Want Mostly Modern!

A Little About How I Trade
A lot of my cards are NM although some have seen some play. I try to mark most of them, but it gets tiring after a while. If condition is important to you, you should ask.

Sometimes I don't mind looking at lists.

In a few circumstances, I do accept monies. If you plan on just trying to buy cards, I ask that you not post that on this thread. PM me instead.

  1. I want English cards. I DO NOT value foreign language cards higher. I prefer to not have them at all.
  2. Use private messages. I've turned off list notifications.
  3. Refs determine sending.
  4. Trades are confirmed when mailing addresses are exchanged.
  5. Trades that are accepted with me will be called delivered if USPS tracking reports that it has arrived at your residence.
  6. I will only accept tournament legal cards (no water damage, no odd bending/curving, no gold-bordered cards, no defacing, no rips, no tears, etc.)
  7. I use TCGPlayer's Condition Guide to determine condition.
  8. In general, I HATE FOILS. So if I don't have them listed as wants, don't offer them.
  9. If you want me to trade you eternal format cards for newer cards, I expect a premium.
  10. Unless I'm willing to trade down for whatever reason, 10 bargain bin $1 cards does not equal a single $10 card.
  11. Unless there's a very good reason, I don't use SCG pricing.
  12. My wants are set specific.





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