a purpose like creating a new zone for partners or something that adds to the game, otherwise it just ends to talking in circles and difficulty in communication.

    FYI here is a ruling on the exile zone that implicitly states it is possible to exile an exiled card:

    406.7. If an object in the exile zone becomes exiled, it doesn’t change zones, but it becomes a new object that has just been exiled.
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  • posted a message on [MH2][CUBE] Timeless Dragon
    I hope you guys are right but this card just seems weak to me. Hard to answer, expensive fliers aren't really what white wants to be doing. In the land mode I'm just struggling to think of a non stax list that would want to pay 2 to get a land and pay 4 to get a flier.
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  • posted a message on [MH2][CUBE] Grief
    If you're support midrange reanimator this seems like a huge huge huge boon for that archtype. Recurring Nightmare/Survival decks are going to love this thing.

    Really depends on what sort of archetypes you support but I think the power level is there if you have ways to abuse it. We support Flicker pretty heavily so definitely going to give this a shot.
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  • posted a message on [MH2][CUBE] Unmarked Grave
    The non legendary clause is just massive for my list. You still get the titans, craterhoof, and Sundering but missing on the Eldrazi and especially griselbrand is huge. Our most successful reanimator decks are shallow grave style decks and this is so much worse in that style of deck. I think it misses but if our target mix goes away from Eldrazi it probably will make it's way into contention.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Dakkon, Shadow Slayer
    This seems strong and I think I'd try to include it in any of it's two color combo's but I just don't include true 3 color cards. Definitely seems interesting if you do though.

    It's really bad in a fast mana enviroment though. Usually moxing out your 3 drop is a power play and that's just not the case here. But it is a planeswalker that is an incredible top deck in an attrition based game. So it's definitely intriguing for unpowered cubes I think.
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