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LF: Horizon Canopy, Rev Duals, Goyf + More // Have: A bit of everything (Modern/Legacy/EDH staples, etc) 28663  Joban8
H:Mostly Alters ; W: Any Trades 3556  sage_green
H: Iconic Masters, Ixalan, and Foil Scarab God W: Fetch/Shocklands 23715  dwchang
Looking For Cards for Modern/EDH 7614  qhernan25
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 59138  Dr. Shades
Trading Life for Sand (Mainly EDH) 25662  Incanur
Completing Set Collection 360229  SengirHellLord
H: Japanese foil Elesh Norn (NPH) and foil Grave Titan W: GB Tron 00  Pubmaster Drax
Rolling in Puca points + tokens, full art lands, bulk 00  bringerofterror
H: Standard and Eternal, lots of random foils; W: Unstable Basics, Eternal, some Standard 1711  Outcryqq
W: FOILS/Iconic Masters/Pauper H:Lots (Updated 2/18) 443272  RHAZZERCOM
H: GW Commander Staples W: Traverse Shadow cards 718  phitau93503
H: Mostly modern, some Legacy value, W: Modern Goodness 14722  rogue_LOVE
Want Mostly Modern! 159032  chaos021
H: Bloodbraid Elves and Modern/Legacy W: Legacy/EDH 6117  whoareyoupeople
NEED: AFFINITY, Inventions & Invocations, LAND Have: Modern, Standard, ENTIRE MODERN HUMANS DECK 125  CTonyJab
Stormscape Master's Trade Thread H: Some stuff W: Some stuff 4513  Stormscape Master
H: A bit of everything. W: A bunch of random stuff 14364  Vault756
H: std, modern & eternal, W: big eldrazi, eternal cards & stuff 27024  fourtwenty
Want: Foil Eldrazi, Foil Staples, APAC Lands, ect Have: Lion's Eye Diamond, Modern Foils, Stoneforge Mystic, Devoted Druid(russian) 4823  OOD SIGMA
H: Judge Foils, W: Inventions, Invocations, miscellaneous foils 4061  szwanger
Foil angrath, the flame-chained 00  Stobbloblaw
[W] Misty Rainforest, Spell Queller, Noble Hierarch [H] Verdant Catacomb, Thoughtseize, etc 95  Jeffisanhero
WTB commons 00  spy231