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Snow's Trade Binder of September 2018 6124  Snowmonstr
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 4691  Dr. Shades
Have: Guilds of Ravnica Want: Fetch/Shocklands 19516  dwchang
Have: BBD, others, Arcane Artisan, Brightling Want: EDH things 36522  Gren08
Selling Standard/battlebond collection 00  leagueisbetterthandota
PJ's Trade Thread - Getting back into the game very slowly. Looking for standard (any standard) 405  PJ I
The Postmortem Lounge (W: Modern, Cube, EDH) 18948  FuneralofGod
W/H Lots of good cards, check Intro !! W: Foil Replenish and Foil Yawgmoth's Bargain and Foil Walkers 425292  RHAZZERCOM
Trading Life for Sand (Mainly EDH) 27566  Incanur
1090+ itrader H: Nexus of Fate/through the breach foil/older edh cards W: Masters25/Iconic Masters/Ixalan/MM17/C17/FTV/Promos 00  El Nino
H: Judge Foils, W: Inventions, Invocations, miscellaneous foils 3427  szwanger
NerdSoda's Thread W: Commander + Canadian Highlander 1120268  NerdSoda
Some new Standard stuff and other things. 00  YoungQuakerBoy
Want Mostly Modern! 160726  chaos021
Sales !! Modern & EDH 10-15% lower than TCG 00  bradstone
H: teferi Hero, Doom Whisperer, shocks [N] Tezzeret MEddling mage wurmcoil Sen TRiplets 00  leagueisbetterthandota
Trading: Aether Vial; Avacyn, Angel of Hope; Flusterstorm; Ugin, etc. Seeking: Noble Hierarch, Horizon Canopy, fetches, etc. 1611  stylejoker00_unmerged81f2894e
Promo Assassin's Trophy for trade! 113  noshadowkick
Iplaywhite's Trade Binder- Trying to trade everything for Modern 22728  Iplaywhite
Selling Lot of Modern Cards 300  b4uxy
Trade List 60290  BolasMindslave99
ISO foil lands for Burn 425  jesseber
H: std, modern & eternal, W: mono-red sneak attack, flusterstorm, eternal cards & stuff 19919  fourtwenty