ISO foil lands for Burn

Hello! I'm looking to finish foiling my Burn deck and have everything but the lands.



4x Eidolon of The Great Revel [Journey Into Nyx]
4x Goblin Guide [Zendikar]
4x Lava Spike [Modern Masters]
4x Rift Bolt [Modern Masters]
2x Lightning Bolt [Revised Edition]
1x Sacred Foundry [Gatecrash] (Italian)
4x Sheltered Thicket [Amonkhet]
4x Rootbound Crag [Ixalan]
4x Glorybringer [Amonkhet]
4x Rekindling Phoenix [Rivals of Ixalan]
1x Chandra, Torch of Defiance [Kaladesh]
2x Dire Fleet Daredevil [Rivals of Ixalan]
2x Abrade [Game Day Promo]
1x Remorseful Cleric [Core Set 2019]
1x Mistcaller [Core Set 2019] (FOIL)
1x Sai, Master Thopterist [Core Set 2019]
1x Omniscience [Core Set 2019]
1x Death Baron [Core Set 2019]
1x Emmara, Soul of the Accord [Guilds of Ravnica] (GAME DAY PROMO)
1x Carnage Tyrant [Ixalan]
1x Flooded Strand [Nationals promo]
1x Hollow One [Hour of Devastation] (foil)
1x Meekstone [7th Edition]
1x Soothsaying [Mercadian Masques]
1x Angelic Destiny [Magic 2012]
1x Predict [Odyssey]
1x Phyrexian Metamorph [New Phyrexia]
1x Volrath's Shapeshifter [Stronghold]
1x Dominating Licid [Exodus]
1x Gifts Ungiven [Signature Spellbook: Jace]
1x Impending Disaster [Urza's Legacy] (foil)
1x Hermit Druid [Stronghold]
1x Nirkana Revenant [Battlebond]
1x Insidious Dreams [Torment]
1x Winter Orb [Eternal Masters]
1x Cinder Glade [Battle for Zendikar]
1x Teferi's Isle [Mirage]
1x Tempest Efreet (Legends)
3x Spell Snare (Modern Masters)
8x Molten Rain [Mirrodin]
1x Swamp (Standard Showdown foil)
1x Mountain (Standard Showdown foil)
Looking for these foils:
3x Bloodstained Mire [Khans of Tarkir]
3x Mountain [Unhinged]
2x Sacred Foundry [Ravnica: City of Guilds]
2x Scalding Tarn [Modern Masters 2017]
4x Wooded Foothills [Khans of Tarkir]



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