Selling premium sealed product! Boosters, SDCC, Duel Decks, EDH, FTV

Hey! Thanks for looking. All of these items were obtained personally by me and kept in good condition. Prices are 90% of TCG low except for booster boxes, which are individually priced. I take offers as well.

Cards for Sale

Booster Boxes
Worldwake x1 - $720
Rise of the Eldrazi (Japanese) x1* - $500
Zendikar (1st print run) x1* - $600

San Diego Comic Con
2015 x3
2013 x2
2014 with Axe x3

Realms x2
Legends x1
Annihilation x3

Khans of Tarkir pack x5
Planechase: Chaos Reigns x1
Commander's Arsenal x1
Modern Masters 2015 pack x10

Counterpunch x2
Mind Seize x6
Eternal Bargin x5
Sworn to Darkness x2
Forged in Stone x1
Power Hungry x4
Evasive Maneuvers x4
Nature of the Beast x3

Duel Decks
Duel Decks Anthology x1
Sorin v Tibalt x3
Elspeth v Tezz x 2
Ajani v Nicol x2
Jace v Chandra (Japanese) x1
Venser v Koth x2
Jace v Chandra (original) x1
Garruk v Lili x2
Izzet v Golgari x2
Knights v Dragons x1
Heroes v Monsters x2



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