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Trading Life for Sand (Mainly EDH) 26660  Incanur
Want Mostly Modern! 166827  chaos021
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 58210  Dr. Shades
Have: Ravnica Allegiance and Ultimate Masters Want: Fetch/Shocklands 24715  dwchang
NerdSoda's Thread 64146  NerdSoda
Give: Playsets Mutavault, Fastlands, Meddling Mage, Hallowed Fountain, Adakar Wastes... // Want: Inkmoth Nexus, Walking Ballista, Mox Opal 163  Mallwan
Lux cannon bae 23  TheRavenManIsSquee
PJ's Trade Thread - trade me your cards! 5113  PJ I
H: Duals, Expeditions, Random W: Foils, ONS Fetches 00  gnastygnorc88
H: Mana Crypt W: Foil Mana Crypt 11  TheUnseen
The Postmortem Lounge (UMA updates!) 19329  FuneralofGod
Joban's Barter Bazaar --> H: UMA/Modern/Legacy/EDH/STD/Oh my! 40679  Joban8
Getting Back in and looking primarily for Modern staples 159  xufan1089
1090+ itrader H: grim tutor/through the breach foil/older edh cards W: Ultimate Masters/m25/Iconic Masters/Ixalan/MM17/C18/FTV/Promos 00  El Nino
H: Shocks/Staples/Masters W: Gideon AoZ, Atarka, cube 3419  huktonfonix
H:HOU/M19 Boosters, FOIL Ral Zarek, Venser Sojourner, etc. W: Cube Foils 3210  winterlude
W:ESPER EDH 020  karlwarnkester
Trade Binder 00  darthnuch
Getting back into the game. Have UMA/Standard // Need Shock lands and stuff 10610  deathbycounterspell
(12/31) H: My cardboard W: Your cardboard 1923  Combat_Strix
Have: Foil Back to Basics, Phyrexian Altar, Tower, UMA Topper Reanimates - LF: Liliana of the Veil, Horizon Canopy, Modern staples, fetches, etc. 2218  jokerstyle00
Anyone in Boise Idaho need some killer cards fot cheap? 00  Viking Nation
Updated 1/6 Have:Modern/Standard/EDH Want: Planeswalkers/ Modern/ EDH 5800  SCE1995